Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pink Studded Foil Mani

Hi guys. Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing , and I'm finally starting to get over my cold I've been having.

So onto my nails. Sinful Colours Pink Forever has been in my untried for quite some time now... (Which is a shocking since its such a gorgeous colour ! ) and I decided it was about time it came out for a mani. I got some Sila nail foils a while back too , and decided to give it a try too . And so this pink and black foil studded mani was born . 

So onto the pics -

For this mani I used -
Pinky - Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Ring and Middle - Sinful Colors Pink Forever, Sila Pink Distressed Nail Foils and black square studs
Index and Thumb - Sinful Colors Pink Forever. 

I love how this was pink, edgy and girly all in one mani . 

How has your week been so far ?? 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Revlon Shadowlink Eyeshadows

Hi guys ! Hope your had a great week and have fun plans for the long weekend ahead. 

Today I'm sharing some of the colours of the Revlon Shadow links . I love the concept of mixing and matching your colours to make your own palette. These colours are all sold individually . There are 30 shades and 4 finishes to chose from.. Something to suit everyone .

For my three mini palette's , I clicked together the colours on how I would wear them. 

First up is the Browns... 

The colours from left to right -
Bone (Matte)
Chocolate (Matte)
Gunmetal (Satin)
Onyx (Pearl)

And the swatches -

Some pinks ...
Petal (Satin)
Lilac (Pearl)
Candy (Pearl)
Periwinkle (Pearl )

And the swatches... Surprisingly .. These 4 together are GORGEOUS !!! I'm not a huge sparkly eyeshadow fan, but I'm convinced these were made for me. 

Some greens... 
Lime (Satin)
Seafoam (Satin)
Peacock (Pearl )
Gold (Metallic )

And the swatches -

I'm just including the 4 finishes for you guys too.

Matte - No sparkle or shine, just a flat colour
Satin - Finishes are true to its name and mimics the look of satin fabric. It produces a very subtle sheen rather than a frost effect.
Pearl - These are the most shimmery finishes and have fine sparkles in them. 
Metallic - Finishes are also true to its name. It has an intense metallic sheen and closely resembles actual metals .. Think foil... gold.. Silver and copper. 

Some expert tips from the Revlon website when choosing your shades .

1. Pick your FAVOURITE shade
2. Add any shade from the same shade family
3. Add a light neutral to highlight
4.Plus a deep neutral shade to define
5. Voila ! Perfect Palette. 

These Revlon Shadow links are available individually and sell for R45 each . I love the pigmentation in these and since you chose the colours you like, your palette can be as big or small as you want .. And you are guaranteed you love all the colours you picked. 

  *This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wise up on Beauty Treatments!

Wise up on beauty! 

Hi guys !

Don't you just hate booking an appointment at a salon for a treatment and then being completely let down  by it ?? Then you'll love the Pretty Smart website.. Were YOU can rate and review salons you have been too , or first read up on a salon you might be interested in going to and read what other ladies have said about it before spending your hard earned money. They even have a top rated Salon section , were you can see which salons in your area is the cream of the crop , and which salons to stay VERY far away from.

The site will even be able to help you before booking treatments for a friend or mom where you can look up great deals in THEIR area.. How awesome is that ?? 

What Pretty Smart offers on their site : 

They list salons , spa's nail bars and aesthetic clinics. They list their telephone number, address and price-list.. And if they offer specials that too ! 

They have a easy to navigate site where you can search for a salon in your area or via the treatment you are looking for.  As easy as that !!

If you have been to any salons lately and had a good (or even a bad ) experience, you should pop into their website and write a little review.

They’ve got a great incentive for you to submit your reviews: PrettySmart gives away a R500 spa voucher to one reviewer every week, so it’s definitely worthwhile submitting your review (not to mention how you can help others making their choice of which spa or salon to visit.) 

Some more interesting beauty facts  from their Press Release :
Unlike the UK, Australia and the USA, South Africa has no laws which specifically govern the beauty salons*.  This makes the salon and spa industry the least-legislated industry in the country.  With no laws regulating the ownership, training, equipment or hygiene standards, how safe are our beauty salons?   Particularly considering the increasing use of lasers and chemicals.   Some independent governing bodies such as the S.A. SPA  Association make a considerable effort to maintain high standards in the beauty industry but as with any self-governing body, compliance with their guidelines is voluntary. 

Risks arent only limited to specialised treatments; skin, nail and eye infections are easily transmitted by towels, nail files or tweezers which arent properly sterilised after every client.  Many people assume they have picked up athletes foot or a toe-nail infection in the gym but are far more likely to have been infected by a dirty foot-spa or nail file used during a pedicure.  The tabloid media went crazy when Paula Abdul sued her celebrity nail salon  some years ago for a fungal infection that she picked up there from an unsanitised nail file.  And more recently Tyra Banks interviewed some guests on her show who had contracted a nasty bacterial skin infection after a fish pedicure.  

Despite being ignored by legislation, the salon and spa industry is a huge employment sector for women in South Africa and one of the few sectors where women are the majority of the workforce.  Most beauty salons are women-owned small businesses and deserve our support.  Amongst the bigger chains, female employees are in the majority.  There are other success stories such as the Mangwanani Spa Group which offers their own training and development for previously disadvantaged women, rather than employing qualified therapists.  Mangwanani now employs over 800 people of which 95% are previously disadvantaged**  
*Occupational Health and Safety Act   85 of 1993, Amended 181 of 1993.  Available here:
(The beauty industry falls under widely … laws such as the Although this act was more likely to have been written to protect the public and employees in industries where heavy machinery is used, Sections 9 and 10 of the act are general enough to cover the beauty industry and legislate that persons … are not exposed to hazards” and that articles and substances are … safe and without risks to health when properly used.)
**Mangwani website

So pop into the site , and get reviewing !


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lilac Skittlette

Hi guys ! Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend and had tons of chocolate eggs and bunnies. :)  My week has been super busy ... And getting a new carpet in Alex's room today so looking forward to see the end results. 

Today I'm sharing the gorgeous mani I did when my Aunt graduated and received her Bachelor of Education with Honours earlier this month. I did post a little sneak peek on the day HERE on Instagram too. 

I really loved the stamping so much, I might do a full stamping mani in the future. But onto the nails - 

For the mani I used :
Pinky - China Glaze Glistening Snow
Ring - Tip Top Black Forest stamped with China Glaze Adore (And my MoYou plate)
Middle, Pointer and thumb - Avon Nail Wear Pro Loving Lavender

I loved that this mani was girly and classy at the same time . 

How has your week been so far ?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

PRESS RELEASE : Going Scatty with Whitehouse


Whitehouse has a large range of scatter cushions in a variety of colours, designs, shapes and textures.
The simplest ,easiest and most pocket friendly  way to revamp a spare room or that sad looking sofa in your lounge, is by adding scatter cushions.
Head on down to your nearest Whitehouse store to see their latest range of scatter cushions.
Prices starting from R149.95
Whitehouse offers you exciting ranges for just about any room in your home.
Visit to find the store closest to you.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Press Release : White Glo

Hi guys ! Hope you all had an amazing long weekend. I had an amazing one , and will be back to my normal blogging schedule this week .. Yeah ! 
I'm sharing another press release with you guys, as I feel a great smile is just as important as any beauty products you might use... And it's one of the first things people notice too .

24 hour smile protection - no matter what you drink
A new way of looking after your teeth with White Glo’s Range of Toothpastes

We all tailor our beauty regimes to the specific needs of our skin dependent on our skin type, the time of day and changing weather conditions. We wouldn’t use the same moisturiser on different skin types, so why do we only use one toothpaste?

White Glo, Australia’s leading whitening toothpaste brand, has jumped to our aid and is introducing a new oral care beauty regime. Here are 3 revolutionary toothpastes that will change the way we brush our teeth forever. The toothpastes are specially formulated to address the distinctly different oral care needs

Coffee and Tea Lovers - White Glo’s Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula: 
Removes stains caused by coffee and tea consumption over time (R42.99)
Smokers – White Glo’s Smokers Formula: 
specifically formulated to remove tobacco stains and help eliminate smokers’ breath (R42.99)
People with Sensitive Teeth – White Glo’s Sensitive Forte specially formulated to be suitable for sensitive teeth and gums(R42.99)

So join the oral care revolution and say hello to whiter, shinier and healthier teeth.

About White Glo
Today there are no excuses for not smiling your brightest smile! You too can achieve a whiter brighter smile with the White Glo Oral Care Range.
White Glo products have been specially formulated to lifts stains on teeth enamel. Having white teeth helps improve confidence and makes you look younger and more attractive so “Get the Glo” with White Glo.
The range was originally developed exclusively for actors and models and was rated most effective by a leading independent consumer trial. White Glo gives consumers the best oral care products through market leading innovation and advanced research. Today White Glo is one of the market leaders in Australia’s whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening markets.
Experience the difference and get the brilliant white smile you want by using one of the premium products from the White Glo Oral Care Range.
Products are available nationwide from Checkers, Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers and other leading retail stores. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Marc Anthony Grunge Hair

grunge hair

We love what we see on the runways for this season; the austere lines give so many options for hair! We are entranced by both the dark femme fatale and the new grunge girl.  Messy polished. Our muses for this season: a legendary young Catherine Deneuve and infamous Courtney Love.
The trick is getting the perfect set with an ‘I don’t care’ finish.  The size of the curling iron is important; the larger the iron the more sophisticated the look. Hair should be left less than perfect to keep it current.


Set’ the look… We like to use a tiny bit of Dream Waves Beach Spray (R129.99) as a setting lotion. Once hair is dry, take the correct size of iron and begin to ‘set’ the hair. Roll it up into the iron and once warm ‘slide’ the iron out carefully (leaving the roll in place) and pin it into place.
Dream waves beach spray
Mix it up… Don’t match the size of each section. Curling differently sized sections of hair creates a modern type of movement.  Big and loose sections are important to getting a natural sense of sexy. Once done, let it cool and before removing the pins give it a light spray with Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray(R139.95).
Volume Shine Hairspray
Fingers for grunge. Brush for glam… Remove the pins and add a bit of Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment(R114.95) to your fingertips. Flip hair over and comb through with your fingertips. The oil keeps the hair full of shine and helps to resist tangles. Flip back and take a look. Leaving it like this creates a modern day grunge that is a bit more polished than back in the day, while brushing it out makes it all modern, glam fatale girl.
Oil of Morroco Argan Oil Treatment
 Marc Anthony products are available nationwide from Dis-Chem stores and selected Pick n Pay & Checkers stores

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Eggs and Dots mani

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a fantastic week so far.. Mine hasn't been to bad. Just a busy day ahead baking some goodies for Alex's Easter party tomorrow at school. 

I decided to do a fun mani that would match the cupcakes I'm baking , and get myself into the Easter spirit. I love using pastel polishes and this was another reason to pull them out and use them too .

So onto the photos -

For this mani I used :
Pinky - Tip Top Fairy Dust
Ring Finger - Tip Top Lemon Fuel
Middle - Tip Top Exite-Mint Candyland duo , the grass Tip Top We have an Agreen-mint and the eggs Tip Top Marshmallow Bunny (hee hee hee how convenient is the name for Easter) and Tip Top Nail Addict Wild Thing.
All the dots are done with OPI Alpine Snow. 

How has YOUR week been so far ? Do you love wearing pastel polishes for Easter ??

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Win a R2500 fashion voucher with Mr Price

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a great week so far .

Today I'm sharing a fun competition with you (because who doesn't like winning something! ) - Mr Price is having a great competition where YOU could win a R2500 Fashion voucher to spend on the latest fashion from them ! How awesome is that ?? From shoes, to jackets and jeans and accessories , they have everything you could ever need .

All you have to do is follow THIS link that will take you to the competition page, fill in your details and cross your fingers... As EASY as that . So what are you waiting for, a great shopping experience could be yours really soon . 

If you don't win , you can always check out their online store for the latest fashion trends , at amazing prices. Mr Price does ship internationally too , so all your international ladies are welcome to check out their site and shop too. 

Have a lovely Tuesday !

Monday, 14 April 2014

Revlon Evening Opulance Collection Nail Polishes

Hi guys . Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing , just wish it was a little longer. 

So today I'm sharing the 4 new Gucci Westman collaboration Evening Opulence shades. These are all perfect for Autumn and Winter season . I have a few other goodies from this collection too that I will be reviewing on here too . 

So onto the swatches of these 4 beauties -

Devine :
Devine is a gorgeous burgundy with flashes of red shimmer throughout . I used two coats in the photo above. I LOVE these types of colours especially for the colder seasons.
Elusive :
I was, naturally, most excited to try the glitter polish in this collection, Elusive. It looked to-die-for in the bottle. Deep teal glitters in a black base? Yes, please! It’s like staring into a teal-starred galaxy. I used two coats in the photos above. It does dry a little matte, so I did use top coat in the photos above .
Rich :
Rich is a gorgeous metallic shimmer grey-green colour. For me this colour is just PERFECTION ! I can't even tell you how much I wore this since I got this beauty . I used two coats in the photos above. 
Seductive :
This is a gorgeous purple merlot colour that looks nearly black. I was actually surprised about how much I liked this colour on the nail, it's really stunning.  This is a jelly finish nail polish, so for this one I needed to use three coats . 

All these gorgeous polishes are available now from Revlon counters. I would without a doubt recommend Rich and Elusive, these are hands down my favourite from this collection.

Which one of these shades stood out to you ?? 

                                                            *This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*