Friday, 27 October 2017

Rimmel StayMatte Liquid Lipsticks

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How has YOUR week been so far ?

On Monday I was lucky enough to receive some new liquid matte lippies from Rimmel to test out and review for Rubybox. I was really excited to try out the range . These lippies are said to have a 12hour wear time , be kiss-proof , transfer proof and water resistant.

The range had quite a wide selection of shades - so there will be a perfect colour for every skin-tone and every lip colour you might need. There are 15 colours in the range - and I have 12 of the colours to share with you today and offer arm and lip swatches. The three colours in the collection that I don't have is a dark navy blue , a grey and a black. 

So before we jump into all the swatches - let's have a quick chat about the formula first. These lipsticks have a mousse like formula with a slight sweet scent that fades quickly. I mentioning this as I know some of you guys might be worried about the scent. The colours apply super smooth and easy without a lipliner ( there was one that didn't swatch quite as easily on the lips - but I will chat more about the colour when I show you guys the lip swatches ) The colours are indeed kiss-proof and water-proof . I don't completely agree with a 12 hour wear time - but it does last a good nine hours with drinking coffee, eating breakfast and lunch and a few snacks inbetween and still look amazing. The colour also fades away gracefully. But the best part of these lippies - they won't dry out your lips at all. I don't often wear matte long-lasting lipsticks as the tend to dry out my lips too much - but the formula on these lippies make them pretty comfortable to wear and won't leave your lips dry at all. I will me doing some mini videos on my social media channels to show you how kiss-proof and waterproof these lippies are in the next few days.

So let's jump into the swatches :

The colours from left to right : 
Latte To Go
Rose & Shine
Pink Blink
Pink Bliss

The colours from left to right :
Plum the Show
Coral Sass
Fire Starter

And onto the lip swatches :

Colours from left to right :
These are the more nude shades. As a huge fan of nude lip colours I'm pretty impressed with the wide range they have here.
1. Pink Bliss
2. Blush
3.Pink Blink
4. Rose & Shine
5. Be My Baby
6. Latte to Go 

Colours from left to right :
The brighter shades are pretty awesome too. My favourites here are Coral Sass and Heartbeat. Midnight was a little bit harder to work with since it's such a dark colour - so a word of warning if you pick that colour.
1. Mocha
2.Fire Starter
3. Coral Sass
4. Midnight
5. Plum the Show
6. Heartbeat.

These lippies will retail for R119,95 at Clicks and Dischem - Although I spotted them on the Foshini Beauty website too.

What is YOUR favourite everyday lipcolour ?

These lippies were sent for review by Rubybox. Opinions are all my own.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Tara & Jack Apple Stem Cell Shaker Mask & Sensitive Skin Mask Review

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ??

A little while back all the bloggers were raving about TheBeautifulStore Tara and Jack face masks - and at that stage I was pretty intrigued to try it out myself - but I had tons of sheet masks in my pile and let's be real - I'm a little lazy with masks that needs to be washed off , wiped off or peeled off. But I decided to bite the bullet and just try the masks.

When I ordered the Tara and Jack masks where buy any amount get the same amount free. So why not? That makes the masks a better deal since they are pricier (and with good reason - these masks are amazing ). I have in the meantime repurchased a million more of these masks and a few other variants too - but those I will do in a separate review soon. 

Tara & Jack Shaker Mask with Apple Stem Cells
Okay , I was sceptical about this masks the most. You get sent a little plastic container with your order - and you have to open the sachet, put the powder in , put in the recommended amount of water and shake the mask. This makes a green goo mask that you can then apply to the mask. And let me tell you they aren't stingy with the amount of product you get. This masks is enough for 3/4 uses according to the packet , but since you can store it in the fridge for up to ten days you get a lot more uses out of this. I think that's why this mask has secretly moved to my top favourite mask . This is the perfect everyday mask- helping to plump and smooth your skin. And the best part ? This mask you can keep on as long as you want. And it removes easily with a damp cloth . I used it every night for about 11 days (and then the mask was finished ) ... just to give you an idea how much product it does contain - and that included my mom trying it out too.  Overall - this mask is GREAT value for money and I do have quite a few backups in my mask stash. 

Tara and Jack Sensitive Skin Mask with Billberry Extract & Vitamin C
As I have sensitive skin , I sometimes need a boost for my skin when the weather gets too hot or cold as my skin will get dry and itchy super quickly. I was having an extremely rough week at the end of September - and this mask saved my skin and my sanity. This sachet provides enough product for 2 uses , but you don't mix everything together - you'll have to split the sachet contents into halve and only use that .  This mask requires being put on in a thicker layer if you want a easy peel off mask - but again there is more than enough product for doing so. This mask luckily peels off super easily - as I technically hate peel off masks as they always seem like a lot of effort. This one was super easy to remove - and my skin was so much less irritated , the redness calmed down and my skin was actually feeling like skin again. This is the perfect mask if you are/were sick and need to look human again . Or if your nose looks like Rudolf the Reindeer and you need to look like yourself again . Trust me - the mask alone will make your skin look normal again - and if your skin looks normal again you feel so much better. 

The BeautifulStore is running another promotion of buy any amount of masks and get the same amount free - so if you were in doubt if these masks where worth the investment  - pop over and check out the range HERE . They have free delivery anywhere in South Africa too - making these the perfect Christmas prezzies for friends or family - or if you are a mask addict like me - the perfect excuse to stock up on essentials.

Have a fantastic Monday guys !

Friday, 13 October 2017

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go! Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How has your week been ? Mine has been crazy busy but pretty good.

A little while back I got sent the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go! Blonder range from Rubybox to test out.  As I mentioned a million times here on the blog - I am going lighter this year - so I was excited to test out the John Frieda range.

This shampoo contains citrus and chamomile to gently reduce colour pigment in the hair so that blonde hair is gradually lightened for a sun-kissed look. It contains no ammonia or peroxide, but rather uses a natural lightening complex. This product is suitable for all shades of blonde and can be used with the matching conditioner and the lightening spray to achieve the best affect. The product is packaged in a tube, with a flip-top cap and has a yellow tint to indicate that it is part of the blondes range.

Now I do wash my hair almost daily (apart from the one or two dry shampoo days when I really overslept or Sundays ) . So for the last three/almost 4 weeks I have been using this range exclusively on my hair. (I do use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde High Impact Restoring Oil Elixir too ) I love that the smell isn't too strong as I hate extremely strong overpowering scents on my hair. The conditioner is light weight yet doesn't weigh the hair down. I love how the shampoo does make my hair look smoother and I do have less frizz and fly away hairs too (something that I always have ). 

Now the results won't be instant - but with continuous use I did find my hair looked better. I do have to use a toning shampoo once a week (but I skipped it for the test - and while I know I tone would have made my hair even blonder - I was pretty happy with the results as my hair does go brassy pretty quickly. )
This specific range retails for around R115,95 on Clicks - but keep an eye out for when they have their 3-2 specials . 

Have you tried John Frieda products before ?

 These products were sent for review by Rubybox - opinions are all my own

Monday, 9 October 2017

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? I took a little blogging break last week as I had the week of and Alex was on school holiday - so I decided to spend time with family and friends .

Today I'm sharing an awesome new mask from REN with you guys - when I got sent the mask earlier in September it came at the perfect time. The mask promises #skinzeninten - and I was keen to try out the claims.  With the season change and me adding a chemical defoliator to my skincare routine once a week , my skin was a little dry and sensitive. Thrown into the mix the daily day to day stress and not drinking enough water - my skin was dehydrated and over sensitive. 

The REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is specially developed with REN exclusive complex of original ingredients to combat over sensitivity , this rescue mask will calm , soothe and moisturise helping to instantly alleviate the key signs of sensitive skin. It will increase the skin ability to cope with stress , aid recovery and strengthen the protective moisture barrier - leading to the well being of your skin. 

Some of the symptoms of skin sensitivity is redness , irritation , itchiness , dryness and just overall lack luster skin. 

The mask has an amazing Roman Chamomile scent , which brings an overall calmness for body and mind. The mask also contains White Mushroom Extract that de-stresses the skin by blocking irritation and "pain" messages to the brain for an instant feeling of comfort. 

The mask comes in a pump ( which I love as it's super hygienic ) and is pretty easy to use. You can apply the mask up to three times a week or anytime your skin needs an urgent rescue. I apply a generous amount onto my skin , and leave on for about 10 minutes and remove with a washcloth. The mask leaves your skin smooth and cared for. 

It's available from tomorrow at selected Woolworths stores as well as REN online and retails for R620 for 50ml. 

How was YOUR weekend ? 

* This product was sent for review - opinions are all my own *