Friday, 29 December 2017

Essence Advent Calendar 2017 Day 15 - 24

Hi guys. Happy Friday ! Hope you had a wonderful week . 

As promised - today I bring the last instalment of the goodies that was in my Essence 2017 Advent Calendar. I really enjoyed opening the calendar with Alex as he was opening his Lego one daily . This is the second year I got the calendar ( for those of you wondering it's totally different from the 2016 version ) . I will be getting another one next year if Essence decides to bring it to South Africa again. I really like the variety of products you get . So onto the last products. 

Essence Nail Polish in The Christmas Story
This is a dark vampy colour - although we have Summertime now - I will be keeping this one for Autumn time as I feel it would be perfect. I generally really like Essence nail polish so I'm sure this one will be a winner. 
Essence All About Matt! Fixing Powder
I have mention this powder before - it really is a favourite of mine. While I prefer loose powder for setting my make-up every morning this is the perfect on the go touch up powder . I go through quite a few of these so I'm glad to have a back up. 
Essence Mini Hand Cream
This is the perfect size to pop into your handbag . I generally love Essence hand creams so I'm sure this cute one will definitely come in handy .
Essence Nail Polish - Santa Clause's Surprise
Now let's get honest - if you know me - you know I hate red nail polish . But this is such a stunning colour. I have worn it in my mani HERE and it's still the mani I'm currently wearing. This is a pretty Festive colour and if you love red's you'll love this one. I'm pretty impressed with the wear time of this one too since red polish is very high maintenance. 
Essence Transparent Lipliner
I haven't used this one yet - but I think it's pretty nifty. I love that this won't alter the colour of your lipstick / lip product but will help with it not bleeding or feathering and making the colour wear better. Who doesn't love that ??
Essence Matt! Matt! Matt! Lippy in Red-y or Not ?
As with red nail polish - I'm not a huge fan of red lippies. This colour is really stunning and if you love red lippies I'm sure you'll love this one. And the packaging is super duper cute too !
Essence Hair Ties
Now secret confession time - I never buy hair ties. I prefer wearing my hair loose during the day - but these hair ties comes in pretty handy . I still use the ones we got in the calendar last year for when I use masks - when it's super hot or I go swimming . So I will definitely use these too. And just look how stunning they are ??
Nail Polish Hello Nice To Glitter You 
This was the second polish I used HERE . I really really love the tone of the gold polish. This colour is more of a white gold nail polish colour which I LOVE . I can see myself using this colour over and over again. 
Essence Finger & Bracelet Tattoos
I'm really excited to try this out. I really love the cute designs and I will use these for my New Years day look .
Pocket Brush with Mirror
This is such a cute product. I needed a new brush for my work bag - so this one will be perfect. And look how cute the rose gold colour is ??? I mean how cute ! I love that it has a mirror in too so you can pop on some gloss after checking your hair. 

I'm also doing a December Photo a Day challenge if you want to check it out. 

This will also be my last post on the blog for 2017 - but I'll be back to my normal posting schedule from next week Wednesday - so pop in them some new reviews. Thanks so much for everyone support in 2017 - I really appreciate every comment , like and email from you guys. This year was really yucky for me - so here's hoping everyone will have an amazing 2018 . I hope you guys stay safe if you celebrate or go out for New Years. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Essence Advent Calendar 2017 Day 8 - 14

Hi guys. Happy Wednesday.  Did everyone have a great Christmas ? I have been having a great time just relaxing at home with the kiddo .

I will be posting the one more advent calendar post a little later this week - but from next week all posts will be more regular again and I will be doing some great fun reviews for you guys. 2017 was a sucky year for me - so I'm optimistic that 2018 will be a much better year all round. 

So let's jump into the second week goodies from my Essence Advent Calendar. 

Essence Black Kajal Eyeliner
So fun fact - while I wear colourful eyeliner (colourful in my opinion is lavender ha ha ha ) or a nude or white - I don't wear black eyeliner at all. I'm really really trying to try more bold looks - so I'm excited to use this. I use these eyeliners for Halloween to draw any details Alex needs for his Halloween costume and it lasts amazingly well. 
Essence Dual Ended Sharpener
I love Essence sharpeners. They are some of the best and most affordable on the market. I have three now in total - as I love wearing Essence lippy sticks and their eyeliners and they need sharpening from time to time. So really happy to have another one for my handbag too. 
Essence Gift Tags
Essence really included some very cute goodies in this calendar. The set includes 10 gift tags that was perfect to pop onto gifts. 
Essence Balmy Kiss Lipbalm
I love the Balmy Kiss Lipbalms - my favourite colour to date is a light pink called Beauty on the Go! This is the Red version called treat me right. I love how these are such a light wash of colour but looks amazing on and provides great hydration. And this one smells like cherries. Yum ! I don't wear red but I can totally see myself reaching for this one. 
 Essence Eyebrow Tweezers
I mean how cute is the design on these ? And a pair of tweezers are always welcome. 
Essence Brown Eyebrow Pencil
Before I started using Benefit Eyebrow products - I was totally in love with these eyebrow pencils from Essence. And I still am. My hair is a lot darker now so I'm really excited to start using these again. I find them super easy to use and although they don't come with a spooly brush - I really love the formula and lasting power on these pencils. 
Essence Festive Nail Stickers
Can I say YES !!! How cute are these ? If you follow me on Instagram you might have seem quite a few designs the last four weeks where I used different Essence nail stickers - so these are always welcome in my collection. They sparkle up any nail design very easily and is perfect for those who struggle with nail art but want cute nails. 

I'm also doing a December Photo a Day challenge as well as the last 4 weeks of the 52WeeksNailChallenge over on my social media  - so if you want to take a look what I'm doing there. I'll be posting the last part of my calendar goodies on Friday so keep an eye out for that post. 

How was YOUR Christmas ??

Monday, 11 December 2017

Essence Advent Calendar 2017 Day 1 - 7

Hi guys. Happy Monday . Sorry for being MIA for a two almost three weeks on the blog . As I mentioned in my last post - my gran was in ICU and sadly she passed away the same day as my last post. I was extremely close to my gran - so  I needed a little break from social media and blogging - but I'm finally back again. 

This year I got another Essence Advent Calendar for myself and a Lego on for my son Alex. If you follow me on Instagram , Twitter or Facebook I open up and share the calendars every morning on there. Today I will share what the goodies was in the first week of my Essence calendar. 

If there is any of these products you want a review on - feel free to mention them in the comments below. 

Day 1 - Essence 4-1 Nail File : This is one of those cute 4-1 nail files that has a side to shorten , shape , smooth and polish your nails. I like the Festive designs on this - it's pretty cute for doing your nails this time of year. 
Day 2 - Essence I love Trend Nailpolish in Me & My Snowflake : Now if you know me - you know this is such a Lynette colour. I have worn this colour the whole of last week - and this colour lasts amazingly well on me . I did a mani on Instagram  HERE if you want to see the colour in action. But *swoon* this colour stole my heart. 
Day 3 - Essence Longlasting Lipstick in I am Yours ! : Firstly - how cute is the name. This is a gorgeous everyday colour I can see myself reaching for a lot. I love Essence lipsticks and I'm sure this one will be no different. 

Day 4 - Essence Mini Gift Bags : My gorgeous white background photo sadly dissapeared for some odd reason - but look how cute these mini gift bags are. I will be using them for gifts this year but they are sooo stunning.

Day 5 - Essence Heart Shaped Cosmetic Sponges : I've been eyeing these forever in my local Dischem - so I was really happy they were included in the calendar. I will most certainly use these heart shaped beauties soon. 
Day 6 - Essence I love Extreme Volume Mascara : I love Essence mascara - and this one is a favourite. I use the waterproof version in Summer - and this mascara stays on even after swimming and a long day in the sun. This version is just as amazing . And I am excited to have another one in my collection. 
Day 7 - Essence I love Nailpolish - Hohoho My Love
Again - how cute is the name. This is a bright fuchsia pink nail polish - I'm sure this will be another gorgeous colour. I will be sharing a swatch on Instagram and Twitter soon - so keep an eye out if you want to see this colour in action.

I'm also doing a December Photo a Day challenge as well as the last 4 weeks of the 52WeeksNailChallenge over on my social media  - so if you want to take a look what I'm doing there. 

How is YOUR December so far ??