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piCture pOlish Allure Skittlette

Hi guys ! Happy Monday ! How was your weekend ?? Did you have any fun weekend plans ?
As I mentioned, I'm on a huge piCture pOlish kick lately... And I'm pretty sure the brand has become hands down my favourite nail polish brand. The formula on these polishes are AMAZING ... And the colours just gorgeous... And another bonus... The colours last on me about 7 days with minimal tip wear. Yeah !
A little while back , I ordered Allure... A bright vibrant magenta colour. And I was blown away by how seriously gorgeous this colour is. Allure is very pigmented ... If you use thicker coats of polish you can easily get away with one coat. I used two as always. The formula is yet again perfection. Allure does dry down to a matte finish, but I preferred to use some top coat to make it sparkle. 
So onto the skittlette :

And a little close up of the star of the show : For this mani I used :
Purple - piCture pOlish Allure
Black - Tip Top Black Forest
Purple Neon stud I reviewed HERE

What do you think…

Babor Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Hi guys ! Happy Friday. Anyone got any fun weekend plans ??

A little while ago I got this great Babor Deep pore cleansing mask to try out. This acts as a scrub and a mask ... And being super busy (and lazy sometimes ) I like a great multi tasking product. 

What their website says about the mask :
BABOR’s in-house laboratories have developed a deep-pore cleansing mask that not only has an exfoliating effect but also refines the complexion. Salicylic acid opens the pores and prevents skin blemishes, while kaolin reduces shine and mattifies the skin. In addition, pro vitamin B5 helps to regenerate the skin’s protective barrier. Skin is cleansed deep down and refined and has a fresh and rosy appearance.

This mask is a perfect twice a week treat to help keep break outs at bay as well as he helping existing blemishes heal quicker.  Although the mask contains exfoliating beads, they aren't too harsh on the skin at all and your skin feels soft and smooth after the mask.

How to use this mask :

Nautical Mani

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend. 

Today I'm sharing the nail look currently on my nails. I'm still pretty obsessed with piCture pOlish . Essence recently launched their NautiGirl limited edition range too ... And I picked up these cute nail stickers that I wanted to pair with piCture pOlish Cyan . A colab with the fantastic Martha from ChitChatNails

Let me give you a close up of the cute Essence stickers. These are thin nail stickers ( not those thin ones that ruin your mani by making it all bumpy and lumpy ) . The designs are super cute and fun ... And perfect to make a nautical inspired mani .

Now onto the star of the show - piCture pOlish Cyan. This is a gorgeous cyan leaning a little more blue polish with the most gorgeous scattered holo bits when it hits the sun. This polish is stunning. I used two coats and again .. The formula on these polishes are AMAZING !!

So onto the mani -

Polishes I used for this mani :
piCture pOlish Cyan
China Glaze Glistening Sn…

New Trevor Sorbie Argan & Abyssinian Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . I'm so glad it's finally weekend.. It has been a long week.

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the new Trevor Sorbie Argon & Abyssinian Shampoo and Conditioner with you. 

This range has been specifically created to target the key needs of dry and damaged hair. The unique blend of Argon and Abyssinian oil restores shine, strenght and manageability of all hair types. 

This range is fantastic if you suffer from dry frizzy hair especially with the change to the suddenly warmer weather. The shampoo is nourishing, yet effective enough to clean your hair - and still helps to protect your hair in the process.

The conditioner fortified with Keravis™ builds strength from within the hair shaft, reducing damage and leaving your hair shiny yet strong . 

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner combo for the last two weeks - and so far I'm very impressed. My hair feels softer, smoother yet still clean . Something that's rare with nourishing shampoos .

Crisnail - Glam Orange

Hi guys ! Happy Monday, How was your weekend ??

As you guys know ... I'm not really into bright orange nail polishes... That was until this Crisnail Nail Lacquer in Glam Orange showed up in my life. I haven't tried any of the polishes from this brand before.. So while the colour scared me a little bit.. I decided to give this polish a try... And was amazed by the formula and colour of this gorgeous polish. 

The formula was fantastic, applied smoothly and was pretty opaque in one coat . ( I used two in the photos below ) , I was also pretty impressed with the wear time.. I'm seriously rough on my hands... And was them a lot daily ... So I struggle with polishes chipping on me sometimes.5.. But this polish really lasted well.. I got about 5 days wear time before it started chipping on me. 

And the colour ... Well as I mentioned bright orange isn't usually my favourite... The colour surprised me. I was actually sad to take the colour off. It will be perfect for the coming su…

Pink & Grey Flocking Power Skittlette

Hi guys ! Happy Tuesday . Sorry about the lack of posts the last two weeks, was super busy and didn't even have some free time for blogging. But luckily things are calm again... Yippee ! Did you have a relaxing Woman's Day on Sunday ??

A few weeks ago I got some awesome Nail-Art-Fluff from  and was super excited to incorporate it into a mani. 

I LOVE their flocking powders. It's super fluffy ... (I do own another brand of flocking powder... But this one is so much easier to work with... brushes off your skin so much easier and lasts longer ... And is really pretty and fluffy even after washing your hands) They work pretty easy too.. Apply your polish , and gently take a little flocking powder with a tweezers and gently pat it on. 

I might have a teeny tiny obsession with piCture pOlish Grace too, I can't seem to stop using the colour...  So why not mix them up for a fun pink and grey skittlette ?

So onto my nails ....

For the mani I used : Pink - p…