Monday, 20 June 2016

My Top Products to Combat Dry Winter Lips

Hi guys ! Happy Monday ? How was your weekend ? Again , sorry for my long absence here, life in general just got in the way - and having a sick kid doesn't make it any easier. 

I know one of my biggest problems in winter in mainly one area - my lips. My lips are SUPER sensitive and dry all year round already - so when winter rolls around I know I what steps I need to take to make sure I'm not stuck with red, sore cracking lips. Not at all pretty , especially since we all want pretty soft kissable lips all year round. 

As I mentioned a few times, I do have extremely sensitive lips - and with some food allergies these tend to get unbearable really quickly. Today I am sharing some of my all time favourite lip care products that I reach for in winter. 

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub
This is by far my all time favourite lip scrub and scent. I know the Bubblegum one and Popcorn ones are apparently just as awesome - but I love the scent of this one. I have tried a few different brands / homemade ones - but this by far does the best job of exfoliating my lips without drying them out or being to harsh. 

Once a week (usually on a Sunday night ) I use a little bit of this scrub on my lips . The sugars help exfoliate your lips , and the oils in the scrub gives a little bit of hydration. I follow this with my Nuxe lipbalm and I'm set for the week. 

Nuxe Reve De Miel  lipbalm

I will start of by saying - Yes , this is an expensive lipbalm - and trust me it made my picks for a reason. I discovered this amazing lip balm last year June , when I had dry red sore lips and nothing else seemed to help. This balm was the only thing that saved my lips and since then I'm obsessed with it.

This balm is extremely nourishing , it hydrates lips quickly , and since it leaves a balmy texture on your lips for quite a bit , you won't feel the need to re-apply every 20 minutes. This balm really works wonders - and if you ever wondered if it is worth the splurge it is.

A little goes a long way, and I have heard some people get up to 6 months use of this container. I use more than the average person, so I've been through a lot of these, but I can't see myself moving away from this lipbalm anytime soon. It's definitely got holy grail status.
Essence Prettifying Lip Oil 

This is a new add on to the top products. Essence has three colours in the range, a yellow one, a pink one and a red one. I am already on my second container of these gorgeous oils.

They are hydrating , and leaves a light layer of oil on your lips to gently nourish and hydrate dry lips. While these won't save extremely sore cracked lips, these are perfect for everyday wear and to help lips against cold . I love using these instead of lipstick on my off days, or on colder days at work when I know my lips are dry. 
Zam Buk 

Okay so I know this is technically not just a lipbalm - but this does work wonders and is REALLY REALLY affordable. Even though it's green it doesn't leave a green film on your lips. It does have a strange smell- extremely medically smell . 

If you can't afford the Nuxe balm, I would definitely recommend trying out this one. It does heal your lips, and gives some light hydration. I always make sure I have one in my work bag and handbag, if I need it in a pinch . 

I would really recommend this one first if you have really really really red sore lips, as this will heal the redness the fastest and then you can treat your lips with other products if needed. And let's be real - spending less than R5,00 on one of these tins won't break the bank. 

Zam Buk does have a cherry lipbalm version too - but I still prefer the normal green one. The Cherry Lip Balm does smell amazing , but I feel it doesn't really hydrate your lips as well as the normal Zum Buk.

What's YOUR favourite lip balm / treatment at the moment ?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Avon Mega Effect Creamy Eyeshadow Pots - Inspired Iris & Liquid Gold

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . How has your week been ? I woke up with a bit of a cold on Monday, and it seems it's making me loose my voice now - not the most fun. 

Avon is releasing a new eyeshadow formula this month - and I just knew I had to try them out. These are jewel-toned cream eyeshadow pots that claim to be crease proof , waterproof and last up to 18 Hours. I got two colours in the range - the purple called Inspired Iris and the gold colour Liquid Gold.

So first off ... Let's discuss the formula and eyeshadows before I dive into the two colours I got. I expected the formula to be a little creamier. To be honest the eyeshadow in the pot is a harder formula than I expected. You'll definitely need a flat brush to pick up some of the product to pack on. BUT ... Having said that - once you start applying this eyeshadow a few times it does get easier to use. This eyeshadow really is crease proof and lasts forever (even without an eyeshadow base). Which I'm pretty impressed with . As I mentioned before - I apply my make-up early mornings - and was really impressed when I take this off around 20h00 at night - my eye make-up still looks perfectly applied. Which for me is pretty impressive . The colour intensity doesn't fade , and it really doesn't budge until you decide to remove it with an eye make-up remover.

There's a total of 5 colours in the range , a red/pink (Crimson Tide )  , purple (Enduring Iris ) , grey (Glistening Steel ), gold (Liquid Gold)  and green (Deep Amazon). All with the most gorgeous sparkle. 

So onto the two colours I picked. I will most definitely be picking up Glistening Steel.  Now let's take a look at the two colours I got. Swatches will be at the end . 
Avon Mega Effect Eyeshadow Pots in Inspired Iris

Inspired Iris is a gorgeous rich deep purple. When I picked the two colours I just got this one to try out another colour - in the end this one turned out to be my favourite. I mostly only wear nude eyeshadows - but since I gotten this gorgeous purple colour I LOVE wearing some colour. The colour lasts all day - which is awesome since most pinks and purples tend to fade super quickly on me. I just dab on a little bit of this colour , a lilac liner in my waterline and tons of mascara and I can't get enough of this easy eye look to do. If you like wearing colour - this one is a must. 

Avon Mega Effect Eyeshadow Pots in Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold  is a gorgeous white toned gold colour.I love using gold eyeshadows to warm up my skin tone and for more natural days. Sadly - since I love Inspired Iris so much - I don't wear this one as often as I like. But it's a gorgeous colour none the less. Especially when paired with a more dramatic lip colour or for more natural make-up days. What I love to do on days that I prefer a no-make up look is to just use this , a little mascara and I'm good to go.

Now onto the swatches of these two colours - 

Overall I'm pretty impressed with these eyeshadow pots. They do take a little bit of work at the beginning - but they deliver gorgeous results.

How has YOUR week been so far ?