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Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. How was your week? I totally lost a day with the public holidays and Easter Weekend threw into the mix ... I was pretty convinced today was actually Tuesday. As I mentioned in my New on my Beauty Desk post in February - I got a few Catrice serums from their new range to try out. In total I picked up the Hydro serum as well - so today I will give you a rundown on the three serums I chose from the range to my routine.  Overall - I have a pretty good idea of which ones I love - which ones are good and which ones I'm not 100% sold on.  CATRICE HYDRO PLUMPING SERUM  This serum contains 1.5 %  hyaluronic acid and panthenol to plumps up the skin as well as have a soothing effect on the skin. Hyaluronic acid is well known to hydrate the skin and absorbs easily into the skin super quickly. I love using Hyaluronic Acid in the morning before applying make-up as it gives me a hydrated base to work with. Honestly, while I did enjoy using this serum - I do prefer the Sw
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Enjoy an Eggciting New Range of #CadburyEasterEggs to Hide With Love This Easter

Hi guys! Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Today I'm sharing some fun new Easter treats from Cadbury- that was kind enough to send me and Alex a little goodie bag filled with Easter treats. Now if you know me - Easter is one of my absolute favourite times of the year - I love all things bunny related. And chocolate of course! Give me all the yummy Easter chocolates! So let me share some of the Easter treats from Cadbury this year. I will be sharing a post next week with some fun tips we use to take part in their #HidewithLove campaign - which I think is such a cute and fun idea - especially with everything going on in the world.  ______________________________________________________________ Cadbury is back with an eggciting new Easter range, filled with all the delicious treats that chocolate eggthusiasts have come to love!    There's the melt-in-your-mouth Cadbury chocolate-covered Fluffy Mallow Eggs and Cadbury chocolate Hollow Eggs filled with Whispers or Astros . New t

{Review} Filorga Global Repair Eyes and Lips Multi-Revitalising Eye and Lip Contour Cream

  Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. How was your Valentines day on Sunday? I spend some quality time with the family and chilled with Alex. Today I'm sharing my review of the Filorga Global Repair Eyes and Lip Multi-Revitalising Eye and Lip Contour Cream. Like all the other products in the Intensive Anti-Ageing range - the new concentrated eye and lip contour cream have been designed with global anti-ageing action for a visible and intensely rejuvenating effect. The core formula of this targeted anti-ageing cream contains 50-meso-factors, super nutrients and cellular boosters. As you know -  I'm turning 35 this year - and lack of sleep/work stress and homeschooling in between a crazy busy routine is hard on my skin. I love to use specially targeted products that can slow down the ageing process and keeps me looking younger for longer. (Let's be honest we all want that ) This targeted cream is full of super-ceramides that attach themselves to the epidermal lipids to restore the skin&#

New on My Beauty Desk February Edition

  Hi guys! Happy Monday and Happy February! I was a little quieter last week as it was the kiddos birthday on Monday - he is already 11 and I'm blown away that the small baby I was handed many many years back is almost a teenager. Eeek! Today I'm sharing some new products on my Beauty Desk I will be trying out the Month of February. Some of the products (the Vitamins and Filorga Cream ) I have tried .. so I'll give a mini-review on them but expect a full review on them soon too. I'm on a low buy at this stage so I will have more products to share with in the future once my no-buy is over.  First up is some Aafiyah Healthcare Goodies.  I got the Collagen with Curcumin. I'm excited to try this out as I have been suffering from joint inflammation in my right hand from when I turned 16, and the last year it got significantly worse. So I'm excited to see how this can help with the stiffness. And collagen has so many beauty benefits as well - and who doesn't love

Cadbury Dairy Milk Celebrates Its New Look

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! How has your week been so far? Cadbury Dairy Milk revitalised its look to make it easier for you to spot your favourite delicious flavour - and revamped their most popular flavours. It's still the same delicious chocolate with a glass and a half inside -   The refreshed look reflects the brand's natural goodness and philanthropic spirit, envisioned by founder John Cadbury over a century ago.       While chocolate lovers can still expect the same delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk quality that they have come to expect from each slab, the new elevated packaging emphasises Cadbury’s vision to inspire goodness through its products, people and programmes. Let's run through the new packaging of the top 5 chocolates : The new-look packaging proudly showcases the Cocoa Life logo, which represents the Mondelez 100% sustainably sourced cocoa programme. Cocoa Life is Cadbury Dairy Milk’s commitment to keeping the building and empowering resilient, thriving cocoa

Nail care Essentials

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. How has your week been so far? I'm back at full swing at work again this week, and with school only starting so much later this year, it will be a bit of a juggle with work and holiday life for the kiddo.  Today I'm sharing one of my favourite posts to always do - some of my favourite nail care essentials. Not a lot of you know this but this little blog started out as a nail art/swatches blog for all things nail related back in the day - and has since evolved into so much more. But I still adore nail looks and sharing what I love using.  With constantly sanitizing my hands (even before Corona ) I love using an extremely hydrating hand cream at night. I'll admit during the day I hardly put on any cream (eek!) but at night I love using a super hydrating hand cream. My current favourite - the Avon Concentrated Hand Balm with glycerine and jojoba oil. This hand cream has an extremely thick consistency, is unscented and protects and repairs extremely dry

My Top 5 Stand-out Products for 2020

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. Hope you are having a great week so far. Today I'm sharing a round-up of the most magical stand-put products of 2020 that I discovered. Some I have done a full-on review on the blog - and others will have a review on soon - but none the less these products are all pretty magical in my eyes. The 5 products that made my 2020 list are : Filorga Lift Structure Ultra Lifting Rosy Glow Fluid Filorga Flash- Nude Pro Protection Tinted Fluid SPF30 Swiitch Beauty WaterGel serum Swiitch Beauty Super Hero Spray - Glass Skin Edition Ellips Purple Nutri Colour Treatment Hair Capsules First up is the Ellips Purple Nutri Colour Treatment Hair Capsules : After hearing Simone on an Instagram rave about these little gems over and over - I decided to take the plunge and try them too - and boy am I glad I did. These are little magical capsules filled with a serum to treat a range of hair concerns -  even though I don't colour my hair at this stage -  I prefer the Purple ca