Friday, 26 May 2017

Impulse True Love Make- Up Inspired Look

Hi guys . Happy Friday . Who else is excited it's weekend ? I had such a busy but fun and exciting week . 

Earlier this month I got some awesome Impulse fragrances from Rubybox with these pretty pastel make-up brushes - with a challenge to create a few fun make-up looks inspired by either Impulse True Love or Impulse Paris. I have a make-up look ready for both fragrances - but today I will share a little more on the Impulse True Love scent as well as my date night inspired make-up look.

Impulse True Love has such a soft girly scent - perfect for going out on a special date - be it dinner and a movie - coffee and chilling at home or a romantic dinner. The fragrance has notes of freesias , muguet and amber, The scent isn't overpowering strong - I feel this is such a perfect scent for everyday . (This scent is also guy friendly and won't be too strong of a scent to overpower your date)

"I hope to find a real love ....
That I will experience true romance .
True Love from Impulse inspires romantic reactions in men.
Live the real love you dreamed about "

The brushes were included to create a fun look -they are all very soft and did a great job of blending the shadows , combing my brows , and applying inner corner highlight. And they are pretty and pink and girly. A win all round. 

Now onto the products I used for my make-up look - some are trusty essentials I mentioned quite a few times on the blog and some are new favourites. When I have a date night I prefer to feel comfortable and have a more natural look .  ( My Paris inspired look will be a lot more glam and rock and roll inspired )

 As always , I started with my trusty Revlon Colorstay foundation for Normal / Dry skin. Again - I can't mention enough how much I love this foundation. I also love the Essence Colour Correcting concealer in Pastel Pink Wake Up effect - I love using this underneath the eyes to look more awake than I usually feel. Both of these are normal staples in my everyday routine. 
 Next up for eyes I use some of the Essence My Must Have Long lasting Eyeshadows. The three colours I used for my look is 04 Brownie Points (chocolate brown ) for my crease , 02 All I need all over my lid and 05 Cotton Candy in my Inner corner. Again I have mentioned these eyeshadows before on the blog too . 

I combed my brows , and applied Benefit Ka-Brow on my eyebrows. A little Essence Maximum Definition (one of my new favourite mascara's ) and the eyes were done and dusted. Again , no surprise here for picking some true favourites for this make-up look. 

Next up was Avon True Colour Blush Beads. I recently fell in love with this gorgeous blush - it gives such a perfect touch of colour to your cheeks without turning into a clown. The colour is super flattering on my skin and it leaves your skin with a gorgeous healthy looking glow. 

I've finished my look of with one of my favourite lipglosses - Avon Perfect Pout. I mentioned this lipgloss in my April favourites - and I feel it's perfect date night colour - it looks super girly and it's pretty hydrating - so will keep your lips smooth and kissable. And if the colour fades you can easily apply this without needing a mirror - making it foolproof too. 

Onto the finished make-up look : 

Have you tried any of the Impulse fragrances yet ? What's your favourite date night look ?

This product was sent for me to review - opinions are all my own. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Snow Themed Winter Mani

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? Mine was pretty chill - I think I might have had a super quiet weekend - but I really enjoyed all the chill time. 

Today I have another fun mani to share with you guys. I have 1more BornPrettyStore plate to use and share - and I saved this to use in the cooler months here . I really love how easy these plates are to pick up the designs - as I mentioned I do have a MoYou plates but they are much harder to pick up the images. The images picks up flawlessly and all look pretty amazing ( I will share some stamping images at the end of the post ) . The link to the plate is HERE

The colours I used :
Essence White on White
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Essence All That Greys Back To Black 
So onto the nail look - 

And some stamping swatches - so you can get a feel for the plate :

I really love the plates - these are pretty easy to use and I would 100% would recommend these plates - they are pretty awesome quality and pretty affordable. 

The Born Pretty store stocks tons of gorgeous water decals , so there will be one to suit every taste and occasion. I love how easy to use they are , and take virtually no effort at all to have gorgeous nail art. 

If you visit the Born Pretty Store and see something you like, why not use my coupon code for 10% off your order ... 

How has YOUR week been so far ? What is your favourite way to spice up your nails for a fun look? 
*The product was provided for me for review but any opinions about the product/s are my own*

Monday, 15 May 2017

Beautiful Earth Headache Relief

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great weekend. I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day weekend - and all the rainy chilly weather here in Johannesburg made it the perfect weekend to stay in and watch movies with my little guy.

As I mentioned in the Beautiful Earth Bath oil post , the company was kind enough to send me two full sized products to try out too. I feel somehow the picked the perfect products from their range for me to try out. Not a lot of people know this - but I suffer from headaches at least once or twice a week. Especially more in warmer weather.  So when a natural (non pill popping) product comes into my life I'm always willing to try it out. 

Again - one of the main things (except being Proudly South African) that impresses me from Beautiful Earth products is they are cruelty free and all their products are vegan too. 

I carry this little roller in my work bag and around with me at home. This helps amazingly well when I feel a headache starting - I use the roller and gently apply some on my temples and a little over my forehead. I do find when I use this when I feel a headache starting it helps immediately to offer relief. Even with a more intense headache this offers relief - especially when you apply some on the back of your neck too. (Some cooling eye pads helps too !) 

Some more info from their website :
Ease tension while helping to relive migraines and headaches. Uplifting and cooling pure Peppermint and soothing natural Lavender oils are blended with plant oils to deliver soothing pain relief. Roll-on to the back of the neck, temples, chest or affected area.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool*  (* Natural component of an essential oil)

This little roller contains 10ml and is even VERY budget friendly - retailing at R48 , 60. 
While I won't need a replacement just yet - I can see myself getting one as soon as this one runs out. My mom even tried it out and loves this little headache relief wonder .

How was YOUR weekend ?
This product was sent for me to review - opinions are all my own. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

New On My Beauty Desk

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How was your week ? Any exciting plans to spoil your Mom on Mothers day ?

Today I'm sharing a few new beauty goodies I picked up in the last two weeks that I will be trying out. I won't give a full review today - if something catches your eyes and you would like a full review - please let me know. 

Some products I have tried out a few times , but some I haven't even opened yet - so as I mentioned I won't be doing a full review on anything today. 

Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C & Platinum Lift Sheet Masks
I have tried MANY other sheet masks from this brand - but this will be the first time I will be trying these two variants. I'm looking into using more brightening and firming sheet masks lately - and I'm sure I will love these as I love most of the others in the range.
LA Girl Pro Coverage HD High Definition Long Wearing Illuminating Foundation in White
As it's pretty obvious - this shade won't match me ever - even if I turned into Snow White . This is a WHITE foundation , and I picked it up because my Body Shop Lighting Drops was finished and I wanted to try something new . I have mixed it into a few of my Summer foundations - and let me say - I'm blown away. I am seriously tempted to pick up my correct shade too - since mixing this into some foundations I already love those foundations improved 100%. The colour matches better and I feel the foundation lasts so much longer with this mixed in. This will most likely last me forever - but I might pick up another colour before I go away on vacation a little later this year so I can look perfect and glowy .

Lush Dirty Solid Perfume
I really like the Vanillary Solid perfume- and I love how easy it is to pop into your bag and take along to work or vacation. The Lush website described this scent as a spear minty scent - and I had to pick it up instantly. I don't like super girly fragrances - my allergies really can't stand them . I got this earlier this week so only wore it once. It does smell more masculine in my honest opinion - not like a desperate guy wearing too much cologne but I do find it smells like a really gorgeous guy. The scent does fade and smells more minty during the day - so I'm still on the fence if I love it or not. 

Avon True Colour Blush Beads
I have to say , it looked so gorgeous when I ordered it. When I got mine I was a little disappointed to see mine has more peachy beads than pink ones. There's peachy , pinky and highlight beads in the container and I do find this gives such a natural gorgeous flush with a soft natural glow. I love this and can see myself reaching for this a lot in the future. (I've been wearing it mostly daily for the last two weeks )

LA Girl Pro Powder Translucent
Okay , to be completely honest - I didn't want to spend a little more on the Yardley Translucent Loose powder which I love. This powder I do like but I don't love. It's a lot more drying than the Yardley one - but it does an amazing job of setting under my eyes and keeping me super matte during the day.

Lush Rainbow Fun
So I mostly picked this up for my son Alex and me - I love using Lush Bathbomb and like cutting them up to use in the bath , so I picked this up to share with Alex. It's a bath putty that can be used as a shampoo , body wash and bubble bath . Alex wants to build funky characters with the colours - and I will add them to my bath cocktails. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil for Face
I picked this up because I was impressed to read it contains Retinol. I'm using this mostly at night with a sunscreen moisturiser during the day as Retinol makes the skin more sensitive . This absorbs quickly - and has the traditional Cocoa Butter scent. I feel I need to try it out for a little longer before I can give my opinion - but I'm using it every night at this stage to still try out. 

These are some of the new items I picked up - anything you would love a review on ? All are pretty affordable (Under R180 ) so won't break the budget. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My Picks from the Essence Range Updates

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday - how has your week been so far ? Mine has been pretty good so far .

Essence did a whole new range update in April - new lipglosses , eyeshadows , mascaras - single eyeshadows , nail polishes , nail treatments , palettes - you name it they have it. While it was extremely tempting to grab everything to try out - I tried to be modest with my picks and only got a few of the new products to try out. Now keep in mind I will most likely be picking up some more goodies in the next few months and review them here too. 

Essence Growth Boosting Drops - R39,95
As I mentioned in my April Favourites post - these Growth boosting drops came into my life at the right time. My nails are extremely dry and weak after a hectic strong dose of cortisone to get better in March - and my nails ended up looking horrible. So far this impressed me and I use it daily by massaging into my cuticles and nails . This is a thin serum-y type balm It's also pretty affordable too .

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in Smile , Sparkle , Shine - R44,95 I love all Essence lipglosses - and they make amazing light coloured pigmented lipglosses. This one is no exception. This is a gorgeous prismatic milky pink colour - it has a gorgeous blue toned shift that makes your teeth look whiter and your lips fuller. This colour is just amazing. The lipglosses are really moisturising - so not only will hey make your lips look gorgeous - they will keep them soft , hydrated and kissable too. 

Essence My Must Haves Palette
Essence also bought out to make it yourself palettes (the 4 pan size one like I have and a 8 pan one too) . As I only decided I would pick four eyeshadow colours this round - I decided to go with the 4 pan palette. It does click close properly - and is quite sturdy. The eyeshadows / blushes / lip products / powders / highlighters / bronzer does click in and out pretty easily - so you can swop around your collection as much as you like.

Empty 4-colour palette around R34,95
Empty 8-colour palette around R44,95
Each of the 32 individual colours around R34,95

Essence My Must Have Longlasting Eyeshadows
They have a HUGE range of colours - these are just the four colours I picked. These were also featured in my April favourites and for good reason - the shadows are pigmented and buttery and on my eyes (with an eyeshadow primer) last the whole day. I picked 4 colours - two brown colours and 2 pinky colours. I will share swatches of all four of the ones I got.

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in Bright On -R44,95 
Again - Essence lipglosses are always a winner. This is a gorgeous nude lipgloss (no surprise there) that's part of the Prismatic range - these also has a colour swift . Again this lipgloss is really hydrating and pigmented - so if your looking for a comfortable glossy pout I would highly recommend them. The range also includes bright colours as well as normal colours too - but the prisma range has really caught my eye the most.

Essence Colour Correcting Concealer - Pastel Pink Wake Up Effect - R54,95

I have to admit - in store when I was checking out the display I swatched these with a bit of a meh ... let's just see how they look attitude - but boy or boy this colour really surprised me. When I use this underneath my eyes I look bright and awake - and got a few compliments about how bright and airy I look. I use this underneath my eyes and then set with a translucent powder - and it really does brighten up your complexion. I would really recommend this if you are looking for a concealer to brighten up your complexion - I doubt these will cover dark under eye circles . 

Have you guys picked up anything from the new range updates ? Which product do you think you might be most interested in ?

Monday, 8 May 2017

April Favourites

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ?Mine was pretty chill and relaxing with too much good food and chilling - so in other words the perfect weekend. 

Today I will be sharing my monthly favourites with you guys. There isn't too much picks - as I mostly sticked with these products for most of the month . 

So let's jump into the favourites :

 Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

As I mentioned HERE - this is one of the most treasured skincare products in my routine. So much that I;m on my second big bottle already . I use this for mostly everything and anything. I use it after washing my face as a toner , make-up setting spray , after gym , on Alex's face after his sport practise at school - the possibilities are endless. I already re-purchased my third big bottle - and I can see this being in my favourites for many months to come. 

Revlon Colorstay Make0-up for Normal / Dry Skin in Nude

I've mentioned it in a post HERE - but this has been my most reached for foundation the last month. The foundation overs natural coverage but evens out my skin tone . The foundation doesn't emphasise my dry spots on my skin - and makes my skin look healthy and pretty awesome in general. 

Avon Ultra Glaze Wear Lipgloss in Perfect Pout
There was mostly two glosses I've been reaching for non stop in the month of April - but this one wins hands down as the other one only came into my life middle of April. This gloss was the only gloss / lip product I took away on vacation with me . This is a gorgeous milky baby pink lipgloss - and I was blown away by how gorgeously pigmented it was . The lipgloss is hydrating and provides gorgeous colour payoff - I'm seriously obsessed with this colour and that's one of the main reasons it already looks sad and empty (I've got back-ups on order already ...) 

Essence My Must Haves Eyeshadow in All I Need and Brownie' Licious

I will be doing a post on some of the new Essence releases I picked up - but these two colours blew me away. These colours last forever on my eyes and I must admit - I try not to just use these two colours daily. The pans are HUGE and they are pretty affordable. The colours are super buttery and blends like a dream - I pop Brownie'Licious in my crease (the darker shade) and All I need all over the eye - and wow ! It's the best look in the world . 

Essence No Make Up Look Nailpolish Powdery Rose in And Essence Grow Boosting Drops
I've mentioned the Essence polish before in a few posts HERE  but this nail polish is truly magical. Yes it's super light - but this polish dries down to a matte finish and lasts FOREVER on your nails. My nails have been very weak after doing some hectic cortisone meds for my cold when I was sick in March , and this is one of the only polishes that doesn't peel on me instantly at this stage.

Along with the polish - I've been using the new Essence Growth Boosting Drops which I will also mention in my new Essence product haul soon , but this has helped my sad nails a lot too. It's a watery serum that you drop onto your nail bed / cuticle area and it claims to help your nails grow faster and stronger. I have noticed my nails have been feeling stronger again slowly , so I can see myself buying a new bottle once this one is finished. 

And that's all my monthly favourites for April , what was one of your favourite products for the month ?

Have a great Monday guys !

Monday, 1 May 2017

April Sample Sunday Rundown

Hi guys. Happy Monday. How is your long weekend so far ? I was one of the unlucky ones that still had to work on Friday and Saturday , but I'm enjoying spending some extra time with my kiddo and family  .

If you don't know - I started a series on my social media channels last year where I share my thoughts on a sample I have in my collection every Sunday.  It's always fun for me to "test" a product and give my first impressions on it. Some samples I do get quite a few uses out of - and I got some awesome samples to share with you guys in April.  So without too much chit chat let's jump into the products - 

Today's #SampleSunday is the Benefit Gimme Brow- a brow volumizing fiber gel. I already love the Benifit Ka-Brow so I was excited to try this out. This brush in fiber gel adheres to the skin and brow hairs for fuller looking brows. The brush is super small so its easy to use and very user friendly. While I love sculpting my brows with the Ka-Brow this comes in very very handy for days when I need to get ready quickly or a minimal make-up day so will mostly stock up on this next time I order from Red Square ,

Today's #SampleSunday is the @beautifulearthza Facial Cleanser. This cleanser smells so citrusy and fresh - but in combination of smelling amazing it does a great job of cleansing your skin without being drying. This cleanse has decongesting benefits of Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oil as they gently clean your skin. Antioxidants from Grapefruit and Evening Primrose Oils, combined with conditioning Kigelia and Aloe Vera, work to remove impurities, leaving skin balanced and deeply cleansed. I will be buying the full size of this amazing product once I get home from holiday. Two more awesome facts about @beautifulearthza - they are cruelty free & Proudly South African .

Today's  #SampleSunday is the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. This brow pencil has a pointed end that defines as well as a wide tip that instantly fills brows. While I love Benefit brow products- I didn't find this one mind blowing amazing. The pencil feels a little wide for my liking. If you love using pencil brow products- You might love this one. I will rather stick to the Ka-Brow and Gimme Brow products for myself personally.

Today's #SampleSunday is Avon Rare Amethyst Eau de Parfum. This is such a sophisticated and sensual perfume with notes of passionate plum and mysterious voilet and rich sandalwood. This is such a sexy scent- perfect for a date night. I already own the full size and this is my go to scent. The scent lasts on my skin for a good 7/8 hours too. I love how this is such an amazing perfume but still budget friendly.

I really enjoyed testing out this month's products  - do you like getting samples to test out too ?

Remember to give me a follow if you would like to stay updated with me and get a better glimpse of my life  :

I hope you will have a great week ahead - anyone have any exciting plans for today ?