Friday, 28 February 2014

Purple & Silver Stamped Mani

Hi guys ! Hope you all had a great week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I know I sure am ! It's my mom's birthday tomorrow too .. So I'm planning to bake a cake a little later on today too.

Today I'm sharing a fun purple and silver stamped mani with you, that also happens to be my nail of the day too (This rarely happens ). I still LOVE the Mo You Sailor Collection stamping plate I got for Christmas from my brother . This time I used the swirly design.As I mentioned the last time... The quality of these stamping plates are AMAZING ! Blown away by the detail. 

So onto the pretty pictures - 

For this mani I used -
Pinky , Pointer & Thumb - 
China Glaze Glistening Snow topped with OPI Servin' Up The Sparkle
Ring & Middle -
 Tip Top Grape To Meet You stamped with Tip Top Amourplate (which works fantastic for stamping .. )

I hope you love this mani as much as I do ! Anyone have any fun weekend plans ? 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hey Gorgeous SA Mint Body Scrub & Body Mousse Review

Hi guys ! Hope your having a great week so far. 

Today I'm showing you some awesome Hey Gorgeous goodies... Over the festive season I got the Chocolate Mint Body Scrub and Choc Mint Body Mousse as a prezzie ... And I was seriously impressed !

Hey Gorgeous Choc Mint Body Mousse 
First off ... The scent is AMAZING ! The mousse feels super light on your skin and absorbs really quickly but is very hydrating.  It even gives a very subtle bronzing effect. And it smells like peppermint crisp ... Yummy ! 

I loved that this mousse helped my skin get super smooth ... For the first time I didn't have super dry patches anymore. What I love is all their body mousses are very moisturising ... So no matter what scent you prefer ... You'll skin will thank you . 

{Made With:}

Shea, Cacao butters, Coconut and Jojoba, Cacao Powder and Essential Oils
Hey Gorgeous Chocolate Mint Scrub
This is the most AMAZING body scrub I have ever tried. The scent on this is a little more pepperminty ... But after a super hot day ... Or when I'm feeling a little off the day ... this really stimulates the senses too.

This also does an amazing job to polish off old skin cells to reveal fresh fabulous skin, but the oils and essential oils in this formula nourish and moisturise too leaving it glowing. The scent really makes you feel like a million bucks. 

{Made With:}

Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Orange Zest, Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel, Olive Oil, Jojoba and Essential Oils.

{How To Use It :}

Apply to a sponge or face cloth and then onto damp skin in upward sweeping motions. Rinse off and feel fabulous.

The best part of these products - They use only natural ingredients in their products and cruelty free too .

Both these products retail for R90 each on their website HERE ... And Pheebs always answers any questions you might have ... Their customer service is really one of the best out there too. 

Will I be ordering these again ! Without a doubt YES ! I haven't used a body lotion that worked this amazing on me EVER ! And I'm pretty sure I'm a Hey Gorgeous Addict by now.. hee hee hee.

If you'd like to follow them on social networks :
Twitter : Hey Gorgeous Twitter Page
Facebook : Hey Gorgeous Facebook Page 
Instagram : Hey Gorgeous Instagram Page

Monday, 24 February 2014

Neon Purple & Gold Skittlette

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great weekend ! Sorry for the no post on Friday .. I'm feeling a little under the weather the last few days. 

So onto the nails ... I loved THIS  mani so much , that I wanted to try it in a different colour too ( I rocked a blue version on Instagram HERE too ) . 

While that one was silver and pink .. This one is purple and gold. I love the colour combination together, and seriously the Tip Top Neon's makes awesome skittlette mani choices. 

So enough rambling from me.. onto the photos - 

For this mani I used :
Pinky- China Glaze I'm Not Lion
Ring - Tip Top Black Forest with a gold square stud
Middle , Index and Thumb - Tip Top Grape Dance

I love the purple and gold together...  Such a stunning combination together . 

How was your weekend ? 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tip Top Confetti Glitter - It's The Missing Pink

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Mine is super busy ... But not too much complaining... And it's almost weekend too... yippee !

Today I'm sharing another gorgeous Tip Top Confetti Glitter with you . This one was included in my Favourite Pink Polishes for Valentine's Day HERE ..  and it's really one of my favourite Tip Top Confetti Glitters ever !

It's the Missing Pink is a bright almost neon pink polish with the most gorgeous glitters on the other end of the duo. This is so sparkly and girly ... And I'm sure if Barbie could wear texture polish this is what she would chose .

Again.. here's how you use these beauties -

I would suggest doing this over a piece of paper to catch any excess glitter and makes it easier to gently tip into the container again. 
  1. Firstly, put on a coat of the coloured nail polish supplied on the one end
  2. Secondly, take the Confetti Glitter and Sprinkle the glitter over the wet polish and gently press the glitter into the polish . 
  3. Lightly dust excess glitter off onto piece of paper .
  4. And Voila , gorgeous textured nails :)  No need for top coat on these beauties.
Here's the photos of the polish - 

It's it just gorgeous ??

How has your week been so far ?? 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Tip Top Summer Neon's

Hi guys ! Hope you all had an awesome weekend !! 

Today I'm sharing the awesome Tip Top Summer Neon's with you guys. I'm not a huge fan of neon nail polish.. But this range changed my mind completely. The colours are SO gorgeous and bright ... Really amazing !!

So onto the beauties... 
As The Beat Grows On -
This is a gorgeous highlighter neon colour ... I don't like green nail polish in general.. But wow... I LOVE this one ! It's so stunning and bright . I used three coats in the photos here over a white base. (To make it a little more opaque )
Cyan Can-Can -
This is such a gorgeous rich colour. It isn't that neon as the others ... But love blue nail polish and this will be perfect for chilling in the pool on weekends.  I used two coats in the photos above. 
Get The Party Started -
This pink is soooo gorgeous ! And I'm sure it will get a party started ... hee hee hee. I love pinks in general but this neon pink really pops. I used three coats in the photos above. 
Salsa Pop -
This is a gorgeous burnt orange neon .. Again this one isn't as neon as the rest .. But it's such a gorgeous and unique colour. I used two coats in the photos above. 
Grape Dance -
This is another gorgeous purple polish from Tip Top. Again .. Another one that as bright as the rest.. But this colour is sooo perfect for anyone that loves purples. 
Walking on Sunshine -
*swoon* I know I'm not a fan of yellow polishes at all .. but this is PERFECTION ! It's bright... Screams summer and really I couldn't stop staring at my nails... I adore this shade now. I used three coats over a white base to get it opaque . I cant wait to use this one in a skittlette mani. 

Overall .. This is an amazing collection. Tip Top really outdid themselves here. My favourite picks here are Walking on Sunshine, As The Beat Grows On and Get The Party Started . And two of my favourites are colours out of my comfort zone. 

These are available at Clicks for R39,95 each . 

How was your weekend ? Which one of these colours do you love the most ?
*The product/s was provided for me for review but any opinions about the product/s are my own*

Friday, 14 February 2014

Neon Pink Skittlette

Hi guys ! Yeah it's finally Friday ! Whoohoo ! If you celebrate Valentine's Day today or not.. I hope you have a fantastic Friday non the less. 

Today I have a fun pink skittlette to share with you guys. I posted this look last week on Instagram HERE .. And I really loved the colour combination so much . Excuse the little bit of blurriness in the photos though.. The new Tip Top Neon's are SO bright that it took three different cameras to try and attempt to get it colour accurate.  (Also sunglasses are advised... hee hee hee )

So onto the photos... 
For the mani I used - 
Pinky- China Glaze Glistening Snow Topped with OPI Servin Up The Sparkle
Ring - Tip Top Black Forest with a silver square stud
Middle , Index and Thumb - Tip Top Get The Party Started 

I can't wait to share the swatches of the neon's next week.. They are SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS .. and super bright !

Anyone have any fun weekend plans ??
*Some product/s was provided for me for review but any opinions about the product/s are my own*

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Favourite Pinks for Valentine's Day

Hi guys ! Another day closer to weekend.. Yeah !

I know I don't usually post on Thursday's , but since tomorrow is Valentine's Day .. I decided to post my favourite pink nail polishes today. There will still be a post tomorrow too .. 

I love pink nails more than red nails.. And I really think they make better date nails as they have such a girly whimsical romantic feel to them . Today I'm sharing my 11 favourite ones with you .. (Trust me if I could I would have posted all my pinks as I seriously LOVE them all ... hee hee hee )
1. Tip Top Pink About Us
This is really one of my favourites... I LOVE this pink .
2. Tip Top Nail Addict Marshmallow Bunny
This is such a soft toned pink ... Really gorgeous.
3. Tip Top Melting Marshmallow
I'm already on my second bottle of this polish ... Soft pastel pink perfect for any occasion. 
4. OPI If You Moust You Moust
This is a bright light pink .. Super pretty ..
5. Rimmel Simply Sizzling
A bright raspberry  pink .. Seriously gorgeous. 
6. OPI Sparrow Me The Drama
This is a cool toned pink creme polish . I really love the name too. 
7. Revlon Wild Strawberry
This polish is just gorgeous.. A blue-toned fuchsia with a gorgeous shimmer. 
8. Revlon Fuchsia Fever
A gorgeous bright fuchsia colour. 
9. OPI Pussy Galore
This is a light pink soft texture. I REALLY love it .. So pretty !
10. China Glaze Unrefined
Unrefined is my ALL time favourite pink texture polish so far.. Bright... Pink .. And the wear time is amazing .. 
11. It's The Missing Pink
If you like Tip Top Sexy Bikini you'll love this one . It's from their Confetti Glitter (Texture) range .. And it's super bright.. sparkly and GORGEOUS !!

What is FAVOURITE pink polish ?? 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pink & Hearts & Kisses

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a fun week so far. My week has luckily not been too busy, but really enjoying the little bit of calmness.

Today I'm sharing a fun pink Valentinesday look with you . The lovely Ghila from NailsNoob send me a little surprise from Italy with a friend that is visiting South Africa at the moment and this Rimmel beauty was included in my package . I knew wanted to use it before Valentinesday , so it was the first one I picked to use.

For this mani I used two coats of Rimmel Salon Pro Simply Sizzling.. It's such a gorgeous barbie pink . For my accent nail I used one coat of OPI Alpine Snow and topped it off with Teenage Dreams . I then used a fun heart with a kiss on decal from the Born Pretty Store and voila.. Perfect for a Valentinesday look.  ( I reviewed the decals HERE )

So onto the nails .... 
Thanks again for the gorgeous gifts Ghila ... xxx 

How has your week been so far ? Are you looking forward to Valentinesday ? Any special plans ??

Monday, 10 February 2014

My Top Red Nail Polishes for Valentinesday ...

Hi guys ! Hope you had a fun weekend. This weekend we celebrated my Gran's birthday and had a blast. (Just had way to much cake the last two weeks ... hee hee hee ) 

So with Friday being Valentinesday .. I will be showing some of my favourite red nail polishes with you guys. To be honest .. I'm not the biggest fan of rocking red nails personally, but red nails are perfect for Valentinesday ..  so in no particular order .. Here are my 12 favourites...

All of the polishes are two coats with topcoat (the textures without topcoat of course)

1.China Glaze Cranberry Splash  
China Glaze Cranberry Splash is a metallic shimmery red. 
2. China Glaze With Love -
This is a fire red polish with the slightest orange tint to it. 
3. Loreal Rouge Pin Up
A classic red nail polish . I love how this is a deeper red polish 
4. China Glaze Don't Make Me Wine
This is a dark magenta coloured polish.. But in most light is looks like a deep wine red colour. As I mentioned when I posted the swatch of this colour.. This will make gorgeous date nails. 

5. OPI The Impossible -
I love textured polish and this is no exception. The colour is amazing, the polish won't chip easily and the texture gives it an added edgy look . This is more of a fuchsia toned red .
6. OPI Magazine Cover Mouse
This is another red liquid sand with pink and golden shimmer. Swoon... This one is really really gorgeous. 
7. Tip Top Cherries in The Snow -
A classic fire red blue toned nail polish.
8. Essence Me & My Lover
This is another texture polish , this one is the same tone as OPI Magazine Mouse cover with a golden shimmer. And it's under R20 ... So if you're not a big fan of red polishes.. This will make a not to expensive date night nail polish. And it's texture. *Swoon ...*
9. Revlon Cherry Crush -
A gorgeous wine red nail polish with the most gorgeous shimmer. 
10. Revlon Red -
Another classic red. This one now comes in their mini nail enamel versions .. So as I mentioned if you want to try it out.. The smaller one would really be a fun addition.
11. Tip Top Nail Addict Boston Lights
This is another of my favourite favourite reds... gorgeous wine red colour with shimmer.
12. Tip Top Traffic Lights
This is a metallic polish with a stunning shimmer. I adore this colour for nail art . 

So I hope this helps you out a bit. What is YOUR favourite red nail polish to wear ? How was your weekend ?