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{Review} Lanolab Intense Body Butter and Multi-Use Natural Balm

  Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far? I won't lie, the chillier evenings are getting to me now that we are officially moving into winter - I'm not ready to come home in complete darkness yet! A little while ago I decided to splurge and treat myself to the Lanolab products as I have been eyeing them forever. (And with winter coming up investing in some pamper treats is always a win! ) I got the intense body butter and multi-use natural balm from the brand to try out and man oh man, I'm really impressed and blown away by them so far.  So let's jump straight into the review on these products : The Multi-use Natural Balm : Lanolab multi-use balm is best known to soothe chapped and dry lips. It’s locally made in South Africa and 100% natural with no added fragrance. The hero ingredient, lanolin, locks in moisture while the papaya extract is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Lanolab assists with soothing everything from dry lips, minor skin irrita
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{Review} Filorga's Iconic Time-Filler 5XP with new Enhanced Formula

Hi guys! Happy Thursday? How has your week been so far? I won't lie, all these public holidays have thrown my week haywire and it feels like I'm constantly forgetting what day it is.  Filorga recently celebrated 10 years of their Iconic Time-Filler Formula - one of their BEST anti-ageing moisturisers out there. The new formulation is specifically designed to treat all five types of wrinkles namely deep wrinkles, lines caused by dryness, surface wrinkles, neck wrinkles and those sneaky little expression lines. I turned 36 at the end of March - so it came at the perfect time to help me tackle all my skin ageing concerns . While it definitely is a privilege to grow old - you don't exactly want your skin to show your age. I know I would like to look as young as possible for as long as possible - so I can see why in the past 20 years the demand for non-invasive anti-ageing procedures has increased by 174.6%.  The new Filorga formula is inspired by the 5 expert aesthetic medicine

{Review} goodleaf Multi-seed CBD Snack Bars

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far ? As you know - I love my goodleaf subscriptions. In the meantime, I added some of their CBD waters to my subscription as well - and recently they sent all the February subscriptions 2 of their new goodleaf Multiseed CBD snack bars to try out.  These  Snack Bars uses plant-based ingredients combined with the power of pure CBD for a dose of calm on the go. No chemicals added sugar or harmful ingredients. Just the magic of nature. The two flavours in the range are Cocoa & Almond Multiseed CBD Bars and The Vanilla Macadamia Multiseed bars. If you know me you know I adore all things Vanilla, but the Cocoa and Almond is the favourite of the two by far.  These are super delicious bars, and unlike a granola bar or seed bar you are used to - these are moist and isn't dry at all. These are EXTREMELY delicious and I can 100 % recommend them if you love goodleaf products.  These bars are also :  No added   sugar Gluten-free Keto-frie

{Review} ellips Hair Care Goodies

  Hi guys! Happy Thursday. How has your week been so far? We didn't have any electricity since last week Friday as a Power Cable got damaged and let me tell you that was no fun!  Last year I got sent some Ellips goodies to try out. I have already used the capsules before and loved them so I was extremely excited to try some more goodies from the range.  I got sent the hair mask, Ultra Serum, Cuticle Serum and some of their famous hair capsules. Honestly, with the hair capsules, I don't have a favourite. I prefer the scent of the purple ones, but I love and adore all of them.  So let's jump into the goodies and my thoughts : ellips Hair Treatment Capsules: Now I'm pretty sure you have seen these beauties all over social media. And for good reason. These capsules come in five different variants. They all help restore strength and vitality. All the capsules are Argon Oil-based and they all contain Pro-Vitamin B5 along with Vitamin A & Vitamin E. They are SUPER easy to

{Product Review} Filorga Skin- Illuminating Even Skin Tone Cream

Hi guys! Happy 2022! I hope you all had an amazing break and are ready to tackle this new year. I for one is soooo happy 2021 is over and done with - and hoping 2022 brings everything magical. In December the lovely Filorga sent me one of the products from their new Skin- Unify Range. As you know I love all things Filorga and this brand is 100% worth the splurge to keep you looking amazing and tackling ageing gracefully. And let's be honest - that's always a bonus. While I don't mind ageing - I definitely want to keep looking as young as possible for as long as possible. Over 200 million women worldwide are affected by pigmentation concerns and the Skin Unify range was designed to reduce dark spots and reveal even radiant skin. This range is perfect for women who want to treat dark spots, uneven complexion and lack of radiance - and let's be real after December we all need a little radiance for going back to work.  So how does the is magical range work? This whole range

{REVIEW} Dear Deer Silk Pillowcases and Scrunchies

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! How has your week been so far ?? I'm starting to really look forward to my December break ... chilling by the pool and working on a tan  ... Aaah a girl can only dream hey? On the topic of dreaming - I recently invested in some new satin pillowcases from Dear Deer. My previous ones were getting a little old and I felt like something new. And of course, I wanted to throw in some of their hair scrunchies to try too - because if I don't tie my hair up at night I will wake up with a tangly mess that honestly I don't have time or energy to deal with it. I really prefer silk pillowcases - I originally got it to prevent my hair from frizzing - but silk pillowcases have so many benefits from helping all those expensive skincare goodies we use not get absorbed into it and help minimize wrinkles and puffiness.  So let's get into the nitty-gritty - why is it beneficial to sleep on Satin Pillowcases : Being a polyester material, satin doesn’t absorb moist

{REVIEW) Filorga NCEF-SHOT Supreme Polyrevitalising 10-Day Anti Ageing Treatment

  Hi guys ! It's been ages since my last post - having family very sick with COVID and work seriously kicked my butt the last few months . How are you coping ? If you know me you know I have developed an extremely soft spot for the magical Filorga skincare products - and when I was the new magical addition to the range I was super excited to try it out. And with all the late nights and early mornings and not looking after my skin as great as I normally would- this was a lifesaver.  The new 10-day anti-ageing treatment is part of the NCEF-Reverse Anti-Ageing skincare range and is formulated with the highest dose of Filorga patented New Cellular Encapsulated Factors . So what makes this serum so magical ? Now I'm 35 - so I adore any products that will help me look younger and more radiant for as long as possible. Who wouldn't ?  The daily dose of NCEF Shot Supreme Polyrevitalising Concentrate contains the same concentration of NCEF as one professional meso-injectable anti-age