Wednesday, 25 February 2015

L'OCCITANE - Introducing Light & Nourishing Shea Whipped Collection

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a great week !

Today I'm sharing another AWESOME new & limited edition collection from L'OCCITANE .

"In Burkina Faso, during one of the steps in the production of shea butter, the women whip the paste and obtain a mousse-like texture that is both soft and light. It was this that inspired the L’OCCITANE Laboratory to create Whipped Shea Butter – an innovative combination of maximum nourishment and a light, whipped texture. In the year that L’Occitane celebrates 25 years of using fair trade Shea Butter from women’s co-operatives in Burkina Faso, discover a new limited edition body care range. An exceptional shea butter formulation keeps this new texture as rich and nourishing as ever, while as soft and light as whipped egg whites. There couldn’t be a more delicious way to nourish dry skin."

So onto the products -

Body Cream (R340,00 ) - 
An innovative way of caring for the body, with the nourishing properties of a butter and the lightness of a mousse. Similar to being wrapped in a soft cocoon, This whipped formula gently melts when applied skin is left supple and comfortable. Thanks to its concentration in shea (10%) and its unique aerial texture, this body cream combines the nourishing properties of a balm with the lightness of a mousse to help nourish and protect the skin.
Hand Cream (R120,00 ) - 
This hand cream, with its surprising whipped texture and its high concentration in shea butter (25%), is incredibly smooth to help nourish, protect and soften the skin. And as I mentioned - THESE hand creams works AMAZING ! 

Shower Foam (R250 ) -
Delightfully creamy, this shower foam with its unique whipped texture wraps the body in a soft cushion while gently cleansing the skin. Enriched with shea, it leaves skin feeling supple and comfortable. I love the feel of this shower foam on my skin, it keeps it hydrated the whole day - AND smells amazing .

This limited edition range launches nationwide today (25 February 2015 ) 

Find this limited edition collection at L’Occitane Boutique stores around the country or get it online via their South African website.

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sorbet - 12 Shades of Summer

Hi guys ! Hope you are well and had a great weekend.

Today I'm sharing the Sorbet 12 shades of Summer set with you guys. I got this lovely set as a Christmas prezzie . All these polishes are now also available in full sizes at Clicks stores.  (Most still have this nifty little set too ! ) 

So let's get onto the shades - 

Sorbet - Check Mate
Check Mate is a gorgeous chocolate brown polish. I used 2 coats in the swatch above.

Sorbet - Flash Me
Okay , I have to be honest here, this colour is not me. But it's a gorgeous pastel orange with a golden shimmer. I used 1 coat in the swatch above. 

Sorbet - Blush 
This is the most gorgeous natural super light pink polish. This is perfect for a french mani or if you don't like colour on your nails. I can see myself reaching for this shade over and over again. I used 2 coats in the swatch above. 

Please note that this polish isn't opaque.

Sorbet - Melting Moments
As I mentioned in THIS post, I love this colour sooo much . I have worn this polish to work about a million times since. I used 2 coats of polish in the swatch above.

Sorbet - Mint Me
This colour is PERFECTION ! This is a gorgeous mint colour . I used 2 coats of polish in the swatch above. 
Sorbet - Milky Way
I LOVE this white polish. Since Tip Top closed down I was scared where I would get another white polish I love. This polish is perfection. The formula is fantastic and opaque in 2 coats. So this will be my new go to white polish for nail art. Yeah ! I used 2 coats in the swatch above.

 Sorbet - Mickey Blue Eyes 
This is such gorgeous rich dark blue colour . I love the light blue shimmer this polish has. Again, this is another favourite of mine. The formula is also SUPER opaque, this is one coat of the polish in the swatch above.

 Sorbet - Stars in the Sky
This is a stunning baby blue polish. Sadly , I did find the formula a little watery though. I used 3 coats of the polish in the swatch above. 

Sorbet - Berry Special 
Berry Special is a great pastel purple colour. This is another must have in my opinion. I used 2 coats of Sorbet Berry Special in the swatch above.

Sorbet - Big City Life 
This is a gorgeous jelly fuchsia polish. While I don't like jelly formula, this is a stunning polish non the less. I used 3 coats in the photos above.

Sorbet - Hot Shot 
This is a stunning pink-ish red. I used three coats in the swatch above. 

Sorbet - Hey Cherry
Okay , so I usually don't like red nail polish ... but this red is perfection. It has a perfect formula , and unlike some red polishes that flood your cuticles, this one doesn't have that issue. This colour would be perfect for a date night. I used 2 coats of the polish in the swatch above. 

My must haves are Melting Moments, Mint Me, Milky Way , Mickey Blue Eyes and Berry Special. 

Sorbet polishes are available at Clicks and Sorbet salons. 

What's YOUR favourite colour from this set ? 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Guest Post - {Tried & True} ♥ Skin Republic Foot Rescue

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great week . It's finally FRIDAY ! HOORAY !

Today I have a guest post from a lovely fellow  South African & Bahrain  blogger (and all round super sweet lady ! ) Martie from Living Lightley . (If you are not following her already , I'll leave all her social media links at the end. :)


So a couple of weeks ago Lynette from Pink & Purple Dots asked me if I would be down for doing a Guest Blog Post for her, and of course I immediately said yes. 

I have been following her blog for quite a while now, and I am one of her biggest fans for sure. 

I was playing around with some ideas of doing some nail polish swatches for this post, but then I decided to go with something totally different and do a mini review on something for the Feet… (PLUS, let’s face it, I have not yet mastered the art of doing swatches and taking photos of my hands that looks kind of OK-ish… Any tips here ladies?) *giggles out loud*

I bought this Skin Republic Foot Rescue whilst I was in SA last year but for some or other reason I only decided to use it last week and oh boy did I enjoy this one! Now, I am no stranger to the Skin Republic sachets, as I have used some of their other products before, like the Foot Peel (which is also great by the way) and some of their face masks. I am such a sucker for a mask that I usually SKULK around the mask section in Clicks or Dis-Chem admiring all the weird and wonderful things that they can come up with. So needless to say when I saw this one for the tootsies, I instantly picked it up and put it in my basket. 

The Skin Republic Foot Rescue combines 18 plant extracts into a serum that coats the insides of the booties which you will find inside the packet. This includes Peppermint, Avocado and Tea Tree which helps to soothe irritated, scaly and flaking skin. The added Argon Oil, Collagen and Vitamin E helps to moisturise whilst Eucalyptus (which has a germicidal effect protecting against infection and provides relief from itching and athletes foot), Thyme and Mint helps to reduce redness and deodorize the feet. The conditioning foot mask definitely helps to heal cracked heels and softens corns and calluses to leave you with silky smooth steppers. The whole process is super easy, take out the booties, cut them where indicated, pop them on cleansed and dry feet, sit back and relax for 20 minutes. You will start to feel an intense tingling sensation, which I found lasted a good couple of hours after I took my booties off. This could also have been due to the fact that I can be over zealous and left mine on for longer than the given time frame of 20 minutes {I know, I know, but my feet where really tired and dry and I felt they deserved the longer soak}. After I finally took of the booties and massaged in the extra remaining serum, my feet felt super soft, refreshed and smelled deliciously of Peppermint. 

Top Tip:
 If you are not a fan of the tingling/burning sensation I would suggest not sitting in a room where there is a draft as this will intensify the effect. I made that mistake and the tingling quickly turned into a bit of a burning sensation (call me a masochist, but I kind of enjoyed it)
According to Skin Republic the skin has a 4 week regeneration period and they suggest that the treatment be used twice a week for the first month and then as required thereafter, which I feel is a bit overkill on the wallet. Maybe treat yourself to 1 or 2 of these in a month when you do not have the time or the energy to soak, scrub and file away at your weary feet.  

I am definitely picking up more of these plus some of the Foot Peels during our next trip to South Africa, seeing as we are heading into Summer here in Bahrain and I need to get my tootsies sandal ready.
The Skin Republic Foot Rescue is available form Clicks, Dis-Chem, Rubybox, Red Square and Edgars. I got mine from Edgars for R50,00 but they retail on Rubybox for R44,95

Instagram: livinglightley
Twitter: @LivingLightley
Facebook: Living Lightley

Thanks again for being my Guest Blogger today Martie xxx

Have you tried the Skin Republic Foot Rescue yet ? What's your favourite foot product ?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Awesome Twinsies - Purple Plaid

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a great week so far. My week has been crazy busy , but luckily it's downhill from here to the weekend. 

Last week my dear friend Siobhan (Voni ) from For The Love of Nail Art suggested we do some twinsies nail art.Our theme - Purple Plaid. Doesn't that just sound sooo cute ??
So today I'm sharing my purple plaid nails.  To be honest, I always wanted to try plaid nails, so I was excited when she suggested the theme. 

So onto my purple plaid nails -

For this mani I used - 
Tip Top Fairy Dust as the main base colour

For the mani different lines I used -
Tip Top Surfer Girl
Essence Here's My Number
Revlon Oi Beautiful 
OPI A Grape Fit

Remember to check out Siobhan's blog for her twin mani, and send her some love too. 
For The Love Of Nail Art .

If you want to follow Voni on her other social media platforms (because she's really awesome ! ) :

How has YOUR week been so far ? Do you like wearing plaid ??

Friday, 13 February 2015

Make an Impression this Valentine's Day with GOSH

Hi guys. Happy Friday ! 

Today I'm sharing some GOSH cosmetics I received this week to help you get a Valentine's Day look. I received 4 products and I'm sharing them with you today.

GOSH Forever Metallic Eyeshadow Stick (R139 ) - Silver Rose
This is such a gorgeous colour. I didn't use any eyeshadow primer, and this colour lasted the whole day. This is a very creamy and soft easy to apply eyeshadow stick, and has a waterproof formula. The shade Silver Rose is such a gorgeous colour, I didn't feel the need to use any other eyeshadow , this is PERFECT on it's own. Available in 8 shades. 

GOSH Waterproof Volume Mascara (R130 )
So it's no secret - My favourite type of mascara is ANY waterproof mascara. This mascara provides you with a smudge-free look all day long (which is a bonus because I touch my eyes so much during the day ). The super sculpting rubber brush adds dramatic volume, lenght and definition without clumping or flaking.

GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Lipliner (R95) 003 Cardinal Red
This lipliner has fantastic pigmentation and is waterproof. Contains Vitamin E and Jojoba oil and is free of mineral oil. This is available in 4 shades. What I like about the shade I got, I could use it all over my lips , put on a clear gloss and rock the red lip the whole day. 
GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Ink (R99 )
Soft & easy to apply with a great colour pay-off this eyeliner can easily be toned out with a brush . Contains Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. Again, since I touch my eyes so much, I was glad this was waterproof , so I didn't end up with panda looking eyes during the day. 

And the final look ... 

GOSH is available exclusively at selected Edgars & Red Square Stores .

What are YOUR plans for Valentine's Day ? 
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

L’Occitane- Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Collection

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a great week so far.

Today, I wanted to share with you the gorgeous new, limited edition Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Collection from  L’Occitane. The packaging on this range is so gorgeous , I have to admit - pretty packaging always pulls me in. 

"Traditionally, every spring L'Occitane en Provence launches a fragrance inspired by cherry blossom depicting mesmerising spring atmosphere. For spring 2015 the new collection was introduced, which arrives on the market with awakening of spring. The collection abounds in natural scents and colourful landscapes from Southern France, Luberon region, winning us over with sweet fruity cherry aroma blended with a gentle and feminine bouquet.

L`Occitane en Provence Fleurs de Cerisier L`Eau reveals lush cherry blossom on tree branches while air is filled with freshness of lemon, black currant and water melon in top notes. The heart of the composition develops cherry blossom, rose, orchid and white flowers, while the base features shades of warm wood and sensual musk."
I am sharing three products with you today -
Eau De Toilette spray (R560,00),
One good thing is this isn't a heavy floral scent (which is a huge bonus, because I don't like smelling like a bouquet of flowers ) This Eau de Toilette has perfect balance and is such a great girly scent.

Shower Milk (R230,00 for 250ml)
This is such a hydrating shower milk. You feel like taking a walk in a cherry orchid in Luberon while showering. The scent also lasts quite a while on your skin, which is a huge bonus when layering the fragrance. 
Hand Cream (R120,00),
This is a super luxurious and SUPER hydrating hand cream. This is a little treasure that will always make you smile while hydrating your hands . The best part, it's perfect to pop into your handbag. This is definitely my favourite .

Find this limited edition collection at L’Occitane Boutique stores around the country or get it online via their South African website.

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Friday, 6 February 2015

Morgan Taylor - Simply Spellbound & Now You See Me

Hi guys ! Hope you guys had a great week.

Today I'm sharing 2 polish from the new Morgan Taylor Enchantment Collection I got . I haven't tried any Morgan Taylor polishes before , and I'm seriously impressed. The formula on these polishes are AMAZING ! 

"Escape to a fantasyland with this limited edition palette of six majestic hues. Prepare to be mesmerised by six whimsical shades inspired by all things magical and magnificent.
All six so soft and dazzling .. You won't be able to resist the allure."

Simply Spellbound -
This is a GORGEOUS nude creme polish. Again ... I have a huge soft spot for any nude nail polish, and this one is sooo gorgeous. The formula is AMAZING and buttery . Shown is 2 coats of Morgan Taylor Simply Spellbound. 

Now You See Me -
Morgan Taylor is a rich chocolate brown shimmer. I'm not a brown nail polish fan, but *swoon* this one is really stunning. (So stunning in fact, that I'm still wearing this colour on my nails ! ) Again, Morgan Taylor Now You See Me has a utterly perfect formula. I used 2 coats in the swatch, but if you use a little bit thicker coats than I do, you could easily get away with one. 

The polishes in the range -
Hocus Pocus (dusty mint creme )
Who-Dini (blue grey creme )
I'm A Good Witch (pink copper glitter )
Magician's Assistant (soft mauve creme )
Now You See Me (chocolate brown shimmer )
Simply Spellbound (nude creme )

This collection retails for R110 and available at selected Dis-Chem, all Sorbet stores and leading salons & spas nationwide. 

I wish I could pick a favourite... But both these are really stunning. You guys know I love my nude polishes, but Now You See Me really stole my heart. 

Which one of these two are YOUR favourite ??
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Nails Inc - Porchester Square & Notting Hill Gate

Hi guys ! Hope your having a great week. 

Today I'm sharing two gorgeous Nails Inc polishes with you guys. As you know - I'm already a huge fan of Nails Inc polishes. The formula is always amazing . The polish also lasts quite well before chipping, a good 4/5 days . 

Nails Inc Porchester Square -
If I had to pick a - You can only wear one colour on your nails for the rest of your life - This would definitely be the colour for me. The formula is butter and opaque in two coats (Although if you use thicker coats, one would be enough ) , and super glossy. 

Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate -
This is a BRIGHT neon pink jelly polish. While I'm not a huge fan of neon nail polishes in general , I REALLY liked this one. It's bright screams summer. Again, no issues with the formula of the polish , it was super glossy . I used three coats in the photo. 

Nails Inc is exclusively available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores, as well as online and these retail for R115 each.

Which one did you like ? Are you a neon nail polish fan or a nude nail polish fan  ?

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*