Monday, 29 June 2015

Essence : Latex Matt The Black Cat

Hi guys. Happy Monday . Did you have a great weekend ? This is a super busy and exciting week for me, so really looking forward to this week. 

Today I'm sharing an awesome Essence Effects nail polish with you guys from their new Trend range - Essence Latex Matt The Black Cat, I really like the look of dark nails in the winter, so this is perfect for the current cold wintery weather we are having. The matt effect is trendy, and let's be real, it makes you feel kind of bad-ass - Like Taylor Swift in her new Bad Blood music video. 

The polish formula was surprising easy to work with for a matt polish , although I would describe this more as a Satin finish as a full on matt. It doesn't have that chalky look to it at all. 

The polish did last a good 2/3 days before slight tip wear appeared, which considering you don't use topcoat, is pretty good for such an affordable nail polish.  

So onto the swatches - 

Do you like rocking black nail polish ? Would you wear this stunning black ? 
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

3 Mini Reviews - Catrice Make-Up Edition 02

 Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . 

Today I'm bringing you guys the second instalment of my 3 mini Reviews - Catrice Make-Up Edition for you and sharing my thoughts on another 3 awesome Catrice goodies with you . 

So lets get onto the 3 products for this week -

Catrice Jet Lash Speed Volume Mascara -
I'm a huge fan of volume mascaras, I love the way they make my eyelashes look. This Catrice one is no exception. It's a great volumising mascara, that makes your eyelashes look wispy and doll-like without getting clumpy and lumpy. Although the formula isn't waterproof, this does stay smudge-free on me, and that says a lot as I wipe my eyes a lot during the day. 

Catrice Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil 020 Avokhaki-
This is such a great pencil to achieve a easy smokey eye . You can use the pencil part and lightly draw a line close to your lash line, and then smudge it out using the smudger on the other end. This really works for a quick and easy date night look as it isn't as intense as a black, but dark enough to achieve a flawless quick and easy smokey eye. The shimmer in the pencil isn't too intense, just enough to add a little something. 

Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Khol Kajal - 010 Come Black and Stay
Fun fact, before Catrice send me this one, I actually bought the Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter pen, and been loving that ever since as it helps brighten up my eyes if I look or feel tired the day . This is the perfect pencil to use to line the waterline, as it doesn't budge and stays on the whole day. Perfection. I don't wear black in my waterline that often, as I hate the look when it fades , but this pencil have helped me venture out a little especially with a smokey eye. This pencil comes with a nifty little sharpener at the end too, so your guaranteed to always have a sharp pencil to line with. 

What's YOUR favourite Catrice product at the moment ??
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Monday, 22 June 2015

CND Weekly Polish

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . Hope you had a great weekend .

Today I'm sharing a great concept polish from CND Vinylux with you guys. This is the Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat . The colour I got was a funky green, and while green nail polish isn't normally a colour I'd wear, the colour Lush Tropics colour was a great addition to my collection. 

So onto my thoughts on the nail polish first -
If you don’t change your nail polish often ( And I'm guilty off this , although I have a HUGE collection, I just don't have the time to sit and do my nails daily or a few times a week, work and home duties keep me busy ) , this might be the perfect polish combination for you. 

The polish itself has a lovely buttery formula and great colours in the range . The fact that it doesn’t stain or need a base-coat is a HUGE bonus ( Especially if you usaully don't have time to sit and wait for each coat of your nail polish to dry ) . And this did worry me a little, because green (and blue and red ) nail polishes sometimes stain... badly... And this didn't stain at all. 

I found the wear time to be very good. I wore this for 7days straight, and got a little tip wear , but could have easily gotten another day or two wear out of it if I didn't get tired of the colour. Over time, the finish dulled some, but that's perfectly normal with wearing polish for a few days. You can easily fix this by adding another coat of top coat during the week. I did get a chip on my thumb near the end of the week but that's just because I broke that nail that day too. 

Two coats of Weekly Polish and one coat of Weekly Top Coat and about 5/6 minutes later I can function normally. Like  go to the bathroom (ummm don't you hate it if you NEED to use the bathroom right after you painted your nails ??? ) , be out the door without worrying about ruining your mani,  normal. 

So onto the swatches of this gorgeous polish - 

And here's how it looked after seven days. As you can notice, my nails grew quite a bit in the week, but the tip wear isn't that bad at all. 

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the Weekly Polish and Top coat, and will be looking into some more work friendly colours. 

Have YOU tried CND Vinylux before ??
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Essence Longlasting Nude Lipsticks

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday , hope you had a relaxing long weekend (or just enjoyed the public holiday yesterday if you weren't lucky enough to have Monday off off )

A few weeks ago when I popped into Deschem,  I saw these amazing nude lipsticks in the Essence stand. I swatched them in-store and decided to get one ( I was sick after all, that justifies a lipstick... ) and got my heart set on Wearing only a smile (The lightest one of the bunch.) I accidentally took a different one (Porcelain Doll ) and paid - I'll blame the flu meds ... But fell in love with Porcelain Doll instantly. I'm a huge fan of nude lips... So this was a winner. And nude lips goes with ANY make-up look . 

Then a week or two after that,  Essence sent me some Trend edition goodies to try out... And to my surprise... Wearing Only a Smile was included. I got a second colour too ... Come Naturally that's a darker nude , but still amazingly gorgeous.

Formula on these lipsticks are amazing ... These they go on smoothly and are VERY pigmented. I have quiet pigmented lips, and these lipsticks go on just as swatched. The formula isn't drying , almost moisturising . The colour lasts about 2/3 hours on me, but then again I don't wear long wear lipsticks, so this doesn't bother me, the colour and formula is a win in my books. 

So onto the colours swatches ...

1. Wearing Only A Smile :
This is a light almost pink -ish nude, super gorgeous . I love wearing this as an everyday lip colour. 

2. Porcelain Doll : 
This is a warmer nude colour, again, I do feel it pulls a little peachy on my skin tone, but I absolutely love this one . This is seriously the perfect nude lip for any occasion.

3. Come Naturally :
This is the darkest one in the collection, this is more a mauve nude but still gorgeous. Especially on darker skin tones. 

There are 2 more in the collection 04 It's Nude Time , a almost concealer like colour ( And on my list to get next ... ) and 05 Cool Nude - A darker brown nude . 

Again , these lipsticks are SUPER affordable, amazing quality , and let's be real .. You can never have too many nude lipsticks. 

Do you love nude lipsticks ? Which one of these are your favourite ??
*Some of these product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Friday, 12 June 2015

SLEEPWEEK : Mio Liquid Yoga

 Hi guys ! Happy Friday !

Today I'm sharing my final product of #SLEEPWEEK with you guys . This time round it's another great bath product - Mio Liquid Yoga. 

How it works 

Liquid Yoga is your personal masseuse in a bottle; helping with muscle fatigue, relaxing tight, stressed shoulders and soothing tired, achy bodies whilst detoxifying and re-energising. No other bath treatment is as rich in incredible actives. Magnesium-rich Epsom salts and Arnica relieve aches and pains whilst helping muscles recover—and help eliminate toxins that prevent your body from reaching its potential. We also added our heady blend of V-Tonic™, spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin and chamomile essential oils to ease your stress and anxiety, plus moisturising, anti-inflammatory Murumuru Butter so your skin feels as good as your mind upon stepping out of the tub. Importantly, it is Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free.

What the heck are we talking about did we hear you ask? Well these two ingredients are probably in almost anything you have that makes bubbles in your home – go ahead check your shampoo, your bubble bath, your dishwashing liquid, your kitchen floor cleaner and your car shampoo. Weird, eh? We thought so to – so we don’t use it, ever. Plus it’s a well-known skin irritant linked to all kinds of not-so-nice things. We don’t want to bore you with too much detail, but google it.

This amazing bath soak is heaven in a bottle - A perfect way to unwind after a stressful day or very intense workout. This amazing soak was love at first bath, the smell is sooo relaxing, you feel like floating on a cloud. And after a good 20minute soak, you feel more relaxed, and de-stressed, and sleep a lot better after a Liquid Yoga bath. 

Yes, this is a little pricier , but it's worth the splurge in my opinion ... You will feel like a million dollars after this amazing bath soak. 

If you're interested in this amazing bath soak , feel free to get in touch with Poise Brands to find your nearest stockist of this amazing product. 

Hope these three products I mentioned this week will help you out too. 
Let me know what's YOUR favourite way to de-stress after a hectic day ?

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

SLEEPWEEK : Sorbet Sleep Rescue Sleepy Bliss Pillow Spray

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday ! 

Keeping with SLEEPWEEK this week, I'm sharing another great bedtime inspired product , that I just REALLY love - The Sorbet Sleep Rescue Sleepy Bliss Pillow Spray. 

I must admit I'm a little obsessed with this spray, each night before bedtime I give my pillows and bedding a few sprays of this spray, and I know I will get into bed feeling relaxed. This sprays a fine lavender scent , and luckily doesn't stain or leae your pillows / bedding damp . (Which is a huge bonus ) 

The whole Sorbet Sleep Rescue range is REALLY amazing, but this is the stand out product of the range for me. 

The Sorbet Sleep Rescue Sleepy Bliss Pillow Spray is one of the first pillow sprays I used that doesn't have that artificial lavender smell. The blend of lavender and chamomile in this spray is perfection . The smell of this magical spray helps you relax and gently helps you drift off to sleep. I even use this on Alex's pillow at night time .

I'm on my second bottle already since I started using it a few weeks ago ... And I can see myself re-purchasing this again and again... 

This lovely Sorbet Sleep Rescue Sleepy Bliss Pillow Spray retails for R26 at Clicks & Sorbet for R26 which is such a great bargain for this little bottle of magic.

Have YOU tried anything of the Sorbet Sleep Rescue range ?

Monday, 8 June 2015

SLEEPWEEK - Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

Hi guys. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was okay, just super chilly... Perfect snuggling on the couch watching Youtube videos. 

This week I'm having another little mini series on the blog - SLEEPWEEK ... aimed at sharing my favourite products that help me sleep better when I have a stressful week ahead (which leads to little or no sleep ) and what I use . Because let's be real - Life doesn't go according to plan 100% of the time.  These are some of the products that work for me, I won't say they will replace sleeping pills if you use those, but these are amazing products that will help you relax and de-stress a little. 

First up in this series... Is the LUSH Blackberry Bath Bomb.... A little miracle worker for me. 

A little bit about this bath bomb from the LUSH website -
"This is a good one to use on days when you are feeling out of sorts, rushed or just can’t think straight. It brings calm and clarity to a busy hectic life. Step out of the bath and leave your cares behind. Makes the perfect bath partner with Sultana of Soap as they share the same fragrance. Blackberry Bath Bomb is one of the first bath bombs Mo invented back in them there olden days – but its pure simplicity has made it a long term favourite.  The fragrance was invented originally when Mark and Ro went to Paris and wanted a fragrance that was evocative of the blackberry and musqué they smelt everywhere."

This bath bomb is PERFECT for relaxing after a very stressful day ... I cut mine into 2 pieces , making it last a little longer too , and using one of the pieces in a bath . The scent really helps you relax , and makes you sleep better at night. This helps me so much, so now when I know I have a busy or stressful week, I make sure I have a Blackberry Bath Bomb to use . This is like a little purple ball of magic to ease your mind and body . And it makes your bath purple... That's a HUGE bonus too. 

And... Another great surprise in this bath bomb ... A little message that's hidden inside ;) 

What's YOUR favourite Lush Bath Bomb / Bubble Bar ? Any amazing ones you want to recommend?

Friday, 5 June 2015

June Test Box Unboxing

Hi guys ! Happy Friday ! It's FREEZING today ... Brrr... Hope you guys will stay nice and warm . 

Today I'm unboxing the June TestBox for you guys... And I was super excited when I saw what was inside. I *just* coloured my hair this week, so these goodies came at the perfect time, and I was thrilled when I opened te box and discovered the Paul Mitchell Colour Care goodies. 

So what's inside the box this month -

Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Shampoo 100ml:
WHAT IT DOES Cleanses colour-treated hair while it moisturises, strengthens and boosts shine. HOW IT WORKS Sunflower extract provides intense UV protection, while conditioning agents and extracts hydrate and add shine. ADDED BONUS Helps colour last longer by shielding it from the sun. DIRECTIONS Apply a small amount. Massage. Rinse.
Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Conditioner 100ml:
WHAT IT DOES Detangles and smoothes colour-treated hair, so locks look and feel soft and hydrated. HOW IT WORKS Sunflower extract protects hair from sun damage, while conditioning extracts moisturise and boost shine. ADDED BONUS Provides UVA and UVB protection, and helps prevent colour from fading.
Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Locking Spray 100ml:
WHAT IT DOES Makes hair look conditioned and super shiny while it locks in and extends the life of hair colour. HOW IT WORKS Sunflower extract provides sun protection and keeps colour from fading, while conditioning extracts add moisture and shine. ADDED BONUS Powerful UVA and UVB protection helps prevent colour fade.

Again, this is a great bargain for R160  , and I can't wait to see how amazing the next box will be. 
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*

Monday, 1 June 2015

Essence : The Gel Polish Lucky & Top and Base coat Review

Hi guys . Happy Monday ! How was your weekend ?? 

Essence recently launched some awesome The Gel Polish base / top coat and a great range of polishes.  I got a few of the colours in the range to test out, and was pretty excited to see how these polishes preform with the top and base coat from this range. 

One of the colours I got was Lucky - A gorgeous pink polish. The colour was opaque in two coats , and applied smoothly.I used it with the Essence The Gel Polish Base coat and Top coat. Now the base coat I found pretty average, but boy oh boy ... The top coat really impressed me. I love quick drying top coats, because let's be real - no one has time to sit and wait for polish to dry . This top coat is AMAZING ! It makes your mani dry SUPER fast (not Seche Vite fast, but really fast ) And it makes your nails look nice and shiny. 

Now onto the wear time - this combo is suppose to make your nails last chip free for longer. I won't say it will keep them chip free for 7days or nearly as long as a gel mani would last you - but it did last a good 4/5 days on me - and I'm rough on my nail polish. In my books that's a decent amount of time. Especially for such an affordable brand . 

Now onto the swatches of the pretty pink polish Essence Lucky ... 

Have you tried the Essence Gel Polishes ? What's your thoughts ??

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*