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{Subscription Service Review} August Kids Book Club Book

Hi guys! Happy Friday. This week has been a nightmare - BUT I' glad it's weekend (Even though I do work on Saturdays). Today I'm ending my subscription review week with our Kids Book Club August unboxing to share what we got this month. 

As I mentioned there - Alex does read every night before bedtime - this is a strong rule we stick to every night. He loves reading and he often walks around with a fact book or Encyclopedia in his hand reading everyone facts about volcanoes, dinosaurs or the human body. 

I love that Kids Book Club send us a cute book, an activity book and a cute bag every month. These bags are awesome if you go shopping to throw in your bag and let the kids help out packing groceries. 

So more about the service again if you missed it last time :

We picked the single book Fox Favourites (5-10years) package and the theme for our August box was "Spring has Sprung" - meaning the activity book includes a few activities around the theme that month. 

The act…

{Subscription Service Review} Lingerie Letters August Pair

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! How were your weekend and Monday? Mine was pretty busy as always - we had to "doggy sit" my aunt's Yorkie and it felt like having a new baby in the house - our pour labrador was all tired and a little relieved when she left - she's an old dog and this little hyper doggie was a little too much for her.

I mentioned in my July Lingerie Letter review HERE that I want to share my Monthly Letter with you - that if you were curious to subscribe too - or was just curious what it was all about. 

So what is Lingerie Letters? It's a Proudly South African based company that sends you a pretty pair of underwear delivered to your door monthly. Since I decided to treat Alex to a book subscription I wanted to get me something too - and who doesn't love pretty underwear? 

The underwear is all locally made and the products locally sourced too (the underwear looks and feels super soft and delicate - just like you would want it to feel. 

The website has three…

{Review} Mixa Anti-Dryness Body Cream Almond Milk & Addition and Subtraction Grouping Worksheets

Hi guys! Happy Friday! How has your week been? Mine has been super crazy busy at work.

With Winter *almost* over - it means summer clothes and if you are anything like me - you skipped one too many times applying body lotion this winter. Alex's skin has been drier than ever (because he reckoned once a week was more than enough ... bless his little heart. ) I also suffer from extremely dry knees and elbows so I always try and remember to moisturise but I even forgot most days this winter. 

When I was browsing Dischem last month to buy vitamins, I saw this Mix an Anti-Dryness Body Lotion. The price was pretty reasonable and it was a huge container. So I decided to pick one up to try and see how it goes. I have tried the body lotion before but it's waaaaayyyy to thin to offer any hydration for me sadly. 

We are about 3/4 through this container - and I can't tell you enough how much of a lifesaver this body cream has been. I use this on Alex face daily (and I have mentioned befor…

MIYO We Are Golden Five Points Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! How has your week been so far? Mine has been crazy busy - the last few weeks has been me running from one place to the other - with work and personal life. How crazy has this year been so far? 

As I mentioned with my last review of the Miyo palette - I ordered another gorgeous palette from Glamore Cosmetics and I really couldn't wait to play with it. I decided on this cute palette as I knew that's an everyday staple in my collection - and I wanted something small enough to be able to travel with. ( Look at me talking about travelling when I know that won't happen soon ...) 

I love the tones of the We Are Golden palette, I won't say it's too warm-toned or cool-toned, all these shades (well the three brown tones) fall more into the neutral side - making it the perfect palette for almost everyone. 

Since getting this palette - I have been using it almost daily. I don't do anything fancy eyeshadow wise for work, mostly just set my eye primer,…

MIYO Purple Hearts Five Point Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys! Happy Thursday - honestly can you believe it's August already ??

Today I have another gorgeous eyeshadow palette to share with you guys - and yes it's another purple/pink toned inspired one. When I placed an order for the Pierre Rene concealer (if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I rave about the foundation - I will be doing a full review on both the foundation and concealer on the blog soon ) and the lovely Gael and Emma from Glamore Cosmetics gifted me this gorgeous Miyo Purple Hearts palette. ( I have ordered another palette from the range and will be reviewing that one once I get it too)

I haven't tried anything from the Miyo range before - but after seeing all the Instagram videos they posted of this gorgeous palette as well as swatches I was super excited to try it.

The colours on the palette are all super smooth and buttery - and blend like a dream. I wore the more neutral shades (the brown and glitter shade) and the pinks with the more yellow-gold…