Friday, 26 February 2016

Loreal Infallible Mattifying Primer & 24 Hour Matte Foundation Review

Hi guys ! Happy Friday. Anyone have any fun weekend plans ?

Last year when the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Primer & 24Hour Matte foundation came out , I was running to the closest Deschem to get it to try it out. In December Loreal send me a few more shades, and I decided why not share my thoughts on these two products. For the record - The shade I use daily (11 Vanilla I bought myself as well as the mattifying primer ) My shade I started using after December (when I was tanned for once - Radiant Beige - I did receive as a PR sample )

As you guys know, I love primers. My HUGE collection of primers in my bathroom can definitely confirm that it's one of my most used products daily. If I apply make-up the day for work, I would like it to stay on my face and not slide off. Usually I apply my make-up around 05h30 in the mornings, and usually only take it off once Alex is in bed and fast asleep around 20h00 . And I want to still look as good at night as I did when I applied it that morning. This primer definitely helps me in that department. This foundation is a silicone formula and as you can see quite thick but once you rub it in between your fingers and applied to your face it provides a velvety smooth finish that helps to keep you matte. 

Usually I need to powder around midday - but using the combo of the primer and foundation - I don't feel the need until around 18h00 . 

Word of warning though - if you don't have oily skin or combination skin - stay away from this primer. Some days when my water intake isn't too great , I do notice the foundation and primer sucks into my skin and makes it look dry - so on those days I skip the primer and use something else like Benefits or Maybelline Baby Skin. 

I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to try this foundation…. when something claims to “withstand everything” and to “work for 24-hours”. I do get a little scared of having cakey / patchy looking skin right after applying the foundation, as even though I'm oily, sometimes my skin freaks out when I use a fuller coverage foundation.  It wasn’t until I began to apply it to my skin that I was amazed to see just how lightweight it is! This foundation offers a medium to full coverage, while looking almost undetectable on the skin - which is pretty impressive. It’s fantastic at evening out any  redness on the face, and it does a pretty good job of covering acne scars and small pimples too. 
While I haven’t tested this product for a full 24 hours ( I like to sleep thank you very much), I have worn it for a decent 14 hours while working , running errand and going out. It was still holding up well, with no patchiness or smudging (and let's be real in the summer that is always something I am looking for in my foundation ). I was just starting to get a small amount of shine in the T-Zone area, which I’d expect from any foundation by this time . A little powder easily fixed that. 
Overall, I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation when I run out. It’s probably my favourite long-wearing foundation, and the fact that my skin loves it too is huge bonus. I’ve had no breakouts or skin issues in the time I’ve been using this product , and for me that's pretty magical as my skin seems to be freaking out with some foundations lately.
Have you tried this foundation or primer before ? Did you like it ?
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Monday, 22 February 2016

My picks from the Essence Happy Girls are Pretty Collection

Hi guys . Happy Monday. Everyone have a great weekend ?

As I shared on my Instagram account HERE I got a few products from the Limited Edition Essence Happy Girls are Pretty Collection. The whole collection is gorgeous ( and if you are a nail polish lover I would recommend you RUN to pick some up ) . The collection has two eyeliners, a contour set, a blush , two eyeshadow palettes , six  nail polishes, a nail file and two lip colours. I didn't NEED everything , so I only got the products I could see I will be using , and I thought why not share it here as well. 

Happiness Is…Following Your Heart Eyeshadow Palette 
This palette I can see being the most popular with five gorgeous nude shades. The eye shadows are also super adorable with a ball of yarn and the word "knit" engraved across. The palette is quite steady and clicks closed tightly  , so perfect for travelling (which is why I bought these two palettes ) .

Happiness Is…Following Your Heart Eyeshadow Palette 
This colour combo is another winner. Though the colours aren't super pigmented, they are soft subtle girly shades. For me that's what I like about this palette. Some days I like to just pop one colour on my lids and call it a day , and all of these are perfect. 

Both the Eyeshadow palette's retail for R67, 50 at Clicks stores. 

You Sweeten My Day  Blush
When I saw this blush in store - I knew I DIDN'T need another blush in my collection . So I wasn't going to get it . But before I left to pay - the little blush whispered - Please Lynette you love pink, you love hearts , you love knitting ... Please buy me.  So I popped it into my basket and paid. 

It was lying in my pretty pile after being photographed , as I knew I have too many blushes open currently , but after seeing everyone on Instagram post product pictures I just couldn't wait any longer. So I opened the blush , swirled in my brush , and felt disappointed. 

The first time I used the blush, I could hardly tell I put on anything. I thought okay no problem , I can use a little more. After about half an hour, it disappeared off my face completely and I could hardly tell I had anything on. 

I decided this blush needed another chance though - I mean LOOK how pretty it is. The next few times I pressed a little harder with my brush when I swirled it , at least this time you could see colour on my cheeks . But luckily after being used for a week the pigmentation did improve - I am sharing a swatch of the blush after a few uses.  The colour is pretty, I just wish that the blush had this right from the start, as I was ready to give up on this blush after a day or two. 

The blush retails for R57,95 at Clicks stores. 

Just Happy Nail Polish 
This is another colour that just screamed my name. It's gorgeous , girly and a creamy milky pink. It is perfection in a bottle. This is a gorgeous light milky pink, that again, can easily be worn to work , and on weekends for a gorgeous girly manicure. I can seriously say , this collection of polishes is mind blowing. I might even pick up another one or two. This is the perfect everyday shade for me . Again this polish lasted about 5/6 days on me , and I'm really tough on my hands. 

Happy Girls Rock Nail Polish 
I will start off by saying , Essence makes the most amazing Matte shades lately. If you remember I also raved about the Essence No Make Up Look in Powdery Rose HERE . These shades glide on easily , dries down extremely quickly , and I just can't get enough. I can totally see myself using this one to the very end as well . This is a gorgeous lavender grey colour , perfect for summer, but I can still see myself rocking this colour in Autumn and Winter too. I wore this polish for 6 days without any chips - for a matte polish that is extremely magical especially since I'm super tough on my hands .

The nail polishes retail for R34,95 each. 

Did you pick anything up from this collection ? Anything you see here that you like ?   

Friday, 19 February 2016

Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How has your week been ??

As you know, skincare is one of the most important parts in your skincare routine. It won't help to have the most amazing make-up if you don't care for your skin too. And let's be real - no one wants that. 

A little while back I was lucky enough to be sent the Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser. I was hoping I would love it as much as I did the Foamer 5  , the C25 Cream  and the Mask15 I have reviewed previously. 

So first off - lately I have been skin that's constantly breaking out and getting a lot oilier than usual. My first defence is usually using a stronger cleanser , but that starts a vicious cycle of drying my skin out too much, and producing more oil and breaking out a lot more as my skin balance has been messed around a bit. 

The Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser deeply cleanses and helps remove your make-up and excess oils , yet helps keep your skin hydrated. This cleanser gives you the perfect balance. And I'm happy to say made me see an improvement in my skin - my skin feels more supple , hydrated and no tightness after I washed my face with this cleanser in the mornings and at night time. (Just use one pump - it's more than enough to clean your whole face. ) I also massage the cleanser into my skin until it is almost all disappears into my skin and then use a warm ( not hot ) cloth to remove the cleanser. 

So onto the magical ingredients in the Advanced Cleanser :

Anti-dehydration agent which promotes and controls water flow, and improves appearance of skin micro relief for perfectly hydrated and smoothed skin. 

This anti serborrheic active , improves the appearance of oily skin and has an anti microbial action, helps your skin to regain clarity.

Optimal moisturising agent for the epidermis which removes scales from the skin's surface and restores suppleness.

Hygroscopic substance of vegetable orgin which provides a hydrating and protective film and removes scales from the skin's surface. 

This is truly a cleanser that will work with all skin types, as it's especially formulated for sensitive skin, but works perfectly with oily and combination skins too. 

For more Info: 
Twitter: @DermaceuticSA 
Instagram: Dermaceutic

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Top 5 Red Lip Colours

 Hi guys ! Happy Saturday . How has your week been ? Hopefully it's been a great week. 

Today I'm sharing my Top 5 Red Lip Colours with you. Now I have to be honest - Red isn't really a lip colour choice I go for often. But Red lip colours does have a place in my make-up collection, so today I'm sharing the 5 ones I have been loving lately. 

If you missed my Top 5 Purple Lip Colours and want to check them out you can HERE or want to have a look at my Top 5 Pink Lip Colours you can click HERE . So onto my favourites ... 

Essence Mini Sheer Lipbalm I am Charming -
The name might suggest this balm is sheer, but it's really quite pigmented . This isn't a bright in your face red , and that's what I love about this colour. This is perfect if you want to try out a red lip but not confident enough to pull off the va-va voom red. This actually lasts a while on me , and again since it's Essence it's super affordable. 
Loreal Xtreme Resist Bulletproof
This is really another great choice if you just want to try a lipgloss for Valentine's day and not go full on red lips. The colour is super hydrating , and lasts quite a while before fading gracefully. 
Yardley High Definition Lipgloss Rocking Red
This is a full on va-va voom lipcolour - and really has the most perfect blue toned hue to it to make your teeth look whiter. This doesn't last that long , but it does leave a bit of a stain to it - bonus !
Colorpop Lippystix Bossy
It's no secret that I'm a huge Colorpop fan, and Bossy is no exception. This colour stays all day on me , smells like cupcakes and just look how gorgeous it is ? What's not too love ?
Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Red Light 
This is another shade perfect for when you want a hint of colour but don't want to go full on in your face red. The Smart Shade Butter Kiss has a super hydrating formula , gives a gorgeous hint of colour , and last about 2/3 hours before the colour fades away. 

Hope you enjoyed these posts this week. Anyone have any fun plans for Valentine's day tomorrow? What lip colour will YOU be rocking ?

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Top 5 Pink Lip Colours

 Hi guys ! Happy Thursday. How has your week been so far ?

As promised , today I will be sharing my Top 5 Pink Lip Colours with you guys, This is personally my favourite colour to wear on my lips, be it a bolder pink or a nice neutral girly pink. This was the hardest colour to find only my favourite 5 ... But eventually I settled on these gorgeous 5 lip colours.

Essence Liquid Lipstick Colour Party - 
I will be swatching some more colours in this range too, but this colour I bought on a whim with a Red Square order I placed early in December, I wanted to try out the colour and was deciding between the pink and nude one. I decided on the pink one and haven't look back since. This lip colour is hydrating, has a GORGEOUS pink colour and makes me feel like a princess when wearing it. The colour does wear off within an hour or two, but I always pop this into my handbag as it provides a gorgeous colour and hydrates my lips - another bonus - It's SUPER budget friendly.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Showy -
This is a brighter Barbie pink colour. I love that the formula is a little bit longer lasting, and as it looks like a pencil it's easy to apply. It has a lovely smell of peppermint when applying, but doesn't sting your lips at all.

Revlon HD Lip Lacquer Petalite -
This is such an unique lip colour in my collection. This is a warmer pink, but I prefer this on lazy weekend where I want to know my lipgloss will stay on my lips a bit longer. This on me personally is a My Lips but better shade perfect for when I'm not sure what colour I want on my lips.

Loreal Mega Gloss Resist My Sky is the Limit -
As I mentioned in my review HERE , in the tube it looks quite neon pink but it gives the most gorgeous subtle hint of colour. I love how moisturised my lips feel with this gloss on, even after eating and drinking.

Revlon HD Peony
I'm clearly on a Revlon kick with the pinks today aren't I ? This is another super easy grab and go colour for me. The lipstick has the most gorgeous pink colour that's perfect for a date night look. As with the ColorBurst Lip Butters, these are also SUPER hydrating and perfect to pop into your bag and touch up. 

All of these lip colours are drugstore - making them all affordable option. Keep an eye out for my Top 5 Red Lip colours post on Saturday .

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My Top 5 Purple Lip Colours

Hi guys ! Happy Tuesday . Hope you are having a great week so far. 

Today I'm sharing my Top 5 Purple / Berry toned lip colours that I think is perfect for Valentines day. I prefer more of a purple or pink lip personally on myself, but I will be sharing my favourite red lip colours too. So keep an eye out for the other posts later this week. 

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Gumdrop 
I have to admit - on this lipbutter I'm on my 8th tube of this colour since discovering this little magical tube of lipbutter ( I do own a few other colours too ... But this is by far my favourite ) This is a gorgeous light purple colour that does have a sparkle . The colour doesn't last hours but it does last a good 3/4 hours on me, and the best part it's SUPER moisturising. It does fade nice and evenly , which is a huge bonus too especially with eating and drinking. This is one of those colours I have a open one in every bag , all downside though, if it gets super hot , it does melt a little. But nothing a lip brush can't fix. 

Colorpop Lippystix Brills
I've mentioned this colour in my Top 5 Colorpop post HERE , and this is still one of the most gorgeous purples I own. The colour does transfer (which means you might want to keep kissing until later the evening... ) but the colour is so gorgeous and yes ... Smelling like cupcakes is a HUGE bonus. I know Colorpop isn't available super easily to anyone, but this colour is really one that should be on your wish list if you love a purple lip. 

Colorpop Ultra Matte Lychee
The colorpop Ultra Matte's have an impressive formula , they are kiss proof and last all day . (I have to remove this lip colour at night with some make-up remover ) . I know a few people (Especially you Ghila ) want to know from my last post how comfortable they are - I have super sensitive extremely dry lips (and when I have an allergy flare up, they swell really badly too) , and with a good lip exfoliate , and lip balm, these don't irritate my lips at all.  I can wear it all day without my lips feeling itchy or dry . 

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick in Sparkling Miracle
I will be reviewing three colours of this range soon, but this is one of my favourites. Yes, it's not super pigmented , but it gives your lips a nice wash of colour , and looks super girly and kissable . And it's nice and hydrating. The colour doesn't last too long though , about an hour or two at most . but then again it's super affordable and easy to pop into your bag. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Berry Soft
I love the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue range. While I wasn't a big fan of the normal baby lips , I love most colours of the Dr Rescue range. These are nice and hydrating, perfect for a casaul date night or more natural make-up look - but gives a gorgeous wash of colour. It's really a "Your lips but better" colour . And yes , the colour won't last that long, but this can easily be applied without the need of a mirror to be precise. 

So that's a round up of my Top 5 Purple Lip Colours. Stay tuned on Thursday for my Top 5 Pink Lip colours. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

CATRICE Alluring Reds Pleasure of Temptation and a little heart nail art Tutorial

Hi guys ! Happy Sunday. I had a few Valentines inspired posts to share with you , so thought it's only appropriate to squeesh in an extra post before the 14th .

Catrice was kind enough to send me this duo set from their new Alluring Reds collection to come up with a fun and easy nail art look - I will be sharing another design before Valentines day on my Instagram account HERE , so remember to keep a look out for that too. But for the one I'm sharing I wanted to keep it plain and simple and wearable . I prefer a simple accent nail nail art for everyday wear , and not too over the top design on my nails - so for me it's the perfect combo. The colour I was send was the combo 03 Pleasure of Temptation . 

This is also a duo polish with one silver polish , and a jelly looking polish that goes with it. In the bottle the colour looked like a deep red - which I was a little scared off as I'm not really a fan of red nail polish - personally it makes me feel too grown up. But on the nail the red translated as a gorgeous deep darker pink, and I instantly fell in love. This colour is much more jelly looking than the L'oreal version , it really looks so squishy. 

As you will see in the tutorial picture , the silver is also a much lighter and a more sheer version. Both bottles are individual bottles (same as any normal Catrice polish , all difference is they come together in a little plastic box and the normal black red has a light grey print on with the words Alluring Red . All and all the bottles looks super sophisticated ) 

I am seriously in love with this nail art design and colour . So onto the nail art look :

And onto my little tutorial for you guys -

1. Use the Silver Base Colour on all your nails . Proceed to use the 03 Pleasure of Temptation on the rest of the nails excluding the accent nail.
2. Get a dotting tool and get ready to use the bigger side,
3. Using the bigger side make two bigger dots on your nails.
4. Now get ready to use the smaller side of the dotting tool
5. Connect the two big dots and voila , a little heart. 

I hope you enjoyed the little nail art post , and enjoyed the nail look. 

There are 3 sets of these polishes in the collection , and they retail for R89,95 per set.

Keep an eye out for more Valentines day inspired posts on Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday .  

*These products was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Thursday, 4 February 2016

L'oreal Infallible Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Hi guys ! Happy Thursday. Hope you have been having a great week, mine was and is busy, but next week I'll be back to my three posts a week schedule. Yeah !

Today I'm sharing three swatches of the L'oreal Infallible Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polishes with you as well as my thoughts on these polishes. These are actually the first dual sided nail polishes that was easy to use . usually you can't remove the bottle completely and get stuck with holding the heavy middle part to paint your nails. The L'oreal one has the option to remove both sides, making it SUPER easy to use then. 

The dual sided wand comes with a metallic silver side (as shown in a photo below on it's own ) and a jelly looking colour side. The idea is to get bold metallic nails that last. 

I really like the silver on it's own too ... It's such a gorgeous colour. I would recommend giving the silver colour a good 2 -3 minutes to dry down before you start applying the "jelly" colour on top - otherwise the jelly colour does make the colour smudge a bit. (In my photo's below with the Fuchsia you will notice I did bump my nail before the photos , and decided to repaint the middle finger nail. Yes I was rushed and that's why that nail looks weird in my photos .. )

While I don't personally love metallic nails, these are gorgeous colours to rock while relaxing at the pool and enjoying summer. They last really well too, I wore these in December to test them out how they lasted with spending tons of time relaxing in the pool (which always makes my nails chip faster) and they lasted a good 5/6 days before they started to chip - and for me that's impressive. 

So onto the photo of the silver Step 1 side on it's own. 
And onto the polishes swatches :
Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish - Fuchsia

This is my favourite one out of the colours I was send.It's such a gorgeous blue-toned pink. I will be using this one on my toes for the rest of summer. It's like pink happiness in a bottle. 

Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish - Coral
This is a colour that looks different on everyone I tried it on. On me it pulls more reddish , but I tried this one on my mom and it pulled more pink on her. Non the less , it's another gorgeous colour that is perfect for summer .

Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish - Orange

Okay , now I have to be honest here. I don't like orange nail polishes on me - so I really didn't like this one. This colour would be perfect if you are more tan - or even a different skin tone than me. While I might not love the colour on me personally - it's still a gorgeous burnt orange colour. 

These polishes retail for R109,95 , and come in 5 gorgeous shades ( I will be on the look out for the purple and turquoise to swatch them for you guys too . 

Which one of the three do YOU like the most ?

*These products was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*