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Some Fun with Stamping ♥

Hi guys ! Hope your weekend was a blast ! I really enjoyed the cold rainy weather we had this weekend, was such a nice change from the hot weather we had lately. 

Today I'm sharing a fun stamping plate review. I was instantly drawn to this plate since it has fun ribbons, skulls and nautical themed image, and I can see myself using ALL of these images in the future . My favourites without a doubt are the cute ribbons. I got this one from the KKCenterHK store - Nail-Art-Stamping -Rock-Lovely-Skull-Bow-Rudder-Anchor-Stamp-Template-Plate

What impressed me most was how clear the images stamped. I didn't have any issues with any of the images on the plate, which is a huge bonus. The also picked up on my stamper smoothly and without any troubles.

I created two fun looks with this stamping plates to share with you today. The first one I used a skull and a girly ribbon . The next one was a red and blue nautical look.

Here's the first mani using a skull images as well as a ribbon image to create a fun girly pirate inspired mani -

For the mani I used Loreal Black Swan on all the fingers except the thumb and pinky. For the thumb and pinky I used Nails Inc Marylebone - one of my all time favourite polish I stamped the skull using Konad Special stamping polish in White, and the ribbon using China Glaze Admire. I then dotted the index and ring finger using China Glaze Admire and a dotting tool.

The next mani I created was a nautical themed mani -

For this mani I used OPI Alpine Snow on all the fingers except the thumb and pinky. For the Thumb and pinky I used OPI The Impossible . I then used some striping tape on the index and ring finger and used OPI Get Your number . I them stamped using Essence Black Stampy polish . I love how these images even stamp clearly on a texture polish ! 

This stamping plate can be purchases from KKCenterHK online store here - KKCenterHK .

What look is YOUR favourite ??? 
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion* 


  1. I looooveee the nautical inspired one.. WOW !!

  2. Gorgeous !!!! I love the first one the most.

  3. Love them both! Amazing as always ♥

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. The first one is adorable!!

  5. Aww I love both of these but especially your girly skull :)

  6. This came out awesome Lynn! I'm not the biggest pink fan but the first mani looks insane! Seriously! Love it!

  7. Gorgeous as always !! Wow ! Love the first one the most

  8. wow , i loved the idea of stamping , super great !!!


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  9. Wow!!! Your manis are super gorgeous!! I really want to try stamping too. Love the skulls in the first manicure:-)

  10. I have this plate too and it stamps like a dream!
    I love the tape mani using the liquid sand! So awesome!

    1. Its the first time I've tried these plates and I'm really impressed. Thanks so much for the sweet comments Voni

  11. wow I love the nautical themed mani. Its so colorful :D


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