Monday, 10 December 2018

{Review} Some New Almay Products on my Beauty Desk

Hi guys ! Happy Monday ! How was your weekend ? Excited for Christmas getting closer and closer? 

A few weeks ago a few new Almay beauty goodies landed on my beauty desk to try out. While I have a few Almay products that's my favourite favourite - I haven't tried anything from the brand too recently so I was glad to get some goodies to try out .

Let's jump into the review -

Almay Best Blend Forever Make-Up R270
I have to admit - when I saw the sponge applicator I was sceptical. I don't like using products with build it sponges - but this one is pretty decent. Another bonus is it can be clicked out , washed and clicked back in - which for me is a huge bonus as I hate using dirty sponges. This is a make-up moisturiser with a built in applicator - making it a fantastic multi-tasking product. I feel this is amazing for summer - as it evens out skin tone - yet isn't heavy like foundations in this heat. It's the perfect mix of skincare and colour. I love that this doesn't look cakey , gives you a light layer of coverage and makes your skin looks healthy  . The formula is also pretty hydrating and each bottle is packed with a cocktail of vitamins and botanical for care as you wear. Keep in mind this isn't a full coverage foundation - this is light buildable coverage. So if you are keen for something more full coverage I would give this a pass. 

Almay Goddess Gloss R119,95 - Flame
This is a gorgeous lip colour that offers a gorgeous gloss with a multi-demensional lip look. The iridescent gloss provides a boost of moisture and is extremely comfortable to wear without getting goopy and yucky. The colour I received is the perfect topper for any festive season looks too. It gives a gorgeous look over any lipsticks - so you can truly play with these glosses to create your own unique lip look. 

Swatches of the Almay Best Blend Forever Foundation in shade and Almay Goddess Gloss in Flame. 

Almay Liquid Lash Extenders Mascara R199
This is such a unique mascara formula - as it has a fibre and tube formula to deliver instant lenght and achieve longer lashes. I love these types of mascara brushes - a more natural brush as apposed to a more plastic brush that pokes your eyes.

This was a good mascara - it wasn't mindblowingly good but it wasn't bad either. 
Almay Palette Pops in Fabulista R349,95
This is the perfect eyeshadow to play with wet or dry. It has a super creamy blend able formula that does not crease or smudge to last the whole day. The formula is super buttery so it basically blends itself. But word of warning - since the eyeshadow is so soft and creamy it can break easily . I lost the black after a small bump to the palette. The colours are pretty decent and wearable and there is a more neutral palette in the range too perfect for everyday wear. 
Swatches of the Almay Palette Pops in Fabulista with more dramatic colours. Swatches all show the eyeshadow dry - but they are crazy pigmented when you use a little setting spray or Fix+ spray. 
Almay Shadow Squads R149,95
There is 10 in total in the range of which I have 4 of the mini quads. These quads contains a satin , metallic , matte and glitter shadow to create a monochrome look on the eyes. Honestly - I had a issue with the lighter colours showing up on my skin tone - but I am very pale and those palettes are quite light - so that might be the issue. The two darker ones are extremely nice on the eyes. I'm just not sure if personally I'm a huge fan of the monochrome eyes look. 
Almay Shadow Quad Less is More
This will most definitely look so much nicer on a darker skin tone as this hardly shows up on me. 

Almay Shadow Squad in Cause a Stir
I really liked this one though - the colours are super pigmented and buttery and it does create an amazing look. If you are into nudes this is the perfect palette for you. 

Almay Shadow Squads in The World is My Oyster
This is another one that will be better suited with someone with a darker skin tone. It hardly shows up on my skin which is sad because I love the colours in this one. 

Almay Shadow Squads in Pure Gold Baby
If you love golden orangey browns you will love this mini set. Again - the formula is buttery - the pigmentation is pretty good. And the colour is gorgeous. 

Overall , I will recommend the foundation 100% as it's the perfect summer skincare foundation combo. The rest is hit and miss - if you find a eyeshadow combo that works on your skin tone it will be a winner for sure.

I will be sharing my Advent calendar Days 1-6 a little later this week on the blog so keep an eye open for that too. 

Have you tried any of these products ??

The products were sent to me to try out - all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide - Gift Ideas Under R200

 Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday. How has YOUR week been ??

With all the Black Friday Deals and Christmas shopping coming up -  I compiled a few gift ideas under R200. But do keep an eye on the blog as I will share some more gift guides next week with you guys. 

These are all goodies I currently have or that's really on my Wish list - that is not only super duper cute but super affordable too. These will all make cute an perfect thank you gifts for someone. 

1. Typo Cable Covers ( Shark and Unicorn ) 1 for R69,99 or 2 for R100

2. Lush Sweet Christmas Gift Set R190

3. JT One Mystic Nails Set 3pack R79,95

4. Woolworths Unwind Travel Set Light Blue R110
5. Avon Saffron Necklace R99

6. Lush Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel R135 

7. Avon Berry & Rhubarb Hanging Freshener , Diffuser and Jar Candle R199

8. Rubi Sheet Masks 1 for R79 or 2 for R120

Links to the websites where you can buy these goodies :
Woolworths & JT One 
Typo & Rubi 

Are any of these items on your Wish list ??

Monday, 19 November 2018

Hean Treasure Foil Metallic Shadow

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How has your weekend been ? Mine was super busy at work with year end approaching fast - but I really can't wait to put up the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music non stop soon.

As you all know by know I really love Glamore Cosmetics - not only do they have fantastic costumer service they always have awesome deals and their products are amazing. I recently picked up two of the Treasure Foil Metallic Shadows and today I will share my thoughts on them .

These shadows have amazing pigmentation - and can be used both wet and dry. When the shadows are used wet, they have the same finish as cream eye shadows and have intense shine. Pick up some product on an eyeshadow brush, spray with a setting to fixing spray and then apply to the eye. When used dry for a softer finish, for best results, use a flat eyeshadow brush for the most colour payoff and sparkle.  

The two colours I picked up as 922 - Champagne and 910 - Peony. 

910 - Hean Treasure Foil Metallic Peony
Peony is a gorgeous pinky / purpley shade with such a stunning metallic sheen. Of the two colours - this is the less metallic looking colour. 

Personally my favourite way to use this colour is to pop a darker brown into the crease - and with a flat shader brush and some setting spray use this to pack onto the lid. It gives such a gorgeous purpley smokey eye that can't be beaten. This colour wear time is pretty decent too - with setting spray it lasts a good 8 /9 hours before fading slowly. 

922 Hean Treasure Foil Metallic Champagne 
Honestly - this one is hands down my favourite. It gives the most perfect champagne toned colour with shimmer - if there is only one you need it's this one. I wear it both wet and dry - if I want a more intense sparkly look that looks like a cream shadow - I prefer it wet.

But this looks gorgeous on it's own dry too - I love just popping this onto the lid and rushing out the door on days I do minimal make-up or I know I need to rush out the door . 

Swatches of both colours - 

922 Hean Treasure Foil Metallic Shadow in Champagne

910 Hean Treasure Foil Metallic Shadow in Peony

You can find them on the website HERE - they are currently on special for R90 each - and with 14 colours in total I'm sure there will be a shade YOU will love.

Have you tried the Hean Treasure Foil Metallic Shadows yet ? 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Dove Baby Care Pack Review

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ?? 

Last week Rubybox sent me a Dove Baby Care Pack to review for you guys. Although Alex is a bit older - I'm always on the look out for amazing soft and gentle product on his skin - that won't strip it of any moisture but cleanses his skin (because let's be real boys will be boys ) 

The range promises to be soothing and gentle on kiddies skin with their special pH neautral formulas as well as be soothing on eczema-prone skin as well as being hypoallergenic. 

Sensitive Moisture Head To Toe Wash 200 ml - R38,99

To be honest - I love the Head to Toe wash more than the soap . This wash makes the skin super duper soft - smells amazing without it feeling tight or dry . This is definitely a winner in my books. I like how this works wonders - and it's pretty affordable too . 

Mild and gentle, goes beyond mildness, to help replenish the essential moisture and nutrients of the skin lost through bathing and help preserve skin barrier function. The sensitive head to toe wash helps retain your baby’s natural skin moisture with a combination of mild surfactants at low levels for gentle cleansing.
• Suitable for eczema-prone skin
• Hypoallergenic
• Fragrance free
• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
• Tear-free formula
• Suitable for newborns
• Paediatrically approved
Rich Moisture Nappy Cream 45g - R34,99
While I didn't use this as a nappy cream on Alex - a friend of mine tried it out on her newborn baby and she loves this product. I kept one for Alex too - this works amazing on cuts and grazes too. He ran into the tennis net after his match on Friday and this has been a saving grace to help the cuts heal on his face.  I find this is one of the best products to have on hand with small kids and kids in general too for all those scraped knees ... cuts that tend to happen more often then we wish for. I even love using it on chapped lips if I'm in a pinch.

Now interesting fact - here are some more uses for nappy creams :
  1. Diaper cream works like a charm on razor burn—especially in the bikini area.
  2. Works wonders on ingrown hair
  3. Can de-flame a pimple over night.
  4. The kind containing zinc oxide can double as sunscreen, in a pinch.
  5. Gets rid of puffiness under the eyes.
  6. Works great on wrinkles in delicate areas by providing lots of moisture.
  7. Relief for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin rashes.
  8. Works on chapped lips.
  9. I love using it in areas of chafing (especially during the hot FL summer) like thighs or under breasts.
  10. Reduces acne and moisturizes skin.
  11. Serves as protection for cuts and scrapes, especially if they are going to get wet (like before a dip in the pool).
  12. Use it to prevent clammy hands (especially if you are prone to nervous sweating).
  13. Use it to prevent underarm sweat if you forgot your deodorant–and it helps to moisturize and reduce scaly skin build up.
  14. Put diaper cream on your feet to prevent foot sweat and odor (massage it in and then use a dry cloth to remove residue).
Neutralises pH in seconds and immediately protects from nappy rash. Contains skin protectants, Zinc Oxide (10% - active ingredient), Dimethicone and Mineral oil to form a protective layer that shields baby's delicate skin from the causes of irritation. Neutralises pH in seconds and provides instant comfort from the first use, and immediate protection from the nappy rash, soothing baby skin to leave it soft and smooth. Developed for baby’s delicate skin and ideal for daily use.
Easier to spread than other diaper creams and easier to clean.
• Suitable for newborns
• Hypoallergenic
• Dermatologically tested
• Paediatrically approved

Rich Moisture Baby Bar 75g R12,99
I like Dove soaps in general - but this one is especially gentle on kids skin and even perfect to use on newborns and kids with normal to dry skin. As I mentioned with the Top to Toe wash - I prefer that over the soap as Alex does have dry skin and spends hours outdoors playing or practising sport that tends to dry out his skin even more. That being said - this is still a great soap and a perfect gift to gift any mom with kids.

Milder and more nourishing than ordinary baby soap bars. Crafted for daily use and developed for babies with normal to dry skin. Unlike other baby soap bars, the Rich Moisture Baby Bar contains Dove’s ¼ moisturising cream and DEFI technology, resulting in a unique blend of cleansers and moisturisers that leave delicate baby skin soft, nourished, and delicately scented. Contains stearic and palmitic acid to replenish the essential nutrients lost during cleansing and help preserve skin barrier function, meaning more moisture and nutrients stay in. With a mild and caring fragrance developed specifically for delicate baby skin.
• Hypoallergenic
• pH neutral
• Suitable for newborns
• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
• Paediatrically approved

Overall this is an amazing range - and will make the perfect gift for any baby-shower - or if you are already a mom the perfect addition to your bath-time and little one skincare routine.  
Although products were sent to me all reviews and thoughts are my own

Monday, 5 November 2018

Derma Hydrate Gentle Cleansing Bar Review

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? 

Just a little over a week ago Rubybox sent me some Derma Hydrate soaps to try out and review for you guys. Derma-Hydrate is a new cleansing bar on the market that will be available from Dischem and Clicks for R64,95 for a 75g bar. 

This new cleansing bar is a mild cleansing bar specially formulated for dry dehydrated and compromised skin . There is also no artificial colour added , 100% soap free (so it won't be drying on the skin yest still offer effective cleansing of the skin) , colour free , vitamin E enriched , Ideal 5.5 pH balance and Dermatologist Tested . This brand also doesn't test on animals (which is always a bonus if you are looking for more cruelty-free products ) 

I have been testing this cleansing bar on my skin for the last week as well as on my son Alex. I love how my skin didn't feel super dry and tight after a bath or shower (as I mentioned before I do have super dry dehydrated skin ) . 

I also use clinical strength deodorant that does sting and is super drying on my skin so I can't use just any soap or shower gel with as it will cause stinging and irritation - this didn't cause any issues for me and was super gentle and effective on my underarm areas too . 

This cleansing bar also works amazing as a shave cream as it lathers up perfectly and is super gentle on the skin too . It also doesn't irritate  any shaven areas - which is a bonus because there is nothing worse than stinging after showering from a soap / cream because your skin is too sensitive for too strongly fragrance products.

Which brings me to point three - this is fragrance free - which for me being super sensitive to scents is always a HUGE HUGE bonus. Alex could also use this on his face without any reaction ( he's super sensitive to allergic reactions from products ) . So overall this was a win in my books .

So who would I recommend this cleansing bar too ? Personally I would say anyone - old and young with any skin type - but especially those individuals suffering from dry / dehydrated compromised skin. 

Have you tried the Derma Hydrate Gentle Cleansing bar yet ??? Do you suffer from dry skin too ?

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Lush Christmas Part 2

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . How has your week been so far ? Any fun Halloween plans for tonight?

As promised - today I am sharing Part 2 of my Lush Christmas goodies. I know one of the products isn't part of the Christmas range but I felt it was so perfect for Alex I picked it up and will include it in the review today. So let's jump into some more goodies so you know what's worth checking out online or in-store. Remember the online store WILL be restocked during the Festive season period too - so if something that catches your eye is out of stock now check back in a week or two as it might be restocked already. So let's jump into the goodies I got. 

Santa's Belly Shower Jelly R95 100g
Honestly I love the Lush Shower Jellies. I cut mine into small cubes and store in the fridge - and ESPECIALLY in summer this is the best way to store them . Then after a long pool day , playing out in the sun I grab a block and use it for my shower at night. The blocks also works fantastic mixed in with a bubble bar and some fun to create your own fun coloured bath too . ( This was a tip I got from following some international Lush fans ) . Again - this is another fun fruity scented Lush product - which shows you I really love the more fruity citrus scents in the range.

Santa’s got a belly full of cleansing grape and apple juices, so shake it like a bowl full of jelly and take a whiff of this fruity mood-boosting shower treat!. It wobbles fun into the shower thanks to soothing rose absolute and moisturising carrageenan extract. Stimulating star anise infusion and uplifting neroli will have you moving and shaking just like the big man himself. It’s Christmas time so go on and indulge. Santa’s filled his boots, now you can too! 

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar R56,50 each
Let's be real there is no way I can skipped anything candy cane themed from this collection right ? While I don't usually get too many bubble bars , they are fantastic if you love a tub full of long lasting bubbles. As I mentioned with the shower jelly - I prefer to cut mine up and with a sieve run them under the tap (alone or as mentioned with Lush Fun / Lush Shower Jellies) for a truly magical bath tub with magical bubbles. Again - this is another citrus scent winner - and I will be picking up another one of these for the Festive season . (Do we see another Lush haul on the blog soon ?? Mmmm.... ) Another Bubble bar I really really love to use for mixed baths is the Milky Bar - it's also a pretty good one . (And from the permanent range ) 

What’s red and white and can be used over and over? A decoration for the tree or a cheeky stocking filler, the possibilities are endless when you take a trip down candy lane. Hang out with this double stripe of bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils to lift the mood and create a fruity fresh fragrance that will have you bathing time and time again. Hold under the running water to froth up mounds of fluffy bubbles before placing on the side to dry, ready for your next trip to candyland. 

Butterbear Bath Bomb R45 each
This cutie is a Festive season favourite for years now. It's such a cutie and this is usually the bath bomb I go for the night before Christmas to get me into the Christmas spirit. Alex loves the little polar bear too . I feel this is the perfect soak to relax yourself and soak up the cocoa butter goodness for soft skin. This one is a little more floral scented though - so just a word of warning but even though I can't stand floral scented products this one stays a firm favourite - and to be honest I can't imagine Christmas time without him. 

Snuggle up in a bear hug of comforting and reassuring ylang ylang oil and get some cocoa cuddles with this festive friend.
A real softy at heart, hydrating Fair Trade organic cocoa butter melts at the core for a silky, dreamy bathtime.
Sourced from the Dominican Republic, the growers are ensured a fair wage and additional money is used to improve and repair schools.
Feel good at your core while you enjoy a soak in a velvety sweet bath.
Sugar Plum Fairy Body Scrub R49,50 each
I was intrigued from the moment I saw this little goodie online - I haven't tried any Lush scrubs before so I wasn't sure what to expect except a more solid form scrub that leaves a gorgeous purple layer of scrub on your skin . Swoon - I love the scent once I received it and I'm sad I only ordered one. Again I love that this doesn't have any packaging - making this another good plastic free product. It contains fine sea salt to polish and buff away any dead skin and smells like amazing sweet wild oranges . And another bonus - this is pretty budget friendly too. 

Shower amidst vibrant purple hues and play under an umeboshi plum infused waterfall. Secrets of the Sugar Plum Fairy are unlocked as sweet wild orange refreshes and awakens the skin; scrubbing away winter blues with caster sugar which leaves behind a healthy glow. Mystical waters dance across the body while fine sea salt buffs and polishes. If you're looking for an exfoliator to soften and smooth, this naked little number is sprite for you!

Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel R135 each
So please don't judge me too harshly - but I have never tried anything of the Snow Fairy Scent range before . Yes it's such a cult classic but I never gravitated towards it. Until I saw the range included a solid shower gel. Now from  the previous Lush Christmas haul and Halloween haul ... I suddenly fell in love with the naked version so I knew I had to try this Cult Classic ( I'm super tempted to try Ciders in the Solid version too though) . Snow Fairy has a super sweet cotton candy scent - which is fun - an feel this is the ultimate girly shower gel from Lush. I'm really super excited to use this one .

Summon sweet showers with these naked lollipop lathers and douse yourself in clouds of cleansing candy floss waters. Sweet pink suds will clear away the skies of grey and help you wrap yourself in a magic that comes just once a year. With no bottle to hold them back, the fairy has arrived to bring the cheer with candy-coated bubbles and a plastic free shower. Lather up and let it snow in your hands or directly onto your skin before rinsing away. When you're done washing in the fantasy carnival, let your naked shower gel dry out, saccharine showers are ready to go time and time again.

Rocket Science Bath Bomb R64,50
Now I know this isn't part of the Lush Christmas products - but I was super tempted to add this to my cart to try out for Alex. He really loves rockets and science and general facts so he will be over the moon (see what I did there ... hee hee hee ) over this bath bomb. This is another citrus scented bath bomb that looks super cool and I am really excited to use this one soon. 

Blast off to another world with this mix of uplifting bergamot and lemon. It’s smooth soaring to beautiful bath waters as mellow yellow fizzes with deep blue and pink. Lower onto the surface of the water, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as it leisurely glides around the bath. You'll love this to the moon and back.

There are still a few goodies on my wish list from the Lush Christmas range - I might do another haul again really soon. 

Did you get anything from the Lush Christmas collection yet ? Are you planning to pick up anything ??

Thursday, 25 October 2018

My Mini MakeUp Revolution Test & Review

Hi guys ! Happy Thursday. How are you today ? How has your week been ??

A few weeks ago Make-Up Revolution launched in Clicks stores locally and everyone went nuts over the range finally being available in South Africa. I don't have a store close to me that actually stocks any products but when I was browsing Clicks online store I noticed there were some goodies still available online and I quickly scooped it up. 

I love how Make-Up Revolution is pretty affordable and decent quality . I got three items from the range to try out - The Baked Highlighter in Matte Lights , Conceal & Define Concealer and Fast Base Stick foundation . The range has quite a few items - and I will review more in the future as I buy but to dip my toes into exploring this brand this was my choices. 

Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Matte Lights R89,95 
Make-Up Revolution is known for making incredible highlighters - so I was really keen to try it out. Mind you I didn't notice the matte part in the description when ordering though -but that was user error from my side. Honestly - I was left a little disappointing with the highlighter. It's a little chalky on the skin (although when paired with the other two products and a hydrating setting spray it looks pretty nice on the skin. It's a nice almost stark white highlighter with a subtle glitters - I mention this because I know some people don't like glittery highlights  .It lasts a good 4/5 hours before slowly fading away. I wasn't super impressed but it's a pretty looking highlighter.

Conceal & Define Concealer in C4 R104,95
Now I knew ordering this shade (as the other three lighter shades were sold out ) it would be too dark for a nice brightening concealer on me. But I do find this an amazing concealer for covering blemishes. I have tried it in the under eye area too - but /I do find at the end of the day I can see it clinging to dry patches (again nothing wrong with the product - I have extremely dry skin ) . I will say I think this will be such an amazing concealer for normal to oily skin people .But on any blemishes or covering dark pigmentation spots it works great. I will definitely purchase the correct shade once it is available online too. With a good primer and setting spray this also lasts pretty long but I did find it settled into the fine lines around my eyes pretty easily. 

Fast Base Stick Foundation F2 R109,95
I have used both a beauty sponge and a brush with this foundation and both works great with the product - which is a bonus. A beauty sponge does provide less coverage (about  light coverage ) but boy oh boy with a brush this can go pretty full coverage - which is a bonus too. I do find the foundation applies easily (just swipe on your face) and blends pretty easily. It however clings to dry patches (which is the case for most stick foundations or foundations in general ) . The longevity is pretty decent too - when I remove my make-up at night I can see it lasted the whole day. Keep in mind I do use a good primer and setting spray too. It does keep me pretty matte though and in summer I do get oily in my T-zone so this is a bonus. And I love the packaging - *swoon* I'm a sucker for the packaging too - I love the colour scheme and the Rose Gold lettering. 

Swatches from left to right :
Highlighter in Matte Lights , Conceal & Define concealer in C4 and Fast Base Stick Foundation in F2.

Have you tried any Make-Up Revolution products you can recommend I try next ??

Monday, 22 October 2018

Lush Christmas Part 1

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How has your week been ? Mine has been crazy busy - but luckily I have a few posts lined up for you guys this week. 

Today I will be sharing Part 1 of my Lush Christmas goodies ( I placed an online order when they launched last week Thursday so those goodies I will be reviewing later this week ) Today the Lush Christmas range will be in store in South Africa - and I thought I'd share my thoughts on the goodies I was sent (Part 1) and do a second part once my order arrives. Again - online it sold out pretty quickly - but no fear Lushies - the online store will be restocked a few times leading up to Christmas. Which is always awesome news. And if you are lucky enough to be close to a Lush store and smell all the lovely Christmas goodies yourself you are in for a huge treat. 

So let's jump into part 1 :

Once Upon A Time Body Lotion R295 225g 
Again - as I mentioned with the Halloween goodies - I'm a sucker for amazing Citrus scents - and this lotion doesn't disappoint. This smells like apples , lemon and grapefruit and is such an amazingly perfect lotion for Summer in South Africa - who doesn't like to smell fruity and yummy after a day spend at the pool ? The lotion is also SUPER hydrating - another bonus !

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to have the most perfect soft skin; but only the best and most delightful, apple scented lotion would do. He travelled all over the world to find one but nowhere could he get what he wanted. There were lotions enough and bath oils galore, but nothing tickled his fancy. He didn't like lavender and didn't want bananas or patchouli either. So he came home again and was sad, for he would have liked very much to have a lotion that smelled like apples!
After some time, the prince came across a magical shop in the nearby town. The shop claimed to sell the most beautiful body lotions in all the land. He strode in and was immediately greeted by the most wonderful smell! He begged for the apple scented lotion he so desperately wanted and with a flick of their wrist and a twinkle in their eye, the Lush shop elf summoned a tub. The prince took a sniff and was immediately bowled over by the scent. With apple infusion lemon oil and grapefruit, the prince had finally found his true love. He applied the lotion every day and lived happily ever after with super soft skin.
 Golden Pear Soap R125 each
*Swoon* can we chat for a moment how perfectly gorgeous this soap is ? And I love how it's shaped like a pear with the most gorgeous golden lustre . The soap smells like a delicious warm fruity dessert - and will definitely be a show stopper to display in the bathroom . I can't wait to put this soap out in December and use it to get into the festive spirit - it's really gorgeous. I love getting a Lush festive soap every year for my bathroom to get me into the Festive mood. 

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
A jar of pear purée
Murumuru butter
Warming cardamom oil
Some agave syrup
Brazillian orange oil
Organic cocoa butter
A drop of almond oil
Five Golden things!
Sandalwood oil
Creamy coconut
A whole organic clove...
...Are all part of Golden Pear soap
This pear-fect little soap creates a luxurious lather on the skin. Pear purée and cardamom oil cover skin in a scent reminiscent of warm fruit desserts and spiced cakes while murumuru butter moisturises and softens skin. A classy addition to any Christmas bath or shower. Wrap in a knot wrap and hide in the tree's branches for a sumptuously scented treat.
Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb R62,50 each
This is another gorgeous citrus scented bath bomb - and just look at the cute snowflake design. This one looks way to pretty to use. Again as I mentioned in my Halloween post too - I prefer cutting up my bath bombs and making my own bath time combos sometimes. This one I will be cutting into four to get four magical pink yummy baths out of this little cutie. 

Outside, snowflakes fall to the ground, creating a picturesque postcard landscape, untouched and unspoilt. Against the back drop of a winter dream, Sicilian lemon oil refreshes and rejuvenates putting a smile on the face of all who bathe here. Pop this bundle of joy in the bath and allow the intricate pattern to take shape before your eyes. Lay back, feel relaxed and enjoy the festive season as blackcurrant-scented buchu oil spreads the cheer.
After all, 'tis the season to be jolly.
 Shoot for the Stars Bathbomb R69,50 each
I can just imagine what gorgeous Bath Art this one will make . It's sooo pretty with the golden blue stars - making your bath look like a little galaxy. 

The stars smells like yummy coconut - while the blue "sky" smells like bergamot - YUM !! This will be a sure winner this Festive season and I can see this one selling out quickly . Again - as with all my bath bombs - this one I will be cutting into halve for two magical baths. 

No need to wish on a star, fizzes of honey-scented stardust grant all your heart's desires.
Fair Trade organic cocoa butter stars melt in the water, moisturising skin while uplifting bergamot oil sends your mood soaring above the clouds.
Fizz this cobalt bath bomb in a hot bath and bathe amongst the galaxy, brightening moods and pampering skin in a cosmos of your own making.
The stars are aligning with almond oil and creamed coconut to soothe and hydrate. A journey to the centre of the universe, is one intergalactic bath away.
Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble Bar R79,50 
Although I prefer citrus scents - my lovely friend Tanya works at Lush Gateway and said this is her favourite Bubble Bar by far. And I can see why . It's made with fair Trade Shea Butter and smells like clove oil and nutmeg - such a perfect warming combination. She highly recommend this lovely beauty .

So you've had your fill of Christmas dinner, you've drunk all the mulled wine you can hold and you're stuffed to the brim with mince pies... So what do you say when someone offers you a sweet treat filled with warming cinnamon and nutmeg powders, softening soya milk and moreish cocoa butter? Say yes of course! There is always room for more pudding and this skin softening dessert is worth the extra indulgence. Crumble this bubbly Battenburg under running water to release tempting mounds of fluffy foam. Climb in and let the Fair Trade shea butter soften skin as clove bud oil warms you from top to toe. A final flourish of uplifting ylang ylang oil encourages positivity and ensures that even the terrible Christmas cracker jokes don't turn you into a Scrooge.

Sleepy Naked Shower Gel R165 each
This smells so dreamy ( pun intended ) and lavender-y. It really makes you want to drift off into dreamland. I REALLY like the solid shower gels now - it's such an unique concept and I even ordered another one when the Christmas goodies launched online - I like them that much. Plus no plastic bottle to ugly up your bathroom so yeah ! I also love how user friendly these are to use too. 

When it comes to sleeping, some people prefer to do it naked. Whether you do it in your favourite PJ's or prefer your birthday suit, you'll be sleeping soundly after lavishly lathering lavender suds all over your skin.Oat and lavender flower extract sing a soothing serenade to help swirling thoughts to settle while ylang ylang oil instills serenity. Drift off to the land of nod, on clouds of comforting tonka absolute. All is calm, all is left feeling softened and moisturised with moisturising Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. So do away with the packaging and shake the dreamland tree.

Did you get anything from the Christmas collection ? I will post my order goodies a little later this week in a Lush Christmas Part 2 .

Thanks again to Lush South Africa for sending me this goodies to review and test out.