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Lush 30 Year Bath Bomb Celebration & Lush Labs App

Hi guys! Happy Monday. How was your weekend?

Lush is celebrating the 30th year of the invention of the first ever bath bomb by Lush co-founder Mo. Constatine. For this special celebration, they are launching 16 new limited edition bath bombs ( 14 will be in store but there are 2 special online-only ones too )
Bath bombs are more than just a pretty smelling treat. I find each one has its own benefits. Some like florals scents while other's prefer a citrus scent. Lush has seen the rise of the Hashtag #BathArt in this time too - where customers document the pretty art these gorgeous bath bombs make as they are popped into the bathtub. If you follow me on Social Media - I have posted a few on my Instagram grid as well as on my Insta Stories from time to time.
Personally, when I choose a bath bomb it's to unwind after a busy day. While I don't use a bath bomb for every single bath ( one day when I marry a millionaire I might ... ha ha ha a girl can dream ) but I do have a small co…