Monday, 26 June 2017

June #SampleSunday Rundown

Hi guys. Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? 

Today I will be sharing the rundown of June's Sample Sunday series.  If you don't know already - I started a series on my social media channels last year where I share my thoughts on a sample I have in my collection every Sunday.  It's always fun for me to "test" a product and give my first impressions on it. So without too much chit chat let's jump into the products -  

Today's #SampleSunday is a fun magazine freebie. Cosmopolitan and Marie Clarie has three types of make-up brushes free this month. I got the foundation brush- but will collect the others too. These brushes are really soft and I use it to apply BB creams. There is a cute blending brush and blush brush in the range too

Today's #SampleSunday is another magazine freebie. This month the @essentialsmagsa has a pick from 5 different Essence Liquid Lipsticks. I love the range- since the formula is super hydrating and the colours gorgeous. The two colours I picked were 03 Almost Real (nude) and 01 Colour Party. I have reviewed this gorgeous range on the blog before - so if you spot the magazine pick up your copy for a gorgeous lippie.

Today's #SampleSunday is the Hask Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner. This is an amazing detox shampoo and conditioner combo that cleans the hair without stripping it and making it frizzy and dry. It also kept my hair cleaner and has an amazing citrus smell. Without a doubt- if you are in the market for a great purifying shampoo and conditioner- this one is fantastic. 

Today's #SampleSunday is the Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick in Softest Peony. This is a great nourishing and hydrating lipstick. The colour of this particular shade of pink is really soft and girly. The range has 12 colours from nudes to reds - so it's easy to find a shade you like.

I really enjoyed testing out this month's products  - do you like getting samples to test out too ?

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Favourite Winter Blushes

Hi guys. Happy Thursday . How has your week been ? Mine has been a little crazy - hence the lack of posts this week - but hopefully it will calm down a bit at work and I'll be posting a lot more from next week. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite Winter time blushes with you guys. In spring and summer time I gravitate towards more coral and bright pink blushes - but in winter time I like warmer tones , some berry tones as well as softer pinks. These are the seven blushes I reach for most this time of year (in no particular order  ) 

So let's jump into the blushes and why I love them .

Avon True Colour Blush Pearls  I've mentioned this blush in a New on My Beauty Desk post back in May - and this is absolutely one of my favourite everyday choices. There are three colours of pearls in the container and a more highlight one too - giving you such a unique flush of colour on your cheeks, I feel this is such a perfect flattering colour on me . You can build this blush quite nicely for something more subtle or build it's intensity to make it pop more. 

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Blush in You Sweeten My Day
This was sadly a limited edition blush a while back - but the colour is such a pretty Mauve pink tone when you swirl your brush in the blush and mix a little bit of both the hearts colours. Again - this was sadly limited edition but this is such a goodie that I'm glad I picked it up. The colour lasts about 4/5 hours on my skin but with a good primer and setting spray I can get about 6/7 hours wear time out of this blush. 
Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush in 10 Pink / Rose
This is such a gorgeous baby pink coloured blush . The blush was kind of hard in the beginning - so I did use a knife and gentle scraped the top layer off. The blush now has such a soft blendable baby pink colour - perfect if you want to look and feel extra girly the day and have soft pink cheeks . I love this blush in the Spring too for the same reason - it adds such a girly softness to your look. This blush is also a little more foolproof - so it's hard to use too much with this one. 

Revlon Powder Blush in Orchid 
This might look a little scarier in the pan - but fear not - this is a nice build able colour . You can either go for a nice subtle look or more intense by applying more colour. This is a gorgeous darker pink toned orchid colour .  Revlon blushes are pigmented - so if you would like a softer look just tap your brush lightly into the pan. They also last a long time on the skin - a bonus if you want to have a rosy look all day . There's quite a few colour options in the range too - so if you want a different colour there will be one to suit your taste. 

Catrice Defining Blush in Rose Royce
This Catrice blush is another great budget friendly option. This is a more rosier darker pink toned colour that's a great easy user friendly colour to use - as a little goes a long way. The formula is nice and buttery but the colour does have great staying power on the cheeks. The range also has a few great colours - so there should be one to suit every skin tone and taste. 

Revlon Insta- Blush in Berry Kiss
These Revlon Insta-Blush cream stick formula blushes are very easy to use and blend. You can use a beauty blender , your fingers or a soft dual fibre brush and blend it out evenly . The colour lasts until the end of the day on my skin ( I do set my foundation with powder after applying the blush ) - so of all the picks this is definitely the most long lasting blush of them all. The colour doesn't go patchy or fades super quickly - making this the perfect blush for functions or if you have drier skin. This is a darker toned berry colour - so I mostly pick this one if I know I'm wearing a little bit more heavier make-up . 

Revlon Insta- Blush in Nude Kiss As I mentioned above - this has such a fantastic formula. I love this colour - especially if I know I'm using a little bit of smokier colours on my eyes . The colour might look dark - but I do find using a little bit on a dual fibre brush gives me such a soft subtle look that I reach for it especially on cooler days. This can also easily fake the illusion of sculpted cheekbones - which is never a bad thing in my books. This colour lasts the whole day on me . 

And the swatches of the colours as mentioned in the post from left to right :

Avon Blush Pearls , Essence Sweeten My Day , Almay Smart Shade , Revlon Powder Blush , Catrice Defining Blush and Revlon Insta Blush Bery Kiss and Nude Kiss. 

What's your favourite colour blush in Winter ? Or your favourite Blush in general ?

Friday, 16 June 2017

Dove Invisible Dry & Original Antiperspirant Deodorant Review

Hi guys ! Happy Friday. Any exciting plans for your weekend ?

If you read my "New On My Beauty Desk" post last week , you would remember I was sent the Dove Original and Invisible Dry from Ruby box to test out. I was intrigued - as the Invisible Dry claims to not stain any coloured clothes - something I was a little sceptical about. The current brand I was using was one of the few ones I found to not leave nasty white marks on my darker clothes - so I was a little apprehensive to try out the brand. 

"Dove introduces its best ever antiperspirant with a new improved formula that promises 48 hour protection and superior care for your underarms."

I got sent the Original as well as the Invisible Dry range - that offer 48 hours of protection and care for your underarms . I have tried the Invisible Dry range for the past week and I can say it definitely doesn't leave any white marks on your clothes. I get dressed in 2 minutes in the morning ( with it being winter and having to get ready super fast for the school run) - so I can't sit around waiting for deodorant to dry first. 

This does offer a cooling sensation when prayed on - as well as great protection during the day. I like to smell fresh and clean during the day - and not have a antiperspirant that doesn't have a strong overpowering scent as I have mentioned quite a few times - I'm a little sensitive to extremely strong scents. If this lasts the 48 hours I won't know - as I like to shower everyday and reapply .  But it does a great job at keeping you clean and fresh . 

I will definitely repurchase this in the future .

Have you tried anything from the Dove Antiperspirant range ?? 

This product was sent for me to review - opinions are all my own. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

{Salon Review} Chique Skin & Hair Technologies in Kempton Park

Hi guys . Happy Wednesday . How has your week been so far ?  

A little while back GoBeauty asked me to review a salon close to me for their site as well as for the blog. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on Chique Skin & Hair Technologies as well as share how easy their site is to work .

I needed to book my appointment through the GoBeauty site ( you can add them on WeChat too - but since I don't have the app on my phone ) I went through the website. The site is pretty user friendly and easy to use - and the best part is you can book your treatment online and the salon will phone you within a few minutes to confirm the time and date. It's as easy as that. You can also read up reviews on the salon your interested in booking an appointment - that always helpful when you try out a new place, You can see the treatments on offer , the address and the prices all in one convenient step. The site is also very user friendly - and the best part is you can even buy some vouchers online to spoil a friend or loved one. 

The first salon I was assigned to review was the newly relocated Chique Skin & Hair Technologies in Kempton Park.  Offering most of your average Beauty Treatments, but with the emphasis to be a little more Medical with treatments like Permanent Hair Reduction, Radio Frequency-Treatments, Chemical Peels, Endermology, Fractional RF Treatments, Botox & Fillers, Spraytan, Tan Can, Microneedling, Needleless Mesotherapy and a lot more.

As my go to beauty treatment is usually getting my hair done (which being a full time working single mom is the only "treat" I do make time for ) I decided to get my hair highlighted (as I'm on a slow process of going blonder gradually ) and cut . I was welcomed by the staff and we moved to the hair salon part. I love how open and light the salon was - really a bonus to help you feel calm and relaxed. 

My lovely hairstylist for the day was Tine - she was extremely friendly and discussed in detail my plan for my hair (which I do find is always awesome - that way you and the stylist are on the same page and both of you know what you expect from the visit ) . If you even coloured / highlighted your hair - you know it's a little bit of a process - I love that you get offered some refreshments and magazines to make the wait a little more comfortable. 

Speaking of comfort - The salon has the most amazing chairs at their basins - A huge bonus if you ever get highlights and a toner afterwards. These amazing chairs has a massage option that they use while you are waiting for the toner - which might seem like something small - but trust me - I have had the worst neck pains after salon visits and this was so relaxing - as was the head massage from their apprentice Ingrid. 

I love how they were up to date with the latest trends as well as having a great knowledge on their retail products. I did mention a few of my hair concerns to Tine and she recommended some great products for me to try home in conjunction with some products I'm already using. 

Overall , I was extremely impressed with my treatment as well as the amazing service from my hairstylist and the salon. I will most certainly be returning (and trying out some new treatments ) in the future.

If you are in Kempton Park , and would like to check out this amazing salon - I can really guarantee you that you will leave happy and relaxed. 

Interested in booking an appointment ? 

What's your favourite beauty treatment to spoil yourself ?? I'm looking for some ideas .

* Even though I was sent to review the treatment - all opinions are my own *

Monday, 12 June 2017

New On My Beauty Desk

Hi guys . Happy Monday . How was YOUR weekend ??

Today I'm sharing some more new beauty goodies I picked up in the last two / three weeks that I will be trying out. I won't be giving a full review today - so if something catches your eye in this post and you would like a full review please let me know. 

Some products I have tried out a few times , but some I just opened.  So onto the products I will be sharing today

innisfree Sheet Masks in Black Berry , Shea Butter & Tea Tree
As you know I LOVE sheet masks - so I'm always open to try new brands. These ones are from a Korean brand. I bought mine from EyeSeeHueMakeUp and they retail for about R25 each. Which is pretty affordable. I like using sheetmasks about 2/3 times a week for a boost and a treat in my skincare routine. They have a few different varieties on the site - so I might pick up a few more before my July holiday. 

Skin Strategy Rejuvenating Face Mask
Did I mention I love sheet masks ?I love buying the Skin Strategy range in bulk at Dischem but decided to try out a different one from the Soothing and Calming one I usually pick up. This includes a two step routine - first sheet mask - after the time wipe off the serum and apply the Ceramides with Biogold cream. I have used this mask once already - I totally forgot to wipe off the serum afterwards - and because of the fruit acids it did sting a little the next day. That was totally user error on my part. This mask is cut longer to cover the neck - but it makes it a bit awkward as you HAVE to lie down them. I can't say I love these masks - but hopefully with a little trial and error I will make them work next time. 

Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder for All Skin Tones
Le sigh. You know how you sometimes run out of your favourite powder and then insist to buy seven others to see what else there is - just to realise how much you love that product in the first place ? This powder is absolute perfection for me - it helps set my make-up but doesn't dry out my skin or look cakey or powdery. I remember why I love this product so much - and I won't stray from this holy grail product ever again.
Dove Invisible Dry & Original Deodorants
I was sent these by Rubybox to test out and review on the blog . I haven't tried them yet - but I feel excited to try them. I wear darker clothes quite often - and I love the current one I use as it doesn't leave white marks on my clothes at all. I'm excited and nervous to try these and will report back on the range and the new improved formula soon.
Revlon Blushes in Orchid Charm , Nude Kiss & Berry Kiss Cream Blush
I was scent these blushes for my Winter Essentials posts I will be doing - so I will be playing with these cream blushes and powder blush and see how they preform. So warm I'm loving the cream sticks - they make blending blush so super easy and quick. My favourite colour (which is a surprise to me ) is the nude toned blush called Nude Kiss. 
Essence Liquid Lipstick in Almost Real
I have reviewed the range HERE but this was included as a magazine freebie and this is a new colour for me. (It's also featured as the #SampleSunday post of Sunday if you missed it ). I picked up the colour Colour Party too - but since it was one of the colours I reviewed in the first post I won't be mentioning it again. again - These are SUPER hydrating - although they don't last long they are pretty affordable. 

These are some of the new items I picked up - anything you would love a review on ? I will have a separate Clicks haul soon too - so keep an eye out for that .

Friday, 9 June 2017

May Favourites

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How has YOUR week been ?

Today I will be sharing my monthly favourites with you guys. There isn't too much picks - as I mostly kept to these products for most of the month - some of my favourites from April were still firm favourites - but to not sound too repetitive I tried not to mention the eyeshadows and Avon lipgloss again. (Although I still wore them most of the month )
So let's jump into the favourites :

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in Bright On ( nude) and Smile , Sparkle & Shine. 
As I mentioned last month - I was testing out some lipglosses and only mentioned the one - this month I'm mentioning these two gems. I rarely wear lipsticks in the last few months - and I blame it on finding some AMAZING hydrating lipglosses. Both glosses I got are from the Prisma Glow range The pink one has the most gorgeous blue toned shift that makes your teeth look whiter and your lips look plumper. The nude one goes with almost anything - and leaves your lips hydrated and smooth - and again looking plumper and healthier.
Carmien Revive Green Rooibos , Ginger & Chilli Tea
This might come as a HUGE shocker - as everyone that follows me or knows me know I LOVE coffee. If I could marry coffee - I would. But since picking up this tea - I fell in love. I have a few teas from the Carmien range - but this is hands down my favourite for cold and flu season. When my throat is sore or feeling scratchy - I make myself a cup of this tea and I do feel it helps me . The tea is a bit spicy - which I love .
Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy All Or Nothing & Cardshark polishes
Okay , I have a serious obsession with these gel nail polishes for the last few months - but May mostly consisted of me changing out these two colours . These polishes wear quite well on me and I get about 6/7 days of wear out of them - which for me at this stage is awesome. I HATE doing my nails when the weather gets colder . I feel the polishes really flatter my skin tone - and is just an all round awesome product for me.
Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water As I mentioned HERE - this is one of the most treasured skincare products in my routine. So much that I'm on my third big bottle already . I use this for mostly everything and anything. I use it after washing my face as a toner , make-up setting spray , after gym , on Alex's face after his sport practise at school - the possibilities are endless. I already re-purchased  - and I can see this being in my favourites for many months to come.
Avon Footworks Marine Foot Balm 
Most evening before bed I use this amazing foot balm, pop on some socks and wake up with amazingly soft smooth feet. I know with the colder months here in South Africa we tend to skip this until Spring and Summer time - but I want soft feet year round (who wouldn't ? ) . This balm is enriched with mineral rich sea salts - making sure your feet will be SUPER hydrated all year round. 

And that's all my monthly favourites for May, what was one of your favourite products for the month ?

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

May #SampleSunday Rundown

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday. How has your week been ? 

Today I will be sharing the rundown of May's Sample Sunday series.  If you don't know already - I started a series on my social media channels last year where I share my thoughts on a sample I have in my collection every Sunday.  It's always fun for me to "test" a product and give my first impressions on it. So without too much chit chat let's jump into the products - 

Today's #samplesunday is the Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick in Rose. This is a gorgeous cool dusty pink. Formula one wise these are super buttery with a nice almost lipgloss like finish. The lipstick is also very moisturising- it really feels like a gloss but with a lot more pigmentation. It will last a few hours, but won't survive eating. These are pretty affordable with a nice colour range, so can definitely recommend them.

Today's SampleSunday is the Benefit Specialist Instant Comeback Serum. 
This lightweight serum firms, plumps, lifts, and hydrates parched, tired skin and prevents the early signs of ageing with Tri-Radiance Complex. It's perfect for normal / combo or oily skin and absorbs quickly.

Today's #SampleSunday is the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - a great brightening eye cream to fade dark circles. This is a great eye cream to help fade dark circles & smooth fine lines. I have bought a mini of this eye cream and absolutely adore it- it really helps to lesson the fine lines underneath my eyes.

Today's #SampleSunday is the Greenland Papaya and Lemon Hand Cream. This is such an amazing fruity scented hydrating handcream. The papaya scent is most prominent- but this is really an amazingly scented handcream that's perfect for winter.

I really enjoyed testing out this month's products  - do you like getting samples to test out too ?

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I hope you will have a great Wednesday and a great week .

Monday, 5 June 2017

Collagen Lift 2 month Review and Progress

Hi guys . Happy Monday. How was your weekend ?

Over the last two months I've been using the Collagen Lift Paris supplement. While I don't have major wrinkles - I do believe prevention is better than cure. I have developed a few deeper lines especially in my neck area that I wasn't loving since turning 31, so when Rubybox was looking for some bloggers to test out the product I knew I had to give it a whirl. 

How Collagen Lift® Parisworks
Collagen helps to keep wrinkles at bay. But our collagen levels decrease with age, particularly during menopause. So it's no surprise that collagen is one of the most trusted anti-ageing ingredients for women.
Collagen is present in our food, but it is difficult to digest and absorb. The collagen I in Collagen Lift® Parisis broken down (hydrolysed) to make it very easy for the body to absorb. Hydrolysed collagen gives your body amino acids to use as building blocks. This boosts your skin's collagen metabolism from the inside by stimulating fibroblasts cells and elastin in the skin. And this slows down the skin's ageing process, significantly improving its elasticity, structure and appearance.
Collagen Lift® Parisis backed by 5 clinical trials done in France and Germany proving that hydrolysed collagen I can reduce wrinkles by up to 50%, increase the skin's hydration and elasticity, strengthen nails and reduce the visible effect of cellulite.
Collagen Lift® Parisis further enhanced with Mediterranean seaweed extract and Vitamin C making it a potent source of anti-ageing collagen, minerals and antioxidants.
By using Collagen Lift® Paris, women can now replenish lost collagen from within and without using external products which most often do not penetrate the skin deeply enough to be really effective. Now there is no need for injections or surgery which are both painful and invasive.
Collagen Lift® Pariscomes in a user-friendly ampule to be taken in the morning diluted in water or juice, packaged in a 4 weeks supply. The product itself is palatable and compared to most other face care regimes is a simple one-step process with incredible long lasting results.
I love drinking coffee first thing in the morning , so as this supplement requires an mostly empty stomach - I mixed this first thing in the morning before I showered and applied make-up. It's pretty simple to use - break open the ampule , mix into water or fruit juice ( I preferred water - the taste is actually pretty fruity ) and go on with your day as normal. 
Now , as I mentioned , I don't struggle with any deep wrinkles or lines , but I have noticed my skin is looking fresher and brighter over the course of the two My neck wrinkles are a lot less visible - as you can see from the before and after photos.  (On the left you can notice the deeper lines, on the right it is still visible but a lot smoother overall. )

Overall , if you are serious about anti ageing , and looking firmer and younger , I will most definitely recommend this product. It is pricey , at around  R740 for 1 months supply (28 ampoule's) - but luckily Clicks and Deschem both sell them - so I would recommend getting them from there for the points. This isn't a magic overnight treatment - but more if you are looking into a good anti ageing regime and willing to spend a little extra in the long run to look younger and firmer. 

Have you tried an anti ageing supplement ?

This product was sent for me to review - opinions are all my own.