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My Birthday Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is enjoying this short week too before the Easter Weekend .. I'm still off and enjoying my free time. ♥

Today is my birthday, turning 27 today ( and on the 27th too ! ) and I decided I need a special girly mani to celebrate the occasion. ♥

Last week the lovely Jasmine from Colour Coated posted a very similar mani to the one I will post today, and I fell in love with the look instantly, it was everything I was looking for in the perfect birthday mani, girly, pink , and using a black and white glitter . ♥ I knew I wanted to recreate the mani the instant I saw it. 

So let me share this special birthday edition mani with you -
For this mani, I didn't have matching nail stickers, so I had to resort to drawing the heels myself . Was a little challenging , but I really love the outcome.
For the rest of the nails , I used the following colours :
Pinky - Tip Top Black Forest
Ring Finger - Tip Top Pink To Meet You topped with China Glaze Whirled Away
Middle - Tip Top Fr…

Cream Puff Glitter Sandwich ♥

Hi guys ! How was everyone public holiday yesterday ?? Do anything fun ? Or are you one of the lucky ones that has today off too ?? I'm one of those lucky ones, so it's a nice long weekend for me . *SMILE* Got a fun morning outing planned , and then some rest and relaxation ♥

Today I'm showing you my first ever glitter sandwich (and I'm sure this won't be the last.. ) For this mani I used Tip Top Cream Puff ( a jelly-ish cream colour ) and Essence Circus Confetti.  These two are amazing polishes on their own, but together, they make magic. ♥

For this mani I used 3 coats of Tip Top Cream Puff, and 2 coats of Essence Circus Confetti. I started of with a layer of Cream puff , then a layer Circus confetti, another layer of Cream puff and Circus Confetti and topped it off with one last layer of Cream Puff. The end result is something very similar to China Glaze It's a Trap-Eze, but this version has the most awesome pink, purple and green hex glitters in , and the crea…

China Glaze - Below Deck

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a great shorter week so far. Mine has been a little suck-ish, I think with skipping the extra vitamins this week, I got sicker than expected sadly. So hoping this blows over quickly, hate being sick and having no voice :(

Today I'm showing you China Glaze Below Deck - one of my favourite colours ! It was another love at first site when I saw it on Marta from ChitChatNails last year. This is a gorgeous greyed mauve cream finish polish... And really the PERFECT neutral to own . I love how it's still summer appropriate, but gorgeous for fall and winter weather too... I know I will be rocking this beauty a lot this coming winter season.

I used two coats of China Glaze Below Deck in the photos below -
Whats your favourite neutral palette cleanser colour ?? Anyone planning anything fun for tomorrow's public holiday ??

I HEART animal Prints ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun weekend ! My weekend was a little busy, and with the extreme weather changes we had on Saturday, I'm starting to feel a little flu-ish, but I'm hoping I caught it soon enough so it doesn't turn into a full blown cold.
Today I'm showing you my nails for the Tip Top Hearts and Animal Print Challenge . This time round there is strict colour rules you have to stick by, but even with that, it's still a fun theme !
For the mani , I used two coats of Tip Top Meringue Surprise, a nude-pinkish colour as base. I them sponged the tips with Tip top Fairy Dust. For the accent nail I painted a purple heart with Tip Top Oh La La, and then did some leopard prints with Tip Top Nail Addict Coffee Bean and Tip Top Nail Addict Boston Lights. For the rest of the nails I dotted and made little hearts with Tip Top Pink About Us, and outlined them with Tip Top Black Forest. Have to say this look is really growing on me, can't bear to take this mani off…

Pastel Triangles ♥

Hi guys ! How is everyone doing ? This had been a horrible week so far, with so much going on , that I'm just glad it's Friday. This weekend we got some fun plans too, Alex has a friends birthday party , and then I can finally chill and de-stress after this week .

So as promised, I will show a mini tutorial about the zip lock bag metode - The ideas you can do here are endless, I will be showing some awesome craft punches manis using this metode really soon too -
First off, I will quickly explain the steps :
Put a layer of polish on a zip lock bag (or any other thick-ish plastic bag )Let it dry for about 4 hours ( but never more than a day or two or the layer will break)Gently peel of the polish layer with a tweezers .Then using scissors / craft punches or craft knives, cut out a design of your choicePaint your nails as normal, and before applying top coat, gently put your designed piece on top with tweezers / orange stick or toothpick Seal with top coat and voila ! A fun design …

Purple & Green Whirled Away Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend ! We had a fun family braai on Saturday, was so much fun, Alex really loves visits from my gran, and so do I !

So since I wanted to try a Purple and Green combo with the China Glaze Whirled Away polish (seriously I love these combo's ! ) I decided to show the green and purple combo one a little sooner than planned. Again, if you like to see the Pink & Blue Dark version here's the link Fun Friday Mani or the more pastel version Fun Tuesday Mani . Personally, I love both these, and I love this combo just as much. I got an email or two suggesting another few colour combinations, if there is any colours you would see paired with this glitter, feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do . ♥

For this mani, I used two coats of Tip Top Nail Addict Oh ! La La, and for the accent nail, I used two coats of We have an agreen-mint. I also dotted the other nails with the Tip Top We have an agreen-mint. Strangely enough, when I used …

Woman Empowerment Mani ♥

Hi guys ! It's finally weekend !! This week has seriously one tough week, so I'm really glad it's over ♥

So Ghila from NailsNoob suggested last week, we do a colab mani for their Woman's Day (I know we only celebrate in August ) but I still wanted to take part in this special challenge, so I joined in with a Woman Empowerment mani ♥ This is my tribute to every woman and girl - I hope each and every one of you will wake each and every morning, knowing YOU are special. ♥

For this mani, I used mostly Tip Top colours .
Pinkie - Tip Top Melting Marshmallow
Ring : Pink About Us stamped with Konad Special White Polish and Plate M65
Middle : China Glaze Material Girl
Pointer : Tip Top French Manicure White, with Dots with the Ziplock bag method (will be posting a special tutorial next week )
Thumb : Tip Top Melting Marshmallow

 I hope each and every special lady reading this blog post, will have a fantastic day and weekend !!

Remember to go check out the lovely Ghila's blogpost …