Friday, 28 September 2012

Tip Top Saran Wrap Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Yippee, it's finally weekend ! Anyone got some fun plans this weekend ? I'm planning to shop a bit, and then relax at home . Been a long week .

Today I'm showing you guys an awesome saran wrap mani I did for this weekend.  (I will be showing the tutorial over the weekend too ! ) This technique is SO easy and fun ! And can spice up a mani instantly ♥ I first saw this mani on Marta from Chit Chat Nails blog.

I have to say, I got so many compliments with this mani, and it's really easy to do. I saw these on one of my favourite international blogs, and just had to try it. I do see a lot of ladies that struggle with the splatter mani's , love these saran wrap mani's now.

I used three Tip Top colours for the saran wrap part - Tip Top Cha Cha Cha, Tip Top Sherbet Angel, and Tip Top Nail Addict Oh La La. My base colour was Tip Top Fairy Dust. ♥

What do you guys think of this mani ?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tip Top : Gold Drop Glitter

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fab long weekend and stunning week so far ! Sorry for not posting on Monday, I was (and still is ) horribly sick again. :( But I did do some great swatches of some new polishes I will show you guys really soon. And today is my dad's birthday, I would like to wish him an awesome birthday, thanks for being the best dad in the world, and coolest granddad to my little man. ♥

Today I'm showing you guys another glitter from Tip Top. This one is called Gold Drop Glitter. This is another fantastic glitter. I applied ONE coat over two coats of Tip Top Black Forest. These glitters are so fantastic, only on coat is needed .

Doesn't the gold glitter just pop on some black nail polish ? I have to say, that's what I love about glitter polishes, they can instantly dress any colour nail polish you might have on.

What is your favourite glitter colour to use ?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Minnie Mouse Inspired Mani ♥

Hi guys !Tomorrow morning won't be a dreaded Monday since it's still weekend.. Yeah ! First off, happy 22nd birthday to a very special blogger friend today. Happy Birthday N@NY from Art of L!fe !

Today I have my Tip Top Minnie Mouse Inspired mani to show you guys. I did this last night (which was not a very good idea as my little man is flu-ish ! )

I kept the design simple - but this mani is SO cute and girly ! I just LOVE it !

The lovely Tip Top colours I used:
Tip Top French Manicure White, Black Forest, Sexy Bikini, Sherbet Angel and Pot 'O Berries.

I just LOVE how girly this mani turned out ! I will be rocking this mani for the rest of the long weekend ! ♥

Friday, 21 September 2012

Weekend Mani with Foil Accent Nail

Hi guys. Whoohoo - it's the weekend ! It to top it off - A long weekend ! Anyone got any exciting plans ?  My plans are mostly relaxing this weekend, and perhaps chilling at a braai over the weekend.

Today I'm showing you guys the fun mani I did for this weekend . I used  two coats of Tip Top Sherbet Angel, topped with a coat of Tip Top Party Dress , and matte topcoat on the nails. For the accent nails, I used a lovely silver and pink coloured nail foil. These babies are so easy to use. You just make sure you have a clean nail surface, and shape the foil a little if needed and lay it down. Then just file the excess sticker of the nail, as easy as that !

So what do you guys think of this mani ? I love the foils, helps draw instant attention, I just don't think I'll wear a whole set at once, that's just a little to flashy for my taste.

This is how the complete set looks that I bought a few months back. The foils comes in different sizes, and each pack has two colour choices . ♥ What's not to love ?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tip Top Nail Addict : Smitten

Hi guys . Hope everyone is having a super week so far. Today I'm bored at work for a change.. So just staring at the clock wishing the day would end. On a side not, yesterday I bumped my finger really badly , so my middle finger might look a little swollen and red in the photos in the next few days. Eeck !

Today I'm showing you guys another fantastic nail polish from Tip Top's Nail Addict Range. This one is called Smitten. This is another gorgeous sparkly pink colour from their range. As usual, the formula was fantastic, went on smooth, and only needed two coats to be opaque. And it's got such a nice shimmer too it too. ♥

So what do you guys think of this pink ? I have to say, I didn't like the colour that much in the bottle, but it looks a lot better on the nail . ♥

Remember to also go like the Tip Top facebook page if you haven't already , they have fantastic nail tips and competitions too. TipTopNailsSouthAfrica

P.S - I've also added the On Wednesday's we wear pink logo on my blog. ♥ This simply means whenever you feel like it, rock some pink nail polish on a Wednesday :) As simple as that :) 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Revlon : Fuschia Fever

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a great weekends.. I'm really not in the mood for work today.. I have to say my hate for Mondays are starting to grow more and more. Lol

Today I'm showing you guys another nail polish from Revlon. First off...Let me just say, I LOVE this colour 100 times more on the nail then in the bottle. I read a few blog reviews about this colour, and most made the pink matte, as they said its way to neon. This colour isn't even near neon.. In the bottle it might look neon-ish,but I can guarantee you, on the nail it looks completely different. I might even have fallen instantly in love with this pink berry nail polish !

The formula was fantastic, only needed two coats to be opaque , and it's a very nice berry pink colour.. Again - I LOVE this shade of pink ♥
Isn't this just the perfect pink ?? I jazzed it up a little with some white dots (Tip Top French Manicure white ) on the accent nail -
What are your thoughts on this colour ? LOVE it just as much as I do ?? The accent nail makes it all girly and pink too ♥

This product(s)  was send to me for review.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tip Top 20 000+ Fans Give Away !

Thank you! 20,000 times over!
To celebrate reaching 20,000+ Facebook fans, Tip Top is giving away 20 prizes of a Tip Top Treatment and a Tip Top Colour.
Here’s how to enter:
Share this giveaway news with your friends and family on your Facebook page, Twitter OR blog some of your local websites or nail pages. Leave us a note under this post about where you have shared this give-away.
We'll select 20 lucky fans to receive a prize pack! Winners will be announced at 5:00pm today.

Here's the link to their fantastic fagebook page : TipTopNailsSouthAfrica

Friday, 14 September 2012

China Glaze : Evening Seduction

Hi guys ! Who else is glad it's finally weekend ?!? This week felt if it was dragging, I was even convinced yesterday that today will be Saturday !

Today I'm showing you guys another lovely nail polish from China Glaze. This one is a dark rich purple (bordering on the edge of black ) I have to say, I do love dark vampy nail polishes, but was a little disappointed that the purple colour didn't come out more when I put it on my nails. Just a side note, this baby might stain, so use more than once coat of base coat. I used three in the photos below just to be safe.

I used 2 coats of China Glaze Evening Seduction in the photos below -

And since I wanted to jazz this mani up a bit .. I added a coat of Tip Top Rocky Road Glitter too -

My mom says she just love this colour, which is weird since she normally like neutral colours more. But this is a nice colour to wear, like I said, I just wish the purple would have showed better on the nail like it does in the bottle.

Hope everyone will have a fantastic weekend !