Wednesday, 29 April 2015

3 frightening facts about free radicals and oxidation in your body



You’ve no doubt heard of free radicals before. And you’ve probably been told to consume this or apply that to fight them in your body. But what are free radicals, exactly? Where do they come from? Why am I being warned against them?

Good questions, but before we can answer them, you need to know a little bit about your world, your body and how you got here.

It’s a miracle that life evolved on our planet in the first place, but you as an individual are not here by chance, you’re a survivor: you are able to read this right now because select genes were passed on from the beginning of time, through history, down your family lineage and finally to you. Without those genes, you would probably not be able to live on earth today. But not everything your genes learned to use is totally safe.

Your genetic heritage means your body learned to use forces in nature to its advantage. Sunlight, for example, is essential to life: your body has evolved to use it. But, at the same time, the sun, in the long run, burns and damages your skin, causes mutations in DNA and even cancer. It’s a catch-22. And it’s not the only one. Another life-sustaining force that’s actually deadly is the oxygen that
you breathe.


•    You need oxygen to live, but it kills.
•    Oxygen breaks all kinds of matter down through oxidation.
•    Oxygen has a tendency to become unstable and form
       free radicals.
•    This unstable oxygen can ravage your body.

Oxygen, our life-blood, is actually a double-edged sword, and one person who understands the processes behind it all too well is Dr Shania Lee, Functional Medicine Practitioner at Skin, Body & Health Renewal in Cape Town.

“Oxidation is a natural process that occurs when oxygen comes into contact with anything in nature,” Dr Lee explains. “A rusty nail, a slice of apple that turns brown when exposed to the air, these are all caused by the process of oxidation. It affects every cell in nature, including those in your body.”

But it’s not inherently a damaging process in our bodies. “Oxidation naturally forms part of our immune systems, as our bodies use the process to kill off bacteria. Or, in the case of cut skin: fresh, new cells replace the damaged cells timeously, resulting in the healing of skin,” Dr Lee continues.

“This cycle is a continuous process necessary to keep the body healthy, but during this process, unfortunately about 1–2% ofcells will get damaged and turn into free radicals.

“Free radicals can damage cell membranes and even damage the cell’s DNA, which may cause the cell to malfunction or reproduce abnormally.”

And it doesn’t stop at the first cell either. Free radicals will alter all nearby molecules, turning them into free radicals too; causing a wave of damage that just keeps on spreading through your body.

“Free radicals, and thus oxidation, are strongly associated with disease, especially degenerative conditions of the eyes, joints and cardiovascular system. They are also known to accelerate the ageing process,” Dr Lee explains.

Dr Shania Lee, trained homoeopath and nutritional expert at Body Renewal in
Cape Town


•    Healthy molecules in our cells have paired electrons.
•    Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons.
•    UV rays, toxins, stress, smoking, poor diet, alcohol all cause
       free radicals.
•    Free radicals make you old.

“Oxygen is normally stable,” explains Medical Director at Lamelle Research Laboratories Dr Bradley Wagemaker, “we breathe it and metabolise it, but when oxygen becomes unstable – usually in the presence of UV light – that new compound that’s created is highly toxic to your body.”

When unstable oxygen (a free radical itself, known as Reactive Oxygen Species) comes into contact with your healthy tissue and cells, it steals an electron from a molecule inside the cell. This turns the molecule into a free radical as well, which steals from the molecule next to it, and that one from the one next to it, continually spreading the damage like a disease through the entire cell, then to other cells, and eventually all over your body.


An oxygen atom naturally has six electrons around it, but it secretly wants eight. It will combine with anything to give it those two extra electrons. Like water, for example: H2O is two hydrogen atoms, combined with one oxygen atom. Hydrogen atoms only have one electron each; so two combining with oxygen gives the oxygen the eight electrons it wants.

But, both in nature and in our bodies, oxygen sometimes gets cheated through natural processes, like cell metabolism, digesting food, fighting bacteria and toxins. Then there aren’t enough electrons to go around, and the oxygen ends up with seven instead of the eight it wants.

This drives the oxygen crazy (unstable), it becomes a free radical and goes into a rage: it will try and steal that extra electron from anything it can, including the healthy cells in your body. Free radicals “infect” all molecules around them, spreading the “disease” unless they are stopped.


•    Photo ageing
•    Inflammation
•    Skin cancer
•    Lipid peroxidation
•    Cell membrane damage.
Dr Shania Lee

Our bodies are capable of dealing with most free radicals, but only up to a point. When the amount of free radicals becomes too much for your body, it’s known as oxidative stress. And that’s when the damage to cell walls, tissue and DNA happens.

“There are plenty of molecules in our bodies that are more susceptible to free radical attacks than others. These include fats, DNA, RNA, cellular membranes, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates,” explains Dr Lee. “I would go as far as to say that oxidation equals ageing.”


There are two types of oxidative damage that are likely to ravage your body at one point or another, and each of them has a unique solution.

The free radical load becomes too much, deteriorating your cells. But there is hope. Read about fighting oxidation with the most powerful antioxidant we know, here: 
What is oxidative stress and why is it ageing me?

DNA becomes mutated, leading to premature ageing, disease and cancers. Read about a revolutionary new way of naturally correcting already damaged DNA, here: 
How to correct already damaged skin DNA.

Monday, 27 April 2015

5 Favourite Essence Nail Care items

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great weekend ! (And that you are enjoying Freedom Day today) 

A nail and hand care routine is essential for me in winter (actually any season to be honest ... ) I decided to first tell you my 5 favourite Essence Nail Care products - as it's SUPER affordable and the products all work great. 

Today I'm sharing MY favourite 5 Nail Care products from Essence with you guys . 

Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base :

With the change of season, my nails go all brittle and breaks easier. This base coat has really saved my nails - when I feel my nails getting a bit more brittle or weak , I change my usual basecoat for this Hardening nail polish when I polish my nails. 

Essence Studio Nails Moisturising Cuticle Cream :

I love this cuticle cream when I have very dry cuticles. This cream sinks into your cuticles quickly ... All downside for me personally - it has a floral smell ... And that's the only reason why I don't reach for this product daily because I get super sensitive to floral scents ... BUT ... It does an amazing job, my container is almost empty  . 

Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm Banana & Dark Chocolate:

I have mentioned on the blog before, but I love Essence hand creams do use during the day. They don't leave your hands feeling greasy, yet they do an amazing job of moisturising your hands. And lets be real - I love the smell of banana's. This is from the winter edition , and they do have 2 other scents available but this is my favourite one . 

Essence Quick & Easy Sponge Nail Polish Remover : 

I have to be honest here, lately I've been super lazy to take of chipped nail polish. If really feels like a chore sometimes. That's where this little beauty comes in - it's acetone free, and really removes your nail polish easily. (And lets be real , you don't have to sit with a nail polish remover bottle on your lap and a bunch of cotton wool .. )

Essence Quick & Easy Sponge Nail Caring Oil : 

As I mentioned with the nail polish remover, now that it is getting a little chillier at night, I don't always feel like sitting and doing cuticle oil before bed ... So this comes in very handy . Like the nail polish remover, you dip your finger in, and voila... It's getting a dose of cuticle oil . Easy peasy lemon squeezy . 

These are just a few of my favourite.. there is still one or two I like .. But these 5 work amazing on me. 

What's your favourite Essence nail care product ??

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Save money by reading OnSaleBru!

OnSaleBru is a new Blog that lets you get most out of your hard earned Rands. We write about promotions, deals, offers and other price reduced items - so you won't miss out.
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Have a look at their site if your in the market to buy anything, who knows maybe there's a special somewhere ?

Friday, 24 April 2015

4th Blog Birthday Give-away - CLOSED -

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great week. Mine was a little suck-ish ... But luckily it's a long weekend this weekend so that will make up for it.

The blog turned 4 a little earlier this month (Fun fact ... Pink Purple Dots shares a birthday with the lovely Desle from Diva Desle , who's such an amazing lady too ... Check out her blog if you haven't already ) , and I wanted to say thanks to each and every one who supports my little blog. 

I REALLY appriacite each and EVERY comment, tweet, facebook and Instagram comment , email and page view. So to say thank you, I will have a few give-aways over the next few weeks. 

Essence was kind enough to sponsor a prize for the first give - away .

The prize includes :

  • Silky Touch Blush in 90 Summer Dreaming 
  • XXL Nude Lipgloss in Shy Beauty
  • XXL Nude Lipgloss in Taste the Sweets
  • I LOVE TRENDS , The Nude Nail Polish in 05 Pure Soul
  • The Gel Nail Polish in 04 Sweetest Day
  • The Gel Nail Polish in 09 Lucky
  • The Gel Nails Top & Base Coat
  • Studio Nails Pro White Care
  • Quick & Easy Nail Caring Sponge Oil
  • Metal Glam Eyeshadow in Choco Chic
  • Eyeshadow Mono in Hazel Me Not
  • Longwear Lipstick in 14 Adorable Matt!
  • Lipliner in 14 Femme Fetale

Here's how to enter -  CLOSED 

Follow THIS link and just follow the instructions. :)

The Give-Away is only open to South African residents 
(Don't fret international followers, there will be a give-away for you guys SOON ! )

This give-away will run from today until Monday 4 May  - I will announce the winner on 5 May 2015. 

Have a great weekend guys !

Thursday, 23 April 2015

There's a new subscription box in town ... The Little Black Bag

As you guys know, I'm been into subscription boxes lately. And now there's another great box on the market - The Little Black Bag . is SA's first online lifestyle subscription service and the perfect surprise to arrive on your doorstep at the end of every month.
This monthly themed bag is filled with the hottest, must-have finds from the worlds of fashion, beauty, home decor, food, fitness and much more! Each bag consists of full-size items, hand-curated by our team to bring you the latest and greatest.
Little Black Bag is the perfect gift to give to yourself or someone you love. It's kinda like  having cupcakes for breakfast (if you know what we mean), so why not splurge a little. Select "GET IT" to treat yourself or "GIFT IT" to send some love to your BFF.

How it works:

“GET IT” (a monthly themed bag)

·  Monthly - R249 (auto renews monthly at R249pm with the option to opt out at any time)
·  3 Months - R697 (once-off; save R50) (auto renews after 3 months at R249pm with the option to opt out at any time)
·  6 Month - R1394 (once-off; save R100) (auto renews after 6 months at R249pm with the option to opt out at any time)
“GIFT IT” (send the latest themed bag as a gift to your BFF)
·  1 Month - R249 (once-off for 1 month only)

All Little Black Bags gets shipped by the 15th of the month. Door to door delivery takes 5 - 10 working days (it's kinda like Christmas at the end of every month) and is free in South Africa.



Who's as excited as I am to try this lovely subscription ??

Monday, 13 April 2015

RubyBox Unboxing - March

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great weekend. 

Today I'm sharing another unboxing with you guys - The RubyBox . The girls at RubyBox was kind enough to send me a box to review here on the blog at the end of March . 

First off... How cute is the pink box it's packaged in  ? I love that the box looks so girly . 

So onto the goodies in the box - 

1. Africology Body Butter 25ml R45
For some reason - the scent makes me think of a holiday (It smells like a nice weekend away .. Perfection , and relaxing ). This is a very hydrating body cream , the scent lasts on your skin quite a bit too. 

 2. Natural Lab SPF 30 Face Cream 10ml  R40
I love this sunscreen , it has a SPF 30 , and doesn't have that weird sunscreen smell at all. Which is a bonus for me , because I don't like moisturisers that has a too strong sunscreen smell or feel. 

 3. Mavala Mini Cuticle Remover 5ml R74,95
This little gem is magical. It helps to remove and push back cuticles super easy. I usually use the Sally Hansen one , but I will definitely buy this Mavala one again once this one is finished. A little goes a long way. 

4. RubyBox Beauty Foundation Brush ( FULL SIZE ) R150
I haven't tried a RubyBox brush before , and I haven't tried this type of foundation brush, but I have to say, the brush is SUPER soft , and works amazing. I will definitely look into getting some more RubyBox brushes. 

All and all - this was a pretty impressive box . 

Their monthly surprise box retails for R169 monthly but they also have a Beautique and Build Your Own Box options, which is a little pricier but has some cute goodies in too . You can also have a look at all the options here - 

What product interests you the most ? Are you subscribed to RubyBox ?
Or any other monthly boxes ?

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Essence Soft Touch Mousse

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a great week .

Last week Essence send me a little package with some of the new Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up shades . The new shade extension includes 3 new highly demanded shades for lighter and darker skin tones. The shade extensions are - A new Porcelain shade (09 ) , a New Caramel shade (50) and a new Mahogany shade (60 ) .

I have used these awesome little foundations before (I used the Pure Skin Anti Spot mousse quiet a few times ) and these are little gems. This mousse texture foundation gives your face a smooth natural looking finish , while making your skin breathe freely. These have a matte finish that feels like velvet on your skin. 

The range now includes 6 shades :

  • 09 - Matt Porcelain
  • 01 - Matt Sand
  • 02 - Matt Beige
  • 50 - Matt Caramel
  • 60 - Matt Mahogany

This foundation works perfectly in combination with the Essence Coversticks (concealers ) and the Essence Mattifying Compact  Powders.

I have 4 shades I'm showing you swatches of today -

 09 - Matt Porcelain 
 02 - Matt Beige
50 - Matt Caramel
60 - Matt Mahogany

I have swatches of the 3 new shades and the 4th one I was send for you guys too, so you can have an idea how the new shades look . Personally - I love that they included a super light shade, especially in winter I get super pale, and this will match me perfectly then . 

The Essence Soft Touch Mousse make-up retails for R69,95 at Clicks & Dischem -  a great price for beauties on a budget that's looking for an amazing foundation to try out.

Have a great Wednesday guys !

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*