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Nail care Essentials

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. How has your week been so far? I'm back at full swing at work again this week, and with school only starting so much later this year, it will be a bit of a juggle with work and holiday life for the kiddo.  Today I'm sharing one of my favourite posts to always do - some of my favourite nail care essentials. Not a lot of you know this but this little blog started out as a nail art/swatches blog for all things nail related back in the day - and has since evolved into so much more. But I still adore nail looks and sharing what I love using.  With constantly sanitizing my hands (even before Corona ) I love using an extremely hydrating hand cream at night. I'll admit during the day I hardly put on any cream (eek!) but at night I love using a super hydrating hand cream. My current favourite - the Avon Concentrated Hand Balm with glycerine and jojoba oil. This hand cream has an extremely thick consistency, is unscented and protects and repairs extremely dry
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My Top 5 Stand-out Products for 2020

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. Hope you are having a great week so far. Today I'm sharing a round-up of the most magical stand-put products of 2020 that I discovered. Some I have done a full-on review on the blog - and others will have a review on soon - but none the less these products are all pretty magical in my eyes. The 5 products that made my 2020 list are : Filorga Lift Structure Ultra Lifting Rosy Glow Fluid Filorga Flash- Nude Pro Protection Tinted Fluid SPF30 Swiitch Beauty WaterGel serum Swiitch Beauty Super Hero Spray - Glass Skin Edition Ellips Purple Nutri Colour Treatment Hair Capsules First up is the Ellips Purple Nutri Colour Treatment Hair Capsules : After hearing Simone on an Instagram rave about these little gems over and over - I decided to take the plunge and try them too - and boy am I glad I did. These are little magical capsules filled with a serum to treat a range of hair concerns -  even though I don't colour my hair at this stage -  I prefer the Purple ca

{Review} Swiitch Beauty Airmatte Destiny and BubbleBlush Flush

  Hi guys! Happy Friday. How has your week been ??? I'm still on leave for the most part for another week and really soaking up all the last holiday vibes before I go back to the daily day to day things life throws at me.  Last year I rediscovered Swiitch Beauty  after seeing all the people on Twitter loved the glass skin spray. I have since bought the glass skin spray and water-gel serum and OMG! I'm in love but I'm saving all those goodies for a full skincare review soon. Today I'll be sharing two of the make-up related items I dabbled into with my last order. I love how easy and user-friendly the two products I started with was. The Airmatte lippy is a lippy stick (that you sharpen ) that goes on matte and lasts even when wearing a mask. The lippy is pretty easy to apply and I love the girly pink packaging. This gives you the comfort of a crayon lipstick with the lasting power of a liquid lippy - best of both worlds in one. There are 6 colours in total and I picked D

{Review} Smudge Nude Rosy Cheek Set

  Hi guys! Happy Monday. And Happy 2021. We all know 2020 sucked ... and I know while not a lot has changed - I am positive that this year will be better. (Even though 2020 did throw me a few curveballs in December) One of the Christmas gifts I picked out this year was one of the 3-2 sets. My aunt usually drags us to the mall with a budget and we pick our own gifts. On my list was this gorgeous Smudge Nude Rosy Cheek set (the bag and the eyelash curler was another set I picked) because I know some more affordable brands does AMAZING shimmer shadows that last FOREVER on me. And luckily I wasn't disappointed. Swoon ... this is honestly some of the most magical shimmers I have used. And since I use nude shadows almost daily ... I was super excited to add this little gem of a set to my collection. The collection also came with the gorgeous peachy toned blush ( I wouldn't really call it a blush per se ... more of a shimmery highlight blush which I know isn't for everyone but boy

{Review} Curaprox BE YOU Toothpaste - Taking the Boring out of Brushing

  Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. How is your week going so far? I'm officially on leave and super excited for some downtime - 2020 has been on a hell of a year.  A few weeks ago Curaprox send me there BE YOU tubes of toothpaste - The BE YOU Toothpaste is a designed to take the “Boring out of Brushing’ with the funky colours and exciting flavours!  However, this toothpaste is designed by Curaprox and is a Gentle Whitening Toothpaste with the amazing benefits. There are six zesty flavours to choose from - all with vibrant funky packaging promising long-lasting freshness. I have extremely sensitive teeth - but the whitening is super gentle yet effective, and the flavours all are amazing.  TOOTHPASTE [BE YOU.]   STAY FRESH FOR HOURS   Power balls with extra menthol for long-lasting fresh breath. Be you. Feel fresh, feel confident… long after brushing your teeth. Power bubbles in the toothpaste give you a refreshing and long-lasting blast of menthol.     HERBAL HEALING Beautiful herbs and natu

{Recipes} Cadbury Festive Recipes That Celebrate Chocolate

  Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. Who is as excited as I am for the Festive Season this year ?? If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you will see me open up my Advent Calendar daily. The Christmas tree is up and I'm honestly counting down the minutes to just relax - 2020 has been one tough year. Yesterday Cadbury sent me some Cookies to promote their new Festive Recipes (Alex LOVES these cookies ! ) And today I'm sharing all their Festive Recipes with you. We are definitely baking some of these Shortbread cookies next week! LET’S GET BAKING ‘Thank you for being a dear’ reindeer truffles   Ganache / Truffle filling   300 g (2 slabs)   chopped Cadbury Dairy Milk Butterscotch and Crushed   Almonds 120 mL fresh cream 80 g cubed room temperature butter    Method:   Chop chocolate and place it in a medium-size bowl.   Heat cream on the stove or in the microwave until it begins to boil, for approximately one minute. Pour hot cream over chopped chocolate. Start to stir, add butte

{Review} Filorga Lift Structure Ultra Lifting Rosy Glow Fluid

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! How has your week been so far? I'm not going to lie - year-end burn out is especially hard this year - and it's taken a toll on my skin as well. My skin has been looking a lot more tired and dull (and I'm sure it's from all the extra work stress as well as living through a pandemic .) Filorga sent me their new Lift Structure Ultra Lifting Rosy Glow fluid to try out and it came at the perfect timing!  I already know almost all the products from this brand that I have tried I adore - they really are some of the best skincare products I have tried over the years. Lack of radiance - is an issue that affects all ages - dull, blurred, grey, and tired complexion. As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to restore the face's natural radiance. This gorgeous cream has a gorgeous rosy glow - that helps you look more awake and with a healthy glow.  Plasma Lifting Factors - cellular factors + collagen + hyaluronic acid, provide visibly redefin