Wednesday, 25 May 2016

{REVIEW} Avon ColorTrend BB Cream All in One Beauty Balm & Picture Perfect Face Primer

Hi guys ! Happy at Wednesday . How has your week been so far ? Mine has been quite busy- but at least that's a good thing. 

I ordered these beauties a few weeks ago - and haven't put them down since. Let's be real - it was not like I needed another primer to add to my collection *rolls eyes* , and I decided I wanted to try their ColorTrend BB cream - I wanted something moisturising since I started using a Retinol serum that's making me have more normal to dry skin at this stage - but that's something for another post and decided to try this little gem from the range too. 
The ColorTrend BB Cream all in One Beauty Balm for me personally is such an amazing product - I even pick to use this on days I'm working and not just off days. The coverage is light to medium depending on what beauty tool you use to apply it . A beauty blender will give you a lighter coverage than a brush. My favourite brush to apply it with currently is the Swiitch Beauty F40 Cake It Baby! Foundation Brush - this gives me medium coverage. It doesn't cake on dry patches on your skin, goes on smoothly , lasts a good 10/11 hours on me , and it's pretty affordable option. Another bonus- this doesn't seem to turn a weird orange shade on you like some BB Creams tend to do. I do set my BB Cream with a powder. I would really recommend this for drier skin types - it's an awesome little BB Cream .

All downside - it only comes in three colours - Light / Light Medium and Medium. I am using the lightest option in the range - Light. 

The Avon ColorTrend primer I got a few weeks before I tried the BB cream. As you know - I'm a HUGE Primer junkie - If there is a new primer on the market  - I want to at least try it . And this one was no different. My favourite primer used to be the Benefits Porefessional as mentioned in my post HERE but that has changed since getting this little beauty. This primer has a velvety texture that applies easily to the skin. 

The primer does an AMAZING job of smoothing the skin out and filling pores. It gives you a smooth velvety canvas for your make-up . Even though the primer doesn't state it - it does a pretty decent job to keep your skin matte too . The only downside - I did notice that it didn't like all of my foundations - a more matte foundation did get a little cakey over this primer - but I love this for using with my BB Cream and my normal liquid foundations. 

Both of these products are currently retailing for R49,95 each - which is a great bargain if you are in the market for a new BB Cream or Primer.  

How has YOUR week been ? 

Monday, 23 May 2016

My Top 5 Cuticle Care Products to Survive Winter

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . Everyone have a great weekend ?

As winter is slowly approaching , our skin gets drier quicker - I know my cuticles get really dry with constant hand washing , the heaters being on in the office - and it being freezing most mornings. Today I will be sharing my Top 5 Cuticle Care products - because nothing ruins a manicure faster than dry crusty cuticles. Cuticle oils / creams also helps your manicure last better - as dry nails doesn't hold nail polish as well as hydrated nails. 

I have mentioned some other ones I love in previous posts too ... But these are the 5 I am reaching for the most lately. Some are old favourites - and some new discoveries. 

Essence Nair Care Serum
I have mentioned it in THIS post from two weeks ago , and as you can see my bottle has been used a lot since then . I love popping this little bottle of serum into my work bag, and while taking a coffee break pop some onto my cuticles and massage in. This absorbs SUPER quickly - and that's why I love using this one at work. You can continue typing or working with papers , and I have noticed a difference in how quickly my nails have been growing too. Again , this is super budget friendly - making this a huge bonus too. 

Sorbet Cuticle Repair 
This is another favourite get out the door without greasy cuticles cuticle treatment, Although this isn't nearly as hydrating as the next ones, they provide relief for dry sore cuticles. I love using this one before taking photo swatches - so my cuticles doesn't look dry or super greasy and shiny. The Sorbet nail care range is available from Clicks stores as well as Sorbet Salons. 

Justine Tissue Oil Cuticle Treatment
I'm on my third bottle since mentioning it in THIS post - and with good reason. This is the big daddy in hydrating and rescuing super dry damaged cuticles. This really helps get your dry cuticles back into shape - and you can really see results within a few days of using this cuticle treatment. 

Sorbet Cuticle Cream
This is one of the in house ranges Sorbet Salons sells. When I popped in to get the Mustard Soak earlier last month - I decided to try this little pot of cuticle cream too. The cream smells yummy - as it contains milk and honey. This cream is nice and nourishing and another great budget friendly option. 

LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
This is another one that made it into my previous post HERE - and for good reason. LUSH Lemony Flutter is a cult favourite and with good reason. This has a strong lemony smell and does an AMAZING job of fixing dry cuticles - but this one is a little greasy and takes a bit of time to absorb. I prefer to use this right before bedtime when I'm getting ready for bed. A tub of this cuticle butter will last you quite a while too . I bought my tub just before Christmas and I still have enough left to last me through winter. 

What is YOUR favourite Cuticle Care product to use ?? Do anything exciting this weekend ?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Reveal and Review - RetailBox Secret Box 24 - L'Anza ColorCare Range

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday !

RetailBox launched another of their awesome SecretBoxes about two weeks ago - and I was lucky enough to get a box - these babies sold out very quickly and with good reason . The RetailBox Secret Boxes are worth their weight in gold. The boxes include salon quality haircare products - at a really good price - and Box 24 was no different. 

The box retailed for R299 - but included 3 full sized L'Anza ColorCare products valued at a whopping R1050 ! That's a great bargain for a great range. I have been using the products for about two weeks now too , and so far I'm really impressed - I am including a mini review on each product down below.

A little background on my hair - I have coloured hair , that tends to get greasy at the roots very quickly. 

L'Anza ColorCare Shampoo 300 ml - R330

"L'Anza Healing Colour Care Shampoo will ensure your hair colour is extended 107% longer. It's mild formula is gentle on the hair and delicately lifts impurities , leaving it silky soft and shiny. Protect your hair and make sure your colour stays the way you want it with this L'Anza Healing Colour Care Shampoo. This great product has triple UV colour protection and will leave your hair with added colour brilliance. The product has a pH factor of 5.5 . Free of Sulfates , Parabens and Sodium Chloride "

I love the shampoo - it does a great job of cleaning my hair without stripping colour - which is a huge bonus. I sometimes feel shampoos made for colour treated hair doesn't always get your hair clean - and then my hair gets super greasy quickly. The shampoo does lather - some sulfate free shampoo's doesn't. And it leaves your hair with a great fresh floral smell.

L'Anza ColorCare Conditioner 250 ml - R330

"L'Anza Healing Colour Care Conditioner contains smoothing emollients that actually reduce external stress, enabling colour pigments to remain contained within your hair fibre. This amazing conditioner is enriched with the flower shield complex and triple UV protectors that will ensure your colour looks rich , vibrant and lasts up to 107% longer. This product has a pH factor of 5.5 ."

So .. Truth be told - I have never found a conditioner that works 100% with me. I like this one - but I don't love it. My hair gets weird with conditioner - and this one is sadly no different. Personally I only conditioner my hair once a week - if that much , but I did give this to my mom to try and she loved it. I found the conditioner a little bit too rich - especially with the L'Anza Magic Bullet. (Which I prefer to use ) 

L'Anza ColorCare Magic Bullet 200 ml - R390

"Leave in conditioner spray that offers colour protection and dangling . Lightweight mist so it won't weight down your hair. Flower Shield Complex and sunscreens protect colour treated hair. Good for all hair types with Thermal Protection up to 250' C."

I can sum up my thoughts about this product in one word - MAGICAL . I seriously can't imagine doing my hair without this magical spray . It does an amazing job at dangling my hair , leaves it with a nice scent , makes it look healthy and shiny - and it's an awesome heat protector. I mostly blow-dry my hair daily - and this has made my morning routine so much easier - I don't have to carefully comb my hair out before blow drying - I spray about 4 sprays - massage in and then comb through . I even want to say I'm sure this has reduced the time I spend blow drying my hair. When this bottle gets close to empty - I will be running to my computer to order another bottle from RetailBox - I love it that much . 

Overall - this was a pretty impressive box this round - RetailBox outdid itself again. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next box by following RetailBox on their social media -

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Have you tried this brand before ? Thoughts on using salon quality hair products ? A fan or do you prefer drugstore products ?

* Products were supplied by PR to review *

Monday, 16 May 2016

My picks from the New Essence Make-Up releases

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . Hope you had a great weekend . Mine was FREEZING cold. The cold rainy weather in Johannesburg was actually a nice change for me - I love cold weather.

As I mentioned last week, I got a few products from the new range releases a few weeks back. While it was tempting to just get everything - I was pretty good at restraining myself and only picked what I needed (or was most excited to try ) . As these are all permanent items to the range - there's no need to rush out and buy them all in one go. 

Essence Mosaic Blush Miss Floral Coral R57,95

So let's be real ... Lynette really didn't need anymore blush. I'm pretty sure I have enough blush to last me a lifetime (or two ). These mosaic blushes are sooooo gorgeous. There's a total of 4 colours in the range - and while I wanted to super pink one, I decided that I have more than enough pink blushes and decided on this gorgeous coral one instead.

These blushes are SUPER pigmented. Which is impressive (if you read my last post of the Essence blush I go , I would have read that I was a teeny bit disappointed at first. ) . So this one needs to be applied carefully - or you might end up looking like a clown. The colour is extremely flattering on me, giving the most gorgeous coral / peachy colour.  The blush lasts about a good 7/8 hours on me before fading gracefully. 

Essence Make-Up Bag (Cosmetic Pouch ) R36,95

I'm always on the look out for cute make-up bags for my work bag or handbag , and this one ticked all those marks. It's super affordable, cute and the words on it is so true for me - I love make-up. 

 Essence Mini Sheer Lipbalm Baby Girl R18,95

While this isn't quite new to Essence ( I've shown the red one quite a few times on the blog ) - this colour is new to the range. This is Essence Mini Sheer Lipbalm in Baby Girl. This is such a gorgeous pink colour. Essence really knows how to rock pink lip colours . The balm is quite moisturising , and gives a nice subtle hint of colour that lasts a good hour or two. I love this for more natural days, or when my lips are dry but I still want a hint of colour. 

Essence The Velvets Single Eyeshadows R38,95

Essence makes amazing single eyeshadows. My mom loves getting all the limited edition ones and every time Essence brings out new textures or shades, she always likes to try a few. I picked up these two for her . The Velvet range has a nice matte velvety finish . The two colours I got was Coral Me Maybe ( a gorgeous coral/peachy colour ) and You better Mauve, a stunning mauve colour. 

Essence Keep It Perfect Make-Up Fixing Spray R57,95

Stay gorgeous! Perfectly fixed with just one spray. The light, transparent formula of the make-up fixing spray lies on the make-up like a protective layer and ensures a long-lasting finish. It has a refreshing effect, won’t weigh down the skin and is fragrance-free. I love how this hasn't made my skin break out at all, but ensures that my make-up still looks amazing when I take it off at night. 

Essence Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base R47,95

The Essence I love Stage eyeshadow base is my all time favourite eyeshadow base ... so I had VERY high hopes for the more pink toned version. And I wasn't disappointed. This makes your eyeshadow stay on all day, but where the normal one gives a more nude base, this is perfect for making pink and purple eyeshadows pop (I'm sure other colours too... But I mostly stick to nudes / pink and purples) . I can't pick which one I like the most, but if you haven't tried the Essence eyeshadow bases, I would recommend running to an Essence counter and picking up this one. 

Essence Prettifying Lip Oil R38,95
Lip Oils are a HUGE trend at the moment - and not all of us can / or want to pay an insane amount to try them out. This was probably the item I was most excited about. I wanted to pick up all 3 in the range, but first wanted to check the pigmentation on them. They aren't very pigmented, but they offer protection for your lips, making them nice and soft. As I mentioned, I can't use any branded lipbalm , but these work great on my super sensitive lips.  I currently have Care For You, Honey next to my bed and wake up with nice moisturised lips every morning. 

Essence Glossy Stick Radiant Rose R38,95

This was another item I was super excited to try - I had to keep it to one . They have matte finishes (Velvet Stick Matte) and the Glossy Sticks. I decided on trying one of the glossy colours for my work make-up bag. This is super easy to use - although I wouldn't recommend it for a work bag as it will need sharpening - except if you carry a sharpener in your work bag. The colour pay-off is pretty decent - this stayed on my lips until lunchtime - making it last through a few cups of coffee before then, It also leaves a pretty stain on your lips. 

Have you tried any of the new releases ? And if you did which is YOUR favourite ?

Monday, 9 May 2016

{Review} - New Nail Product Releases from Essence

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was nice and relaxing. Had a great Mother's Day weekend with Alex .

Essence recently came out with a million new releases ( I will be sharing some of the new make-up releases later this week too ) and I couldn't wait to pick up a few of the new products to test out and review for you guys. This isn't even half of the new goodies they have, just a little taste of the products I picked up.  (Some of the products were PR samples I received a few months back too )

Essence Studio Nails Triple Care * R34,95
This is a great treatment that aims to repair , strenghten and care for your nails. So far I really like to use this treatment as a base coat before I apply my polish . It's really a great budget friendly nail treatment.
Essence Studio Nails Pro White Care R34,95
This is the treatment I can see myself reaching for most over winter time. This treatment claims to help whiten your nails , which is especially useful in the Autumn and Winter times when I mostly reach for darker , richer nail polishes , that sadly sometimes stains your nails. 
Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum R34.95
I've only had this beauty for about a week , but so far I can see results. Lately I've been super lazy with applying cuticle oils / cuticle butters, and my cuticles aren't in tip top shape. What I love about the serum, you apply this to your cuticles and nails, and it will help to moisturise dry nails and cuticles. My biggest pet peeve is sitting with greasy fingers, which is one of the main reasons why I haven't used my normal cuticle products. This absorbs really fast and isn't greasy at all. Now I can use this while typing a blog post, drinking a cup of coffee at work or scrolling through my Instagram at home. 

It has a small doe foot applicator , and the serum has a light gel like consistency .

Essence Quick and Easy Nail Polish Remover Pads R28,95
I really love the concept of this little pot - it contains 30 pre-soaked nail polish remover pads, making removing polish on the go easier. There are days where I get a chip in my nail polish at work and it will drive me insane , this makes removing your nail polish easier when you are out and about. They have a fruity smell (personally for me this has a little bit of a too sweet smell... But then again I'm very sensitive to scented products ) . I have tried them , and they are moisturising while removing your nail polish... I wouldn't recommend this for everyday use though - but for those little chipped polish emergencies or travelling - these are perfect. 

Essence I ❤️ Trends The Jellys Nail Polish - Amazonista R34,95
There are quite a few nail polishes in this range, but I decided to pick up one I can see myself using the most. As you know, I'm not a huge fan of jelly looking nail polishes, so this might seem like a weird choice for me. I must admit I mostly got this polish to try over some of the silver based base coat polishes I reviewed a little while back for different colour options - and I really love the results. The polish isn't completely opaque , but gives your nails a gorgeous glossy finish.

Below I used it over the CATRICE silver based base coat I reviewed HERE . I am in love with the results - and it's the main reason I will be picking up a few more. It does change the colour completely - but just look how gorgeous the end results is. 

Essence I ❤️ Trends The Darks Nail Polish - Happy New Green * R34,95
Again , even though I don't like green nail polishes, this is a winner in my books. It's dark and vampy and perfect for winter. It does dry down matte as shown in the swatch , but you could easily top coat this beauty and it will show the magical sparkle of this gorgeous green. Personally I prefer it matte. It's perfect for a edgy look. 
 Essence I ❤️ Trends The Pastels Nail Polish - Ice To Meet You * R34,95
This is a gorgeous icy white nail polish - but not stark white like a traditional white nail polish. This polish isn't that opaque, but has a nice soft finish , making this another great polish for Autumn , but it's perfect for Spring and Summer too. 
Essence I ❤️ Trends The Metals - Rebel at Heart R34,95
I'm a sucker for gorgeous grey nail polishes *swoon* and this one is not exception. It has the most gorgeous sparkly silver glitters in it , and is such an awesome colour. I can see myself reaching for this beauty a lot in the next few months. 
 Essence Effect Nail Polish Liquid Foil - The Pink Bang! * R34,95
This is a gorgeous foil nail polish . While I personally don't like foil polishes as everyday nail polish, these are extremely opaque and makes amazing stamping polishes. 

Essence Light Refelction Top Coat * R34,95
This is a Top Coat that's meant to give your nails a soap bubble effect. This top coat will give your nail polish a little bit of a different look (depending on the colour you are using it on ) and on darker colours it gives the most gorgeous duo -chrome effect . 

As I mentioned, these are just a few of the new releases, but I love how the range is expanding into exciting new items. Later this week I will be sharing some of the new make-up releases too - and trust me there are a few amazing products.

* Products marked was send as PR samples. 

How was YOUR weekend ?