Monday, 29 January 2018

Labello Vanilla Buttercream

Hi guys. Happy Monday. Did you have a nice weekend ?? Mine was pretty busy as I am prepping for my kiddo's 8th birthday this week. 

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to receive the Labello Vanilla Buttercream lip-balm from Rubybox to review for you guys. If you know me you know I love vanilla products - it's my all time favourite scent in the world - so I was really excited to try it.

I prefer lip-balm daily with a lipgloss instead of lipstick as I do suffer from extremely sensitive lips. Labello has an extra care formulation with Shea Butter and natural oils - and this particular variety has the most amazing vanilla aroma. 

This lip-balm immediately cares for your lips to leave them deeply moisturised and smooth . I prefer a thicker balm to use daily instead of one that absorbs within seconds - so I love that this lip-balm doesn't disappear from your lips within seconds. 

Skin compatibility dermatologist approved. These lip-balms retails for R24,99 from Dischem , Clicks and most leading retailers.

How was YOUR weekend ??

*Although this product was sent for review opinions are all my own*

Monday, 22 January 2018

What's in My Work Make-Up Bag ??

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ??

Since everyone is now back at work I thought I'd share what's inside the little make-up bag I take to work . I really don't take much as I apply my make-up early in the morning before taking Alex to school and going to work . I really carry the bare minimum as I trust the products I use on a daily basis to keep me looking great with little touch ups or a quick freshen up.

So let's jump into my bag -

Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation in Shell 
 bought this on the Milani website when they were running a combo deal (which is still available HERE ) . I love how this is such an easy convenient product as it includes a mirror and a pretty decent powder puff to apply at the bottom. I use a Gosh Travel brush I got as a gift with purchase a few years back to lightly dust on some powder on areas that might have gotten a little bit greasy during the day before I pick up Alex at school in my lunch break. I love how this powder doesn't seem to get cakey but gives a flawless finish . 

Leopard Print Mirror and Essence Cosmetic Bag
The little Mirror I picked up at Dischem for R12 - which was such a bargain and they have quite a few design choices available. I mentioned the Essence Make-Up bag in a post in 2016 HERE and it still looks perfect and can hold the few goodies I like to have with me at work. 
I have three lipstick choices in my bag at all times. I don't apply a liquid lipstick often , and I'm usually at work super early with a coffee in hand - so I will pick which product I use at work on most days. Non of these last extremely long - but they are all extremely hydrating which is great as my lips tend to dry from the millions of fans at work. The three colours in my bag is Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine in Mauve Over (which I reviewed HERE , Hean UltiMatte lip gloss in Milky Rose - which is such a flattering Rosy colour and extremely hydrating ( I got mine from GlamoreCosmetics ) and Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Dulce Caramelo. This is such a gorgeous nude colour with an almost metallic finish which I love - the lipstick is such a flattering colour. 

Small Nivea antiperspirant Invisible Black & White in Fresh Mint and Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser in Merry Berry Kiss
These two might seem like odd choices but I prefer to be smelling fresh and clean at work. Although I don't touch up on antiperspirant during work - with the last two weeks being so extremely hot in Johannesburg I do like to quickly freshen up before popping out. Nothing worse then someone smelling bad hey ? I'm obsessed with hand sanitisers - so I always use this a few times during the day - I prefer to only use hand creams once I get home after work and when popping in to drop Alex off after school. My aunt went on a trip to America over December and bought me back a bag full of these hand sanitisers - so I'm really happy to use them . 

These are my products I have with me at work at all times - what's your can't live without products at work ? Mine does include a big mug of coffee too . Yum !

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Favourite John Frieda Blonde Haircare Products

Hi guys. Happy Wednesday ! How has your week been so far ? I'm back at work now too, and Alex went back to school today so posting will be more regularly from today. 

Today I will be sharing my favourite John Frieda Blonde haircare products. I was blonde most of 2017 and I really discovered that blonde highlighted hair does take extra care . I am back to brunette hair again now (and will be sharing my favourite haircare products for my Brunette hair soon too. )

I was lucky enough to get send the John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner end September last year thanks to Rubybox - and did a full review with before and after pictures HERE  . 

This shampoo contains citrus and chamomile to gently reduce colour pigment in the hair so that blonde hair is gradually lightened for a sun-kissed look. It contains no ammonia or peroxide, but rather uses a natural lightening complex. This product is suitable for all shades of blonde and can be used with the matching conditioner and the lightening spray to achieve the best affect. I just used the shampoo and conditioner but I saw really amazing results . 

Another amazing range I picked up when Clicks was having 3-2 sale was the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Shampoo , Conditioner and Oil Elixir. This is another amazing range - I find the Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Range to be more hydrating (which is great for blonde hair ) and the Oil is perfect to combat frizzyness and shine to hair. I used the Oil Elixir as a blow-dry protection too to combat heat damage and it did an excellent job at that too. 

Again the scent isn't too strong and overpowering - and the combo of the product really made my hair super soft , silky and manageable everyday - which I love as my hair tends to get knotty pretty quickly too.  

If you are a brunette - I also did a review on the Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter range earlier last year HERE too. It's another great shampoo and conditioner I loved. 

These specific ranges retails for around R115,95 on Clicks - but keep an eye out for when they have their 3-2 specials . 

Have you tried any John Frieda haircare yet ??

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Current Nailcare Routine

Hi guys. Happy Tuesday . How has your week been ? Back at work already or only from today / next week ?? I have a meeting at work on Friday but I'll only be back back at work from next week.

My good friend Siobhan convinced me to do the whole #52weeknailchallenge this year (we did the last 4 themes together last year December ) and I decided to do a post on the current products I'm loving for doing my nails. These will include the basics... cuticle oil , base coat , top coat , polish remover and hand creams and hand sanitizers.  

So let me jump into my current favourites and why I love them :

Sorbet Condition Nail Polish Remover with Lavender Oil Acetone
I have mentioned my love for this nail polish remover before ... but this one has to be my favourite. The scent isn't that strong ( which I did find with the more floral ones in the range) yet it removes polish really quickly without drying out your nails too much. I really love the pump bottle on it too . This might be a little pricier than normal acetone / nail polish remover but since it's so hydrating yet effective this is still my favourite one by far. 
Treatment , Base Coat & Top Coat
Base Coat : Revlon Multi- Care Base & Top Coat
Even though this is a base & top coat - I only use it as a base coat and it's one of the best I've come across. This helps smooth out your nails , prevents yellowing and staining from darker polishes and provides a sticky base for your nail polishes. I really love the results this base coats give me.
Treatment : Treat & Boost Treatment from Revlon
This is a treatment you can use daily to help promote nail health - make your nails stronger and helps prevent splitting and peeling nails. I love using this as a boost when I feel my nails are getting a bit weaker from spending more time in the pool . I use this as a base coat on those days too - and I really find it helps my nails get stronger quickly.
Top Coat : Seche Vite Top Coat
This top coat needs no introduction - it's extremely quick drying (I mean like within a minute or two you can go back to life as normal ) and it provides such a shiny finish. I even find this top coat makes my nails feel stronger too as the finish does provide a thicker gel like topcoat for your nails. 

Revlon De-Aging Hand Cream SPF 10
This is another Summer favourite - especially since your hands age just as quickly as your face and so many of us forget to think about our hands too. I love how moisturising this hand cream is and that it includes an SPF - perfect for summer when I spend lots of time outdoors.
Avon Green Tea , Hand , Nail & Cuticle Cream
I love Avon hand creams - and this one lives next to my bed. The smell is incredible and smells fresh and clean. I love how the range includes hand creams that helps nails & cuticles too - since using this I have noticed it helps a lot with dry cuticles and making them look smoother and cared for.

Avon FootWorks Nail & Cuticle Serum :I have gotten lazy with cuticle care to be honest - some cuticle oils are just too greasy for summertime . I was so impressed after using this for a week I already have a back up. This cuticle oil has a light tea tree scent and helps really hydrate and heal dry crusty cuticles. It has a more gel like texture and absorbs quickly into your skin - and I might add the clean tea tree scent has made me a lot more keen to use this. I love how this makes my cuticles look hydrated and that I can use it right before Instagram photos without my nails looking greasy or oily.  If you lazy like me - this is the perfect product for you. 

Now onto the part that I enjoy the most - Hand Sanitizers. I love having these little cuties in my handbag / work bag / next to my desk and bed . These instantly sanitises your hands - making sure you don't spread germs everywhere. I love the Clicks range - but my aunt was in America recently and brought me back a few Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers. We don't always have the luxury to just stop and wash our hands when out and about - and I love how easy and convenient these hand sanitizers makes my life and keep unnecessary germs at bay. 

I will be doing a monthly rundown of the mani's I will be doing at the end of the month - so keep an eye out for that on the blog too. If you'd like to see the weekly look - feel free to give me a follow on social media .

What's your go to nail product at the moment ? Or favourite nail polish colour ??

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Justine Oil Control Range

Hi guys . First off ... Happy 2018 . I hope this will be a truly magical year for each and everyone of you guys. I hope you had a great Festive season and that you are ready to tackle the new year .

A while back I got sent a very cute PR pack from Avon / Justine. As you guys already know - it's no secret that it's one of my favourite brands . In the pack was the Justine Oil Control range - and this was perfect timing. 

As you know , I have dry dehydrated skin , but over December / January my skin freaks out and doesn't want to play along with my normal skincare. Which makes perfectly sense since it's extremely hot and humid . So I decided to give the range a try and see how it preforms - and boy oh boy was I surprised. My skin didn't freak out anymore , the range kept my skin matte , yet moisturised at the same time. I've been testing out the range for a few weeks now , and I can genuinely say this range has quickly became my new favourite. 

Justine Oil Control Face Wash
This is a gel face wash , which doesn't foam too much but ensures your skin gets nice and clean removing all the oil and impurities from your skin. In December with it being so hot - it means spending more time at the pool and chilling outside with family and friends - so I love that this face wash will make your skin squeaky clean.  

Justine Oil Control Clarifying Toner
This is such a great toner - and while I won't recommend drier skins use this more than once a day / every second day - I love how it helped my skin texture improve. Being out in the sun does give my skin a little more texture than normal - but this toner does such an amazing job at keeping that at bay. If you have oilier skin this will be such a magical product for you. 

Justine Oil Control Menthol Mud Mask
When I got this I knew I didn't really like mud masks as removing them is so much effort. This one is completely different. It doesn't dry as hard and can easily be wiped off with a face cloth - which for me is already a winner. This mask has a faint menthol smell and does such an amazing job at absorbing excess oil and helping spots heal faster . If I had to just choice one stand out product from this range it will be this for sure. 

Justine Oil Control Matte Effect Cream
This is a thicker cream - which I love for night time. It helps to improve and refine skin texture but still give a matte finish as well as help reduce oiliness and the appearance of blemishes. It does dry down matte quickly - so while I prefer richer night creams at night this took a while to get used too. You can use this cream in the morning too - but as I got sent one with an SPF 30 - I decided I would use that one in the mornings. 
Justine Oil Control Daily Moisturiser SPF 30
If you know me you know I use SPF daily - so I loved that the range has a moisturiser with SPF in . I use Justine SPF daily already - but this one helps keep you matte , hydrated and sun protected. It really helps keep your skin matte - so you don't look like a oily mess at the end of the day. 
Justine Oil Control Facial Scrub
This is such a great facial scrub - not too intense - yet just enough to slouch away dead skin cells. I only use a scrub about once a week , so in total I haven't used it that much - but it's a pretty decent scrub that helps with oil control - so I can clearly see this being magical for someone with an oilier skin .  
Justine Oil Control Spot Clearing Gel
Again - this was such a lifesaver for me. This really helps reduce a spot from a painful breakout to nothing in a few days. I don't get those painful breakouts a lot - but in this heat I do get one or two occasionally. For normal spots they basically make them disappear overnight. This is my second favourite product from the range - and another one I would recommend to you guys. 

Overall I'm really impressed with how amazing the range worked for my skin - and I will definitely recommend you check out this range . 

How was your first few days of 2018 ? Are you back at work yet or still on leave for a few more days ??

While this was sent as PR - all opinions of this product is my own.