Friday, 30 November 2012

Movember Support Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun week. My week wasn't too great sadly, but it's weekend ! WHOOHOO !!

Today I'm showing you guys another special mani. This one I did for Movember, and since today is the last day of Movember, I'm showing this special mani to you today.

So for those of you who don't know, Movember is done to support prostate as well as other cancers men face everyday. In support men sport moustaches to show their support, as well as get in donations from growing one for these causes.  As some of you might know, I have someone very close to me who I love dearly that was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years ago. Truth be told, it's a hard reality to hit anyone. Since I can't grow a moustache for support, I'm doing a special mani to do my part .
For this mani I used Tip Top Fairy Dust, with Tip Top Drummer Girl Glitter. For the Accent nail, I used Tip Top Pink About Us, and a cute water decal. This is really fast and easy nail art ♥
If you'd like to find out more about Movember , or how to go about to donate, here is the link Movember ♥

If you are doing anything on your blog so support Movember, feel free to leave the link below , or if you did support Movember in any way, feel free to email me some pics . This is such a good cause, that we as woman have to support the men in our lives too. ♥

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tip Top Pink About Us

Hi guys ! So glad it's Wednesday ! I have officially just over a week left of work, then holiday ! So looking forward to it ♥ How is everyone Christmas shopping going along ?

Today I'm showing you guys another one of the Tip Top new Summer colours. This one is the new pink one in the range called Pink About Us. It's such a pretty blue based pink, you can't help but fall in love with this colour. And I'm a sucker for a pretty pink polish ♥

I used three coats of Pink About Us in the photos below-
This is really such a girly pink shade, I really love this colour. ♥ And no, again not even CLOSE to the Melting Marshmallow colour as some asked me a while back via email. This colour is really unique, and it suits me so perfectly, got so many compliments wearing this shade. And yes, without a doubt you need this polish in your collection ♥

Tip Top nail polishes can be bought from Clicks for R39,95 ♥

Monday, 26 November 2012

Nail Art Inspired By a Novel ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a very nice weekend. ♥ I had a nice relaxing weekend, recharging my batteries for the long week ahead.

Today I'm showing you a fun mani I did a while back for the Tip Top I luv Nails campaign, the theme was inspired by a novel. The book I chose to base my mani on was the ABC Murders by Agatha Christie , fantastic book, and I have to say I LOVE how this mani turned out ♥
So if you wondered what the design was I did - The thumb is the title of the book. Index finger is a fingerprint ( I LOVE how cute it looks !!!) , middle finger is Hercule Poirot , the ring finger is some blood splatter, and the pinkie is a foot print. ♥ This look was SO much fun to create !

What do you think of this look ? And how was your weekend ?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Tip Top : Grape to Meet You

Hi guys ! It's finally weekend ! This week has indeed flown by ! Which for once was a good thing ! Been very busy , so relaxing this weekend is very high on my agenda. And some retail therapy too !

Today I'm showing you one of the new Tip Top polishes from their summer range. This one is the first one I will be showing, it's such a stunning purple called Grape To meet You. ♥

Like any Tip Top polish , this is another awesome colour, even the wear of these polishes are fantastic. It does seem to dry matte / rubbery, but top coat does smooth it out nicely. I used 2 coats in the photos below -
This is really a great colour ! My mom even borrowed it, and that means this colour must be awesome ! She's usually just a nude nail polish colour person . And perfect for summer ! Nothing better than a nice bright nail polish to brighten up your day . ♥

The new Summer range can be found at Clicks Stores, for R39,95

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tip Top Nail Addict : Wild Thing

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a calm week so far. The heat wave just seems to be killing me, I'm really not a summer person. :)

Today I'm showing you guys another awesome Tip Top Nail Addict polish ( all off them are actually fantastic ) This nail polish is called Wild Thing, and is great bright blue creme nail polish . WOW ! It applied fantastically smooth , just like you'd expect from a Tip Top polishes. This polish really has an ocean-y vibe to it too.. Made me think of the ocean and nice warm beaches ♥ I used two coats of Wild Thing in the photos below -
Isn't this colour just too gorgeous ? Do you have a polish that reminds you of a vacation or a special place ?

Remember, you can get the Tip Top Nail Addict range from Foshini for R39,95 each ♥

Monday, 19 November 2012

Pink Ribbon Water Decal Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend ! I did , just wished it was a little longer though ! Hope everyone will have an awesome week ahead.

Today I'm showing you an awesome mani I rocked most of last week. ♥ This was my first attempt with water decals, had to look high and low to find some, and finally got a some. Yippee !

I started off with two coats of Tip Top Melting Marshmallow, then on the other nails, applied two coats of Tip Top Night Life Glitter .

So some off you might wonder how the water decals work- Cut out the specific water decal you want to use, place in water until the backing comes loose, use tweezers and place onto the nail, give a few minutes to dry and seal with top coat. As easy as that ♥
Isn't this look just too sweet ? I'm on day 6 of this mani now, and the water decal is still on my nails, these babies don't just come off for no reason. ♥ Was so sad when I took it off this morning, this was really a cool nail look ! It still looked just as perfect as in the photos, well except for the obvious nail growth spoiling it.

This is how the water decals look, before I started using them -
So what are your thoughts about this mani ? Do you like it as much as I did ? Felt so girly and sweet wearing this. ♥

Friday, 16 November 2012

Nubar : Absolute

Hi guys ! It's Friday again ! WHOOHOO ! Really looking forward to this weekend, hopefully just de-stressing and relaxing, been a very busy week.

Today I'm showing you the most amazing polish ever. I've heard so many great things about Holographic nail polishes, but until now, never experienced a polish quite so awesome. This shade looks so innocent in the shade, but come into contact with some sunshine, and this baby GLOWS ! (*swoon *) This stunning polish from Nubar is called Absolute ♥

Let me share some of the more innocent looking photos first -
And now for the awesome sunshine photos -
Isn't the sunshine photos just full of holographic goodness ? I love blue nail polish, but indoor lights made me feel kinda bleh about this colour, it was blue but that was it. I LOVED being outdoors or near a window with this polish on. And even after three days I had no chips in my polish, and apparently for a holographic polish that's pretty good. :) I will have to buy back up bottles of this baby, it's just too gorgeous ♥

What are your thoughts on this sparkly colour ? Love it just as much as I do ? Do you own any Holographic polishes?

I bought this Nubar polish at my Clicks for R19,95 in their sale bin, usually Nubar polishes retail for around R45 .

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Avon : Gold Flecked Glitter Top Coat

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Had one very suckish day yesterday, had a huge power outage here, lasted from about 10am until 7pm ! Hated every moment of it.. Strange how you get used to the luxury of electricity ! On the up side, I got a little sneak peak of my little guy's photo shoot photos.. So excited to see them all. ♥

Today I'm showing you guys the last of the three glitter top coats from Avon. This one is called Gold Flecked Glitter.  This is another amazing glitter top coat. Again with the mixture of hex glitter and fine glitter. Really love these combination top coats, this one had a nice Christmas feel to the polish . I used one coat over white again in the photos below -
The perfume I'm holding here is Secret Fantasy Star, I just love this perfume, and the little star charm is too cute ! And the Cranberry and Cinnamon Bath Fizz is also a very nice Christmas prezzie . I got these for myself ( LOVE the scent ! ) and it fitted in with this Christmassy feel of the nail polish !

Yo can get this fantastic glitter polish for R29,95 from Avon. This will even make a fantastic gift for a nail polish lover ♥

Monday, 12 November 2012

Avon : Silver Plated Top Coat

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend ! Mine sucked a little, started to get flu-ish again.. So not cool especially in this heat , I really hoping for some more rain, then I'm sure I'll feel a lot better really soon!

Today I'm showing you the second polish in the Avon Top Coat glitter collection . This one is called Silver Plated glitter. Just like the Fuchsia glitter, this was another stunning beauty. It has a mixture of small silver hex glitters, as well as fine silver glitter. I used one coat over white in the photos below -
Again , another fantastic glitter to add to your collection ♥ This did have a very bridal feel on my nails, I think the white background made this such a sweet innocent colour combo, but this will sure pop over a darker colour too. ♥

As I mentioned last week, this colours are currently available for R29,95 each ! Such a bargain for such an awesome glitter top coat ♥

Friday, 9 November 2012

Avon : Fuchsia Dazzle Top Coat

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun week ! It's finally weekend ! Actually this week flew by so quickly ! Anyone got anything fun planned this weekend ?

Today I'm showing you one of the Limited Edition Avon Glitter Top Coats. This is the first of three , and called Fuchsia Dazzle. It's got fantastic small hex glitters, as well as fine glitter in the mix ! Really cool ! I used one coat in the following photos over white .
(I will be showcasing all three colours over white , to give you a better idea how the actual glitter looks ! )
Isn't this just such a gorgeous glitter ? WOW ! I'm really impress with the amount of glitter you get with one layer of this polish ! A winner in my books. If anyone wondered, the little perfume bottle I'm holding (Isn't it sooooo cute btw ?? ) is the 7ml Avon Little Red Dress. It smells devine too, and perfect for a little extra special to any occasion. ♥

As I mentioned , these Top Coat polishes is limited edition, and sells for R29,95 , a real bargain for such a stunning top coat to add dazzle and sparkle this festive season ♥