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{Subscription Service Review & Reveal } May Reading Edition Kids Book Club Book Unboxing

Hi guys! Happy Thursday. How has your week been? Mine has been crazy - going into the office and working from home as well with homeschooling is a little intense ... I'll have to get used to the new schedule I have.

Today I'm sharing our May Reading Edition Themed Kids Bookclub with you. As I mentioned when I shared our Easter Edition one - with buying books being banned in Level 5 we quickly ran out of books to read just before sales were allowed again in Level 4. Luckily Kids Book Club was able to deliver in Stage 4 - so we got a bonus package of our May & June books. Alex was so excited when he saw the delivery stop and feeling the package was bigger than usual. 
As I mentioned here many times before- Alex does read every night before bedtime - this is a strong rule we stick to every night. He loves reading and he often walks around with a fact book or Encyclopedia in his hand reading everyone facts about volcanoes, dinosaurs or the human body.
I love that Kids Book Club s…
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{Subscription Service Review & Reveal} Lingerie Letters April & May Unboxing

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! How are you doing with the lock-down? I have mixed feelings about going back into the office from the 1st of June... but I'm glad for now Alex will still be safe at home. 
Today I'm sharing the April & May Lingerie Letter. Again as always, this is another stunning pairs - both got send together now that online stores are allowed to ship again. I adore both pairs I got... Honestly, there is nothing more empowering than gorgeous pretty underwear. 
So what is Lingerie Letters if you are new here? It's a Proudly South African based company that sends you a pretty pair of underwear delivered to your door monthly. Since I decided to treat Alex to a book subscription I wanted to get me something too - and who doesn't love pretty underwear?

The underwear is all locally made and the products locally sourced too (the underwear looks and feels super soft and delicate - just like you would want it to feel.
The website has three options - Thongs, Briefs or S…

My Autumn Morning Skincare Routine

Hi guys! Happy Friday. How has your week been? My week has been kicking my butt - I'm honestly a little overwhelmed with work and life - but I know a few down days isn't the end of the world. 
One of my favourite things in the whole world is skincare - so I'm excited to share my morning Autumn skincare Routine with you guys and chat more about the products I'm using. As always - these are things that are currently working for me. I'm now 34 so one of my main concerns at this stage is preventing ageing faster - it's never a bad thing to look younger than you really are.

Avon Micellar Gel Cleanser I LOVE this gentle yet effective cleanser for the mornings - it doesn't strip my skin or upsets my skin pH balance -and preps it for all the products I will be using. I use a pump of the product - massage it into my skin for 60 seconds then rinse off with luke-warm water. This is one of the few gentle yet cleaning cleansers I have found - perfect to prep your face for…

{Subscription Service Review & Reveal } April Easter Edition Kids Book Club Book Unboxing

Hi guys! Happy Thursday. How has your week been? Mine has been a little crazy ... I won't lie trying to work and homeschool at the same time is not for the faint-hearted. 
Today I'm sharing our April Easter Themed Kids Bookclub with you. I'm honestly so glad I upgraded our package last year... I wanted to go back to the single book in February but it slipped my mind... and now I 100% know I love the package we are on. I won't be going back to the single book.  We were a little behind on our Kids Book Club books as Alex has other books he reads in between - but with no books being sold in Level 5 in the Lock-down we quickly caught up and we actually ran out of books to read now. Thank goodness Takealot sells books again and Kids Book Club can deliver again in Level 4 - so if you haven't already I would suggest you look into this subscription service for sure.
As I mentioned here many times before- Alex does read every night before bedtime - this is a strong rule we sti…

{Lifestyle} What I've learned during Lock-Down

Hi guys! Happy Thursday. How are you doing? Still, holding up in this Lock-Down time ??

I'll admit that if I'm 100% honest - I was hoping to be back at work again in full force .. but instead, I'm still working from home and homeschooling. Although I am not loving it every day- it has opened my eyes and made me realize some things that I do know that was missing from my daily routine pre-lockdown and I'm sure a few of you might relate.

The Importance of Friendships
Yes - I do have my best friends that I talk to daily (and still do !) but I love how we talk more about meaningful and silly things now. We have a policy that we do a "Proof of Life" selfie daily - so no matter how meh you feel or look, or if you have a glammed up day or just a day of Netflix and Chill - you have to send a photo of yourself for the day. That and video calls have made the WORLD of difference. Now we talk to each other's pets and other half, pets ... you name it. 

I'm glad the tw…

Essence Pink Glitter Show Eyeshadow Palette

Morning guys! Happy Wednesday! How are you doing in Lock-Down so far? I'm not going to lie - even though I know this is the best .. the insane amount of cooking, cleaning and trying to work from home and home-schooling is driving me a little insane - I'm glad to know my family is safe at home driving me nuts.

I got this lovely Essence Pink Glitter Show Palette end of last year ... and I know this is still on sale at a lot of places - so I thought it's the perfect time to do a little review on the palette. When I saw it in Dischem I'm not going to lie - the pink glitters and princess feel of the palette won me over instantly. (I'll share some gorgeous photos of the outside of the palette as well in the end )

The palette consists of 12 smooth as butter and pigmented colours - some nude / champagne shades as well as some gorgeous pink/berry-toned shades. 

All these shades have great pigmentation - all blend like a dream and the shimmers in this palette is magical as well…

MIYO Cosmic Rehab Five Points Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! How was your Easter Weekend? It was a little different this year - but luckily the Easter Bunny got clearance to visit South Africa so we had to look for yummy Easter Treats on Sunday.

I have raved about my Miyo Five Points Eyeshadow Palettes a few times here on the blog - if you missed the previous ones - Miyo Purple Hearts Palette or even Miyo We Are Golden Palette you can follow the links and read my thoughts on these stunning beauties. All these gorgeous palettes are available from Glamore Cosmetics. Honestly, I love all the products Gael sells on the site. If you follow me on Instagram you will see a lot of the beauties there as well - and under my Instastories Highlights, I share a few looks I have done with these palettes. 

Today I will share some swatches of the Cosmic Rehab palette.  The colour choices in this palette are Out of This World. That purple is stunning and pigmented - yet if you feel it is too intense you can use a light hand and blend it int…