Thursday, 26 January 2017

Owl Accent Nail Mani

Hi guys ! Happy Thursday . How has your week been so far ? Mine is actually pretty good so far so I don't have any complaints. 

Back in November Born Pretty Store contacted me to offer me some goodies to review on the blog, and while the postage time did suck over the Holiday period - I finally received the goodies last week and I'm sharing the first nail look I did with them with you today .

THESE decals from BornPrettyStore includes some fun Christmas inspired owls , as well as some everyday owls. While Christmas might be over , I couldn't wait to play with these decals as I love Owl everything. Water decals always have the prettiest designs - and they are super easy to use too. I love using them as accent nails instead of full Mani's - I find that way the look doesn't look too overly done .

So onto the nails : 

The colours used :
Essence White On White
China Glaze Glistening Snow
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Tip Top Milkyway
OPI Servin' Up Sparkle

How water decals work :
1.You gently peel of the plastic layer over the water decals sheet.
2. Cut out the design you would like to use.
3. Have a cup/container of water .
4. Gently put the decal / decals you cut out in the water for about 20 seconds.
5. Using tweezers or a orange stick , gently remove from water and slide the decal from the white backing.
6. Place on nail and gently dry using a tissue to remove excess water droplets.
7. Top coat and VOILA ! Stunning nails. :)

The Born Pretty store stocks tons of gorgeous water decals , so there will be one to suit every taste and occasion. I love how easy to use they are , and take virtually no effort at all to have gorgeous nail art. 

If you visit the Born Pretty Store and see something you like, why not use my coupon code for 10% off your order ... 

How has YOUR week been so far ? What is your favourite way to spice up your nails for a fun look ? 

*The product was provided for me for review but any opinions about the product/s are my own*

Monday, 23 January 2017

Tried & Tested : Foundation Edition

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? Mine was nice and chill for a change - but I reckon this might be another busy week .

I have received a few foundations as PR and bought a new foundation in November and December , and I have used them all a few times now to form a decent opinion of each.  Some are very budget friendly and some are pricier options - So there is one for every budget. 

Before I start - I'll share my skin type. While I was usually more on the oily side , my skin is now more dehydrated combo skin - I have dry patches but I still get an oily T-zone. I do ALWAYS prime my skin before make-up - so keep that in mind when I do mention wear time .

So onto the six that have been in my beauty rotation the last few weeks. 

Clarins Everlasting Foundation + 
I bought this on the Woolies 25% off sale last year and was super excited to try a fancy foundation. I have used a Clarins mask or two before but this would be my first make-up product. Even with the 25% off - this still had a hefty price tag. To be completely honest - I'm a little disappointed in this foundation. Some days it looked great - other days I looked super greasy. I do love that the foundation includes an SPF - but I felt it clinged to drier spots (and I really had issues making it last on my nose - and I didn't even get that oily ). I will finish the foundation - as I do find it wears okay on cooler days - but I won't be reaching for this on hotter days or buy this again .  I get about 10 hours of wear time before the foundation fades slowly on me. This foundation offers medium coverage. 

Revlon ColorStay Make-Up for Combination / Oily Skin
I mentioned this gem in my Summer Essentials post last week too - this foundation is pretty bomb. I do find that if my water intake isn't that great it does make my skin look drier , but this foundation lasts in the hot humid weather - and still makes me look like a put together person. This with the Revlon  Colorstay powder makes you look flawless . I don't reach for this foundation everyday though - as I mentioned I do have dehydrated skin that acts up if I don't stay hydrated enough - but for those days you want to look perfect in the Summer Heat - this is highly recommended.  The foundation lasts until YOU take it off - which is great for those long days.  This foundation offers full coverage. 

Revlon Colorstay Make-Up for Normal / Dry Skin 
This is my favourite everyday foundation at the stage - I reach for this one the most. The formula is a lot more hydrating and while I do have an oily T-zone , somehow this foundation doesn't make my nose look shiny and bright at midday (which is never a good look ) . I do set this with a light powder , but the formula makes my skin look healthy and pretty awesome - and lasts a decent about of time on my skin. This foundation offers natural coverage. 

Essence Get Picture Ready Compact Make-Up
As you know I LOVE Essence foundations - but sadly this one didn't work with my skin at all. This is a cream foundation that has a cute mirror and sponge making it perfect for applying on the go. But the foundation just didn't like my skin. It made me super greasy and I had the hardest time blending it to look smooth on my skin - even with a primer this sinked into my pores - and honestly I won't be coming near this foundation again.  Save your money and buy the one I mention at the end of the post.

Revlon ColorStay 2-1 Compact Make-Up and Concealer. 
Although I don't like cream foundations - this one was pretty awesome . This foundation comes with a mirror and sponge (which is actually pretty good - I did apply the foundation with it ) . What I love about this one though - it has a pretty nice concealer too - a shade lighter than the foundation -taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect shade of concealer. The concealer covers dark circles and spots pretty good . The foundation blended in perfectly and at the end of the night when I took off my make-up I could see the foundation was still on my skin. I'm really pretty impressed  .  This foundation offers medium to full coverage. 

Essence Camouflage Make-Up and Concealer
Now while I might not have liked the Essence compact foundation - I LOVE this one. The foundation is budget friendly yet heavy duty - I do find this covers any imperfections pretty decently and creates the perfect canvas for my make-up. This does last a pretty decent about of time on me - certainly better than even the Clarins foundation one. This foundation I know I can grab and apply and it will look perfect - I don't have to worry about how dehydrated my skin is or if I need to apply a hydrating serum first. This is just an easy one to grab if I know I will be running errands but still want to look put together. This foundation offers medium coverage. 

Overall , my two favourites of them all is the Revlon ColorStay one for Combo / Oily skin and the Essence Camouflage Make-up one - both are great for different reasons but I can't see myself without them . 

If you are interested in the prices of the foundations :
Clarins Everlasting Foundation  - R445  
Revlon ColorStay Combo/Oily - R299
Revlon ColorStay Normal / Dry - R299 
Essence get Ready compact foundation - R89,95 
Revlon Compact 2-1 Make-Up - R299 
Essence Camouflage Make-Up - R79,95

What's YOUR current favourite foundation at the moment ??  

*Please note all the foundations except the Clarins one I received as PR - all opinions are my own* 

Monday, 16 January 2017

My Summer Essentials

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? Alex had Athletics on Friday night and then suddenly it started pouring with rain , so I took it easy this weekend as I feel a cold coming on - bleh.

Today I'm sharing my Summer Essentials- Yes holidays might be over but these are fantastic products that I keep on reaching for over and over. I split these up into two categories - body care as well as my favourite sweat-proof summer proof make-up essentials. 

Body Care
If you know me personally , you know I'm big on sunscreen and sun protection. You only have one skin - so you don't need to damage it. I love including products with an SPF on my body as well as face and lips .

1. Almay Kinetin Restoring Day Cream SPF 20 
I will be doing a review on this amazing day cream soon - but this is the perfect mix for sun protection as well as anti ageing benefits and is moisture, repairing the appearance of past damage caused by environmental damage. Plumps to visibly reduce appearance of wrinkles and locks in moisture so that the skin feels instantly tighter, rested, radiant and supple, with a fresher, more toned appearance.

2. Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment SPF30
Almay positions their Age Essentials lip balm as a wonder that, via its "anti-ageing core," hydrates and plumps up lips and surrounding skin to minimise fine lines. Whether it does or not, I can't say – most nicely emollient lip balms can lessen the appearance of fine lines around the mouth by virtue of helping to keep lips plumped with moisture . Again - my lips get sun burnt super easily , and when Sinki from Revlon recommended this to me , she wasn't kidding by how amazing it is. I can see myself reaching for this all summer. 

3. Essence Love.Joy.Care hand butter
When I posted about this range last week , I wasn't kidding when I said this hand butter is amazing. I love reaching for this every night or after chilling in the pool to cool down on weekend.

4. Sun Lab Express Spray SPF50
Yes , I'm that person that re-applies sunscreen every few hours and use it daily . This one is super easy to use before hitting the pool - the spray bottle even makes it easy enough for my son (who's 6 ) to apply on his own too. 

5. Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser
Another little known fact about me - I'm extremely lazy when it comes to applying body lotion. These Vaseline lotions makes the proses so much easier - so I can happily say I use this twice a day . The moisturiser hydrates dry summer skin , and the spray cools down warm skin. My favourite two of the range is this one , and the brown cocoa butter one. 

Now onto make-up Essentials. While I don't wear this heavy make-up everyday , this is perfect for those days that your make-up NEEDS to look good - but it's hot as hell outside. 

Summer Proof Make-Up 

1. Essence Glossy Kiss Lipgloss in Berry Kiss. 
I love a glossy lip especially if most of my make-up look is matte. This lipgloss is nice and hydrating and offer a soft sparkly effect.

2. Essence I LOVE EXTREME Volume Mascara Waterproof
While I do use waterproof formula's basically daily - this is the blackest most waterproof formula I have come across. This does take a bit of effort to remove at night , but for swimming , sweating and even crying through a soppy movie - this lasts. 

3. Revlon ColorStay powder
I haven't tried any Revlon powders yet - until I got this in a little Christmas gift pack I got as PR in December. WOW ! I was blown away how amazing this works with the foundation- this powder glides on and makes pores look invisible. This does have a powder puff on the bottom - making it perfect for touch ups. 

4. Revlon ColorStay Foundation Combo / Oily Skin
This was also included with the powder in the press pack - and while my skin is drier at this stage - this foundation along with the powder is WOW ! You will look flawless but natural , and I was surprised that it was still lightweight - but when I removed my make-up at night there was still foundation on me. I'm super impressed. I do reach for the dry skin foundation formula for a more day to day basis , but this stuff is amazing for those days you want to look amazing. 

5. Essence 2-1 Eyeshadow and Liner
You might notice a trend here - but I love easy products that lasts. This eyeshadow is no exception. This does really last an amazingly long time , and Essence has a few colours in the range . I prefer the brown and bronzy tones for my looks.

6. Avon Colour Trend Cream Blush
When I do want a bit of colour on my cheeks - I prefer cream bases blushes on hot days . These seems to last longer and are super easy to blend. I have this one in two colours - this pretty just Pinched pink and a orange/corally shade.

7. Revlon Photo Ready Eye-Art
This is a double ended wand- one side with a fun eyeliner colour and the other side a cream eyeshadow - but let me tell you this lasts forever on your eyes. The colour is pigmented - they apply creamy and smooth and these are rub proof too . 

8. Benefit Ka Brow !
I have mentioned this in a favourite post too - this eyebrow pomade is amazing. This stuff genuinely lasts forever on your brows (and forever in the container since you only use a little bit ) 

Do you have any Summer Essentials you can't live without ?? 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Picks from the Essence Love.Joy.Care Range

Hi guys ! Happy Tuesday. Hope you all had a great weekend. Alex is starting Grade 1 tomorrow (and I am running around buying school clothes and marking all his stationary )- so from next week I'll figure out a better posting schedule again. 

Essence recently launched the Love.Joy.Care range - and although the range includes a bunch of cute products - I only picked up two items from the range for myself. The range is designed to make sure you can take care of yourself and give yourself a little pamper after a busy day/week. I did get some of the awesome goodies for gifts for family as well.

The two items that I got was the Sleep Mask and the hand butter - and spoiler alert - I LOVE both. 

Love.Joy.Care Sleeping Mask
This sleeping mask retails for R34,95 and has the softest material ever for a sleeping mask. In December I was struggling to sleep with all the thunderstorms and I'm generally a very light sleeper - so this mask came in quite handy. Now I can't imagine sleeping without this beauty. I will be buying a back up since this is a limited edition range. 

Love.Joy.Care Intensive Care Hand Butter
This amazing hand butter retails for R57,95 - and it's one of the best hand products I have ever used. This hand butter is SUPER hydrating - has a soft vanilla smell but the best part is how quickly this hand butter absorbs. This hand butter is truly amazing - and yes I will be buying a back up of this gem too. 

This range is available mid December - mid January 2017 so there is still time to pick up something from the range if it caught your eye. 

As always - Essence Limited Edition ranges are amazing - so be sure to take a look .

How has your week been so far ? 

Friday, 6 January 2017

December Sample Sunday Rundown

Hi guys ! Happy 2017 . I hope this year will be an amazing year for each and every reader filled with special magical moments. I am really excited to be back to blogging and share posts with you guys. 

So you guys will know the drill by now - I'm doing a #SampleSunday on all my social media channels every Sunday - where I do a mini review on a sample sized product or magazine freebee. This month there will only be three products as I decided to take Christmas weekend off to spend with family instead.  

So onto this month's exciting items. 

Week 1)
I loved how fast absorbing this Esse Light Moisturiser was especially in this weather but it does an amazing job to moisturize the skin. This does use essential oils - I found the Geranium scent a little overpowering for the first hour or so. I am extremely sensitive to scent but it does fade and go away. 

Week 2 ()
Today's #SampleSunday is one of Avon's new matte lipsticks in Adoring Love - a gorgeous bright pink lipstick. The lipstick has a gorgeous matte finish without drying out your lips at all. Which is great for any matte formula lipstick. The wear time is about 3/4 hours before you need to touch up - which isn't bad as this lipstick is pretty affordable and easy to pop into your bag. 

Week 3)
Especially Escada is described as a delicious luxurious and purely feminine , designed for playful , spontaneous and glamorous woman of today. The perfume is the perfect mix of floral (but not too florally ) but with a hint of fruitiness. I love trying out new perfume samples - they offer you the chance to try a new scent without committing to something you might not like. 

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Were you back at work again this week ? Or are you only starting again next week ? I started again this week - but so far being back at work wasn't too bad. 

If there are any samples you'd like me to add to the line-up to try - feel free to give me a few suggestions. 

Have a great Friday and weekend guys !