Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Mini Lather Me Up Haul

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday .

A little earlier in the month - while browsing Instagram - I spotted LatherMeUp - and I was excited to try out the products and test them out for myself . (My honest reason was spotting that Owl Coffee Massage bar - because I love owls and Coffee ) . If you follow me on social media - you might have spotted that I already use and love the Lush Coffee Massage bar - so I was very excited to order some goodies to try.

She currently has 4 massage bars in her range and I picked up two of them . I suffer from an extremely sore neck from time to time - and stress and a busy lifestyle does make it worse sadly. So I love using massage bars to ease the tension a bit.

Gliding Bean Massage Bar (R45 )
This was my number one reason for ordering. Because Owls ... And Coffee. I haven't used this one yet as I can't bring myself to ruin the little owl- but it smells incredible yummy.
Honey Bear Massage Bar (R40)
This massage bar is shaped into a cute little bear , and has a faint scent of honey - nothing too overpowering . I have used this one and it's incredible. After a long day I rub the little bear all over my body for a moisture boost as well as relieving stress .

She does a wide range of products , but the next products I wanted to try out was two of her craft soaps.
Under The Sea (R30)
This soap smells incredible - just like yummy blueberries. I love how the soap looks like a piece of the ocean.  I got this one one for my son Alex (as he loves anything beach related ) and he LOVES the scent of this soap . It's really hydrating on his skin too - which is good since some soaps tend to dry out his skin.
Passionate Susie ( R30 )
I got this one for me - as I don't love floral soaps and it's hard to find a great soap that's not overpowering with floral tones. I love the passion fruit scent - this scent is great for feeling more awake in the cold mornings and smelling incredible too.

All the products in the range looks incredible - and I can't wait to order again.
If you would like to follow Lather Me Up on social media platforms :
Lather Me Up Facebook Page
Lather Me Up Instagram

How has YOUR week been so far ?

Monday, 28 August 2017

My picks from the Essence Wake Up , Spring ! Range

Hi guys. Happy Monday. How was your weekend ??

Today I am sharing my picks from the Essence Wake Up , Spring ! Range. As always this collection was another gorgeous limited edition collection - and I was happy when I saw my Clicks was still pretty fully stocked. This time round though - the nailpolishes didn't intrigue me at all - but I will be sharing the three items I did decide to pick up.

Essence Wake Up , Spring Blush in Hello Sunshine !
There is apparently two blushes in the range , but my Clicks only had one. Again - did Lynette need another Blush in her life ? No. Did Lynette buy said blush in any case - Yes ! This blush was a little less pigmented than I hoped - but it's a nice gorgeous subtle everyday colour. I don't gravitate to peachy blushes in Winter - so I haven't used this one too much - but this will look stunning when the weather warms up.

The Blush can be folded up to reveal an integrated mirror - which is pretty cool and can make touch ups on the go pretty easy.  The colour isn't too pigmented - making it easier for beginners but is pretty buildable .

Essence Wake Up, Spring Blush Brush
Honestly - I didn't buy it to use for blush. The brush is pretty narrow with synthetic bristles - but is perfectly shaped for contouring. This was the main reason I got the brush (that and it's pretty cute too.) So far I love it to use for contouring or bronzer .

Essence Wake Up , Spring Eyeshadow Palette in Spring It Up !
Another goody I'm always looking forward to with every new Essence Limited Edition collection is usually the eyeshadow palettes . The quality is always nice and buttery and they make great add ones into your make-up collection. I love how small and travel friendly these palettes are.

The collection consists of four shimmery pink shades and a silver / white shade that can be used for a highlighter. I love how soft and springtime appropriate this collection looks and feels. As always - this is such a nifty palette . I don't usually stray from nudey toned eyeshadow - but I got this palette to swatch and then gift to my mom as she LOVES every single Essence limited edition palette - and this one is no different.

The collection does include some fun eyeliner pens , highlighter pen , lip balm , lipstick pens , a few cool nail and nailpolish related goodies too. These where the ones that caught my eye though.

Did you get anything from this collection ?? What's your favourite product to pick up from Essence Limited Edition ranges ??

Friday, 25 August 2017

Avon Black Suede Night

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How has YOUR week been so far ? Mine has been pretty busy - and full of testing some awesome new products to review for you guys.

Today I'm doing another quick review on the Avon Black Suede Night - one of their new Men Fragrance Releases. I was sent this Eau DE Toilette by Manbox to review a little while back and I'm finally getting to post it now.I got a little help from a guy friend to review this new scent FOR YOU GUYS.

Avon Black Suede Night description :
Make every after-dark encounter unforgettable with this intoxicating blend of zesty bergamot, aromatic nutmeg and rich black amber.

The scent can be described as very old school , elegant and manly scent but still smells fashionable and has a modern twist on - it can be described as such a clean , sweet yet spicy scent. The scent has a pretty decent wear time and lasts most of the day on the skin - which is a bonus for guys that want to smell clean and fresh but doesn't have the time to re-apply a scent a few times during the day .

Ladies - If you want to treat any special guy in your life - I can gladly recommend this is such an amazing scent to gift them.

The scent is also pretty affordable and retails for R270 75ml .

Any exciting plans for the weekend ? What's your favourite manly scent on a guy ?

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

{LIFESTYLE } Gutsy Green - Is it worth it ? My mini review on my first meal week

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday. Hope you are having a great week so far.

Today I have a bit of a lifestyle post for you guys - and it is all about food. Yum ! A little while ago I discovered a great company called GutsyGreen that delivered all the ingredients to make amazing meals at home .

The site is pretty fool proof - you decide on the package you need ( I got the one for 4 people ) and the meals you would like. You can pick the ones that's recommended according to your dietary preferences or pick the ones you would like to try. In my case I picked three meals . They have different options so the choices are endless. What I love most is YOU get to pick what you would like to eat based on any lifestyle preferences. They have classic meals , vegetarian and low carb meals.

The ingredients gets delivered in the exact pre-portioned fresh ingredients on Mondays - and the recipes are pretty easy to use and make. You can also choose to skip a week .. and decide when YOU want them to deliver. Which is a huge bonus. I love how all the nutritional info is on the recipe card too - making it perfect for those who would like to watch calories but still eat yummy healthy food.

Today I'm sharing my first weekly meal box I got and my thoughts on the food I got.

Updated Steak and Potatoes with Fennel Good old Steak and Potatoes! We love this age old classic and tonight we’re adding our own little spin on things with this utterly divine dish of since rubbed sirloin steaks seared and served with some amazing sides. Baked potatoes are taken to new heights as they are topped with sour cream and crispy bacon bits and served alongside some fragrant roasted fennel. Simple, yet elegant and super sophisticated. Your’e in for a treat!

This was such an amazing meal. The portion sizes are HUGE . I loved making this and it was such a perfect meal. The food went perfectly together and I love how yummy the sour cream was for the potatoes. Everything was pretty easy to make - which is a bonus because while I love cooking - I don't like spending to much time in the kitchen. The best part was the smoked crispy bacon bits to use for the potatoes. This one is definitely worth trying if you want to order.

Lemon Butter Crispy Chicken with Fresh Pomegranate and Rocket Salad

Crispy pan fried chicken breasts infused with lemon butter for the most sensationally crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, Winter winner of a meal. Served with a fresh side salad of peppery rocket, Parmesan cheese, baby tomatoes and sweet pomegranate pips, this dish proves again how quick and easy a delicious meal can be.

While I love a good steak , my favourite is always chicken. Again , this meal was super duper easy to put together in no time and I love how healthy and yummy it was. The salad was pretty unique - Rocket and pomegranate salad . This one was super yummy and perfect for the calorie conscience too. The salad portion was huge - and it was such a nice and filling salad.
Beef Rump Steaks with Potato Balls
Meaty rump steaks served with blistered baby tomatoes and crispy Parmesan potato balls. Topped with a rich onion, thyme and cream sauce, the flavours and textures of this dish work beautifully together.

All I can say is - this meal was the most fun to make for me and learnt me so many new things.  I loved making a sauce from scratch (which I have never done before ) and the potato balls was such an easy recipe - but gives you so much inspiration to try things outside the box. . Again - the portions are really decent and I will be making some more potato balls in the future for dinners - they are super yummy.

If you'd like to try out this amazing service - you can use my referral link - You will get 50% off your first box (making it so much more worthwhile to try - GutsyGreenReferalLink and give me some credits for some money off my future orders.

I will be trying some new meals in a week's time and start making some regular posts to share some yummy new recipes I'm making.

Do you like to cook ? Have you tried a service like GutsyGreen ??

Monday, 21 August 2017

REN Flash Hydro- Boost

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ?

A little while ago REN was kind enough to send me their latest product launching today - The REN Flash Hydro Boost - which is a water based hydration booster.

I have dehydrated skin - so I always love to bring hydrating products into my routine. I'm really a skincare junkie - and for good reason. I love using great skincare products and can create such a great canvas for any make-up you want to add to your routine. 

This product has such an unique texture . It applies like a cream - and then you add a little bit of water to wet your fingertips and massage into the skin. The product absorbs pretty quickly and does make my skin look plumper , smoother and a lot more hydrated. The Hydro - Boost helps your skin lock in the moisture.

I have been using this in the evening (and even sometimes in the morning if I need the extra hydration) and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin - it's definitely more hydrated and plumper since using the Hydro Boost.

This product is suitable for all skin types that need a boost of hydration .

It's available from today at selected Woolworths stores as well as REN online and retails for R740,00 for 40 ml.

* This product was sent for review - but all opinions are my own *

Friday, 18 August 2017

Inoar Hair Botox Treatment Lowdown and Review

Hi guys. Happy Friday. Today is FREEZING - I'm on my third cup of coffee for the day already . How was your week ? Any fun weekend plans ?

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the new Inoar Hair Botox treatment at Sorbet Dunkeld . As I mentioned before I love the Inoar Absolute Blond range so I was excited to try this treatment - as my hair can always do with a boost. I take great pride in looking after my hair and trying to keep it in tip top condition - especially taking extra steps since going blonder.

So ... What is the Inoar Hair Botox treatment ? This is a hair treatment containing fatty acids , argon oil , Shea butter , hydrolysed keratin and grape extract . The treatment is rich in Vitamin A , C and E which will help protect your hair . It's also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. 
The treatment is pretty easy and not too time consuming - Your hair gets washed, the treatment applied for 30 minutes and then rinsed out.
 The Benefits ?
Restores and Hydrates
Promotes Hair Growth
Strenghtens Hair
Volume Reduction
Frizz Reduction
Curl Reduction
Manageable Hair
Reduces knots and easily detangles Hair
Adds Shine
The treatment also includes a Blow dry - and let me tell you the ladies at Sorbet Dunkeld know what they are doing. The blow dry was amazing and I left the salon feeling like a fairy princess. (They have  awesome cappuccino's that are super yummy too !  )
My results ? Awesome soft hair that was super soft and with a lot less frizz. The treatment lasts about 4 weeks and makes a awesome boost for your hair with the change of season.
If your hair needs a little extra boost - I would HIGHLY recommend you give the Inoar Botox Treatment a try.
Thanks again to Danielle and Sorbet Dunkeld for inviting me to try this amazing treatment.
Sorbet Dunkeld info :
Address : Cnr Bompas Road and Jan Smuts Avenue , Dunkeld Shopping Centre , Shop 2A , Dunkeld , Johannesburg , 2196
Phone : 011 325 2921
* Although I was invited to try the treatment - all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Monday, 14 August 2017

New Products on My Beauty Desk - August Edition

Hi guys . Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? My weekend was pretty chill - I tested out the ? Inoar Hair Botox treatment and will be giving you guys a full review later this week. 

Today I'm sharing some new goodies on my beauty desk. This isn't everything I got - some products I kept aside for specific posts . This month I got a mixture of some new goodies to play with - I haven't had a chance to play with everything yet - but will most likely test out the rest over the next week or so. If there is anything you'd like a full review on - feel free to let me know.

So let's jump into the products.

 Milani Conceal and Perfect 2-1 Foundation and Concealer in Creamy Vanilla
When Milani SA launched I was really excited to pick up this foundation. This was the top item on my wish list to try . The foundation was pretty decently priced (At R150 ) and free delivery for August. Bargain ! I have used this foundation for a week now and I can't see myself putting it down anytime soon. The coverage is AMAZING , it's extremely long lasting and the finish is a soft matte finish without clinging onto drier spots on my skin. I'm really impressed and will do a few review really soon. 

Essence Instant Matt Make-Up Fixing Spray
I picked this up on a whim when I got some of the Essence Wake Up and Spring range I'll be reviewing soon. So far I like this setting spray - I used the Avene Eau Thermale Water but since the weather is warming up I wanted something that would help keep my make-up matte. I like how this doesn't make my skin super dry and tight after using it - and it's pretty affordable which is a HUGE bonus. 

Hean Face Contour Palette
I am in LOVE with the mauve toned blush in this palette. I can't put it down . The colour is pretty long lasting and fades nicely during the day. I haven't tried the contour shades or the darker blush - but I'm sure I will soon. This is such a gorgeous pigmented palette and definitely worth investing in. 
Lip goodies
I have 4 new lip products I'm planning to try out soon - I had a really bad food allergy so I'm just waiting for that to completely clear before I start wearing some lip products again. I picked up one of the new Revlon SPF Lip balms , an Avon Mark plumping lip gloss and some Hean Liquid Matte lippies. I'm really excited to try them out - they all seem promising . 
Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer in Donut Worry Be Happy I will be doing a full post and wear test (I worn it a million times since getting it ) so I will keep my thoughts here short and sweet. I love the colour and I like that this polish doesn't need a million steps. Just this polish - no top coat or base coat. Wear time is also pretty decent. I will be picking up another colour or two and sharing the full post soon. 

 Hean Luxury Sugar Lip Peeling Scrub and Lip Elixir
As I mentioned , I had a horrible reaction to a food allergy and it resulted in sore lips that tend to peel. Lush lip scrubs are WAY to harsh - so I decided to pick up this combo with Glamore Cosmetics Woman's Day special. So far I''m LOVING them and will be doing a full review on both products. The scrub is super gentle yet effective and the Lip Elixir is life saving. 

How was YOUR weekend ? 

Monday, 7 August 2017

July Favourites

Hi guys. Happy Monday. How was your weekend ??

I totally skipped June favourites last month - as June was such a crazy busy month . I don't have too many favourites this month - as I didn't want to repeat most from last month - so I'm including all the newer favourites and sharing them with you guys today . But first let's hop into the non beauty related favourites .

July was a much better month though - and even included a little getaway with the family to the beach .  That definitely was one of the magical moments of the month - a much needed getaway with my kiddo. Even though it was Winter - we had the most amazing weather for the whole week- perfect for spending most of the day at the beach relaxing. 

While on holiday (and actually while shopping at Lush ) Tanya suggested I have to try Wicked Donuts. I'm so bummed we don't have one close to us but I think that's a good thing - and I'm sure my waistline would agree. I had the most awesome Top Deck donut - and even went back for another one later the week. If you ever in Durban and looking for amazing donuts - you need to pop in and try one. Word of warning though - the choices all look extremely tempting . 
Now onto the actual beauty favourites. I love the Essence single eye shadows - and in July this was the most worn combo I was into. The two colours are Purple Cloud (purple colour ) and It's Mauvie Time. Again - on me personally these eye shadows last basically the whole day . I pop Mauvie Time into the crease and pop a little Purple Cloud all over the lid. 
Inoar Absolute Speed Blond Shampoo and Conditioner
I have mentioned I'm in the process of colouring my hair lighter - and let's be real - blond sometimes goes brassy and meh pretty quickly. I LOVE the results of the products. I cheated a little bit in July and kept the shampoo in a little bit longer - and I love how much whiter and brighter my hair looks. It fakes a salon visit when you really can't squeeze in time to pop into a salon to touch up your highlights. This has most certainly saved me from looking crazy yellow - and I get complemented when I use this shampoo - so many people am sure I pop into a salon for a toner every week. 
Essence Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer in Wake Up Effect and Avon Ideal Flawless Matte Liquid Concealer. I love these both for different reasons. The Essence one is amazing to use on foundation to brighten up your undereye area and fake looking awake and getting enough sleep. This won't cover dark circles - but I don't have dark circles that needs concealing. I love how I look much more awake and ready to tackle the day. The Avon one I love for being super matte and long lasting. This is perfect to cover up imperfections. On days where I have a little redness issue around and on my nose - I will use this instead of foundation to cover those areas. With this concealer a little really goes a long way and it does dry down matte . It covers marks and imperfections easily and the formula is pigmented yet bendable . 

Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream
Most of the month I had a bit of a food allergy rash - making my lips super swollen and red and peel really easily. This has been a life saver for helping my lips feel smoother and more hydrated and not peel every two seconds. I did a full review on the HERE if you want to know why I love the whole range of Cold Cream products. 
Avon Glimmerstick for Brows in Brown
It's no secret I love Benefit Ka-Brow and for good reason. But I popped this little pencil into my holiday bag and been using it most days since. The pencil is pretty easy to use - and the formula is nice and creamy (but not too creamy to just smudge off ) . I love the shade with my hair colour at the stage and I love how easy and fast I can fill in my brows and be out the door in the morning (especially since I'm been pressing the snooze button way to many mornings to mention .)

What has been some of YOUR favourite products in July ?? Any magical moments worth sharing ?