Wednesday, 24 August 2016

{Review} Some more new Essence Nail Polishes

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . How is your week going ? My last two weeks has been hectic crazy busy at work - so sorry for the lack of posts. 

As I mentioned, a little while back Essence sent me a cute Press Pack with a few new polishes - I got the grey at Dischem the same day too - so decided to throw it in with the rest.

So let's go onto those awesome polishes and swatches. 

Essence Grey Zone
As you know - I have a soft spot for grey and nude polishes - so when I popped into Dischem (after getting the press pack just as I was about to leave to go ) I knew I had to get this gorgeous grey. And let's be real ? Who pops into Dischem just for the medicine they need ? I can't.

This is the most gorgeous grey polish. When Essence All About the Grey came out I knew I would love the grey. Then I saw this gem on Instagram and fell in love instantly . This polish is a gorgeous light grey colour that is opaque in two coats. If you love grey polishes - you will LOVE this one too. It looks super gorgeous against my skin tone - which is a huge bonus. 

Essence Need Your Love
This is the perfect winter / cold weather colour. This is a deep reddish brown that looks pretty dark but when the light hits it you do see the reddish brown colour . Again - I love dark colours - and this is no exception. If you like dark vampy colours this is the perfect for you. I do think the formula is super shiny on it's own without topcoat. I used two coats for the swatch below. 

Essence Pink Lagoon
As I mentioned with the previous Essence New Nail Releases Post - I did get one colour to try with the silver base that time . I didn't try it with a silver base this time round too - but this jelly colour is definitely more opaque as the last colour I got. I can see myself rocking this colour in spring and summer. This is such a gorgeous berry toned pink - that was pretty opaque (not completely - but about 90% ) in two coats. This will make a gorgeous pedicure colour too. 

Essence Party Nights
I love purples ( It's strangely enough the colour I buy most next to nudes and greys ) yet I don't wear them enough. Essence Party Nights is a gorgeous deeper purple (but not to the point that it looks black ) . The colour is gorgeous and I'm sure if you are paler like me or even a deeper skin tone - this colour will suit you. It's a pretty gorgeous universal colour . The formula is buttery and easy to use . I used 2 coats in the swatch below. 

Essence Gummy Touch Top Coat
While the bottle does say it will leave you with a "Matt Effect" I will say this will leave you more with a satin Matt finish than a Matt finish . Essence does amazing satin / Matt polishes so I did go into this with extremely high hopes. The formula of this polish did dry a little streaky on me - which is a little bit of a downer for me. I'm not sure if the polish didn't like the colour I picked to try it on - but it also took quite a while to completely dry down and start looking Matt- but the end result is still pretty good .

How has YOUR week been ? Have you tried any new colour polishes I should look into ? 

All polishes apart from the Essence Grey Zone was sent for review. All opinions on the polishes are my own. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

All About Colour Correcting and my 4 Favourite Products

Hi guys. Happy Friday . I am finally better - Yeah ! I was horribly sick last week so finally being able to feel human again is amazing - and scary how quickly you take it for granted.

Colour Correcting is all the rage now , and while I don't go overboard with colour correcting myself - I know a lot of you are curious about great affordable options out there-so today I will share four I love and use mostly. (And for what I use each one ) .

So first onto some Colour Correcting Tips when looking into what colour you need : 
Lilac Concealers 
Is mostly used to cover any yellowness and brighten up the skin
Green Concealers :
Helps correct redness 
Yellow Concealers :
Covers blue and purple tones
Pink / Salmon / Peach Concealers : 
Brighten and conceal the under eye areas
Neutral :
Covers Minor Imperfections

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Dirty Works Bye Bye Dark Circles
I love how creamy this formula is (although some might see it as a downside ) . I love this when my skin is a little drier under my eyes - the darker salmon coloured tone to correct and hide any dark circles I might have (from late nights or not sleeping enough ) and the concealer colour over it to cover the corrector colour. I love this combo especially in winter - where I need a creamier consistency under my eyes. 

Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer
Again , let's be real - Essence prices are super affordable so this will without a doubt make it into my list. This one works the same as the Dirty Works Under Eye concealer. This formula is thicker and definitely more opaque - But it has two colour options. I use the lighter one to highlight any areas that I feel might look dull if I'm tired - and the darker colour to spot conceal. 

Avon Ideal Flawless CC Concealer Stick - Yellow
This is basically a new discovery for me. I love how easy to apply this is - no sticking your finger into any pots - so personally this is a much more hygienic option. There is 3 colour ones in the range - Lilac, Green and this Yellow. I don't use concealers to brighten my face or to cover redness that much , but I wanted to try this one out for underneath my eyes and I'm glad I did. I draw the typical triangles under my eyes and blend this out with a Beauty Blender or my SwiitchBeauty F40 Cake It Brush. It brightens my under eye area and lightens it up beautifully. Especially when I'm sick or feel like my complexion looks a little bit dull. As I mentioned, Avon does have this in a Lilac one (to brighten skin tone ) and a Green one (to cover redness )

Essence All I Need Concealer Palette
Again , you can't go wrong with Essence quality and prices. This is an amazing palette if you are just starting out and not sure what colours you will need for correcting. The green works nicely to cover redness ( I love using this on a pimple first to cover most of the redness - and then use a normal concealer on top ) - the pink colour works amazing to cover dark under eye circles - The middle colour is to dark for me to use as a concealer , but I'm pretty sure it will make a great cream contour shade - I will have to try it for that. There's a yellow lighter toned one that's perfect for underneath the eyes too, and a normal (well at least for me ) toned colour that I use as a normal concealer. This isn't too pigmented where you should be scared of ending up like a green monster - but it does cover any problem area nicely - and again - Essence is super affordable so if you aren't sure if colour correcting is for you you won't waste a ton of money .

In the end , it's what works for you as everyone's skintone is different and has different needs - these are just the ones I find work amazingly well for me .

Do you have a favourite colour correcting concealer ? I'm always open to hear about new fun ones to give a try .

Have a great weekend guys !
*I received one of the products (Essence All I need Concealer palette as PR sample )  *

Friday, 5 August 2016

My 3 Favourite Facial Oils

Hi guys ! Happy Friday. How has your week been so far ? Any exciting weekend plans ?

One of my biggest concerns in Winter time is dehydrated skin . I don't drink nearly enough water like I do in summer, so I really notice this first in my skin. And as much as I don't like to admit it - drinking a lot of coffee worsens the situation.

I recently discovered three amazing face oils that help me keep my skin amazingly soft and hydrated. Even when I'm sick ( like I currently am ). Two of these oils are a little bit richer and I keep them more for my night time skincare routine, but one is perfect for everyday use and even to apply foundation with .

So let's get on to the 3 magical oils :

Lipodil Overnight Face Treatment Oil R80 
Okay so I will admit I did buy the Woman and Health magazine in June just for this freebie. I always wanted to try it out and I thought what better way then buying a magazine ( weekend reading ) and getting the oil to try out. And I was pretty impressed. This oil can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, helping your skin to deliver much needed moisture that is stripped away by daily exposure. A little goes a long way with this oil - I find about 4 drops is sufficient as a treatment. I use this about every second night (I use Retinol one night, this oil the next ) followed by my favourite moisturiser. This helps especially in the colder months when your skin feels tight from heaters or aircon the whole day,, but I can see this will fit in nicely into my Spring/Summer skincare routine too as it will help with extra hydration especially after being out in the sun. 

Avon Miracle Glow Lightweight Facial Oil R99 *
This is my favourite daytime facial oil. This oil can be used both day and night , but since it's so lightweight and absorbs really quickly into your skin, I love using this in the morning underneath my moisturiser instead. This oil has Vitamin E and seed oil that helps skin looking moisturised and -radiant. I even love this oil on a beauty blender or make-up sponge to give extra moisture when I'm using a super matte full coverage foundation. I use about 4 drops of this oil each morning - and I don't see myself cutting this step out anytime soon.

Justine Facial Treatment with Rosehip Oil R315

This is the most hydrating facial oil I own . It's Justine Iconic Tissue oil formula with amazing ingredients like wheatgerm oil, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E . This oil is amazing to improve hydration, texture on your skin as well as redness. I sometimes suffer from redness - especially when it's nice okay weather the one day and extremely cold the next - my cheeks and forehead will start getting red ( not like noticeable Rudolph the red nose reindeer red, but enough to notice it through foundation ) and this oil works amazing to help with that issue. I will use this oil for a night or two and voila - problem gone. Since this is an oilier richer facial oil - I don't use a moisturiser after the oil. I will use a pump or two on my face and will wake-up with amazingly hydrated skin. I love using this oil after a very deep cleaning mask too - to help give back some hydration that I lost with the cleaning mask. 

Currently in the month of August the Avon and Justine one is on special - making it the perfect time to try out one of these if you are interested. 

I find facial oils the perfect boost for any skin type even oily skins. You'll be amazed how much oils can help your skin , adding a extra boost to keeping your skin healthy looking and radiant.

Do you have a favourite facial oil I need to look into ? I'm always open to new suggestions.