Monday, 17 September 2018

Glamore Cosmetics A Blue Moon Rising Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? 

As you know I did the a review on the Glamore Coffee and Cream Palette a little earlier this month HERE . The lovely Gael from Glamore Cosmetics was kind enough to send me this palette too. While I wear nude toned make-up looks daily - I have a soft spot for any grey toned palette. I love wearing a good grey-toned smokey eye with nude lips on a night out or even to work as I do feel grey tones for me is a neutral too. 

As with the previous two Glamore Cosmetics palettes I reviewed - the formula on these eyeshadows are creamy and pigmented. And they blend like a dream. I am really amazed how creamy and gorgeous these eyeshadows are since they are pretty decently priced (which is always a bonus !) . I feel with the inclusion of the two more nude toned shades there is endless possibilities . The blue toned grey (third from the bottom) doesn't pull too blue but adds a fun pop of subtle colour . A matte black is perfect to do eyeliner (if you prefer to do it like me with a matte black shadow . The pans on these eyeshadows are pretty big too - which means they will last forever. I feel the top row is perfect for a warm toned grey smokey eye -and if you prefer cool toned grey smokey eye looks the bottom row is perfect for you . I love a warm and a cool toned look so I love that both options are easily available in one palette.

Again ,  I can't recommend  Glamore Cosmetics products enough - they are hypo-allergenic , they have AMAZING customer service and always willing to lend a helping hand if you are stuck when ordering or have any questions. 

Do you like to rock a good smokey eye for a date night look ?? 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

My 8 Favourite Spring Polishes

Hi guys . Happy Wednesday . How has your week been ??

Now that it's finally getting a little warmer here in South Africa , I decided to share my 8 favourite nail polishes I love reaching for once the weather warms up a bit.

Pastels are usually very popular year round - but especially in Spring time when you want some fun brighter colours to wear on your nails and get you ready for the new season . Although let's be real pastel nail polishes are cute year round.

Picture Polish Beige
This has been a firm staple in my collection. Although Picture Polish is a pricier brand - the polishes wear amazingly well and has a great wear time. Beige is the perfect nude colour for my skin tone - feeling soft and feminine while providing a small pop of colour on the nails. 

CATRICE Donut Worry be Happy ! Gel Lacquer
Personally for me - when I have a gorgeous pastel pink mani I look for polishes with the best formula - that has amazing lasting time and applies easily . If you follow me over on Instagram - it's no secret how often you see me wearing this shade - and with good reason. This is a brighter pastel pink that will look good on any skin tone. And who doesn't love a good pink polish ??

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pinky Promise
Again ... in the pastel pink category I have two pinks that are my go to shades. The Sally Hansen one is a tad more rosey toned and not as bright - but man oh man does this one impress. Again amazing wear time (especially if used with the Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat ) or with another long lasting topcoat. I do find the Sally Hansen gel line lasts amazingly well on me and I can easily go a week without any touch ups on my nails .

Essence A Whisper of Spring
And let's be real how cute and appropriate is the name of this little gem ?? While this polish doesn't last the longest the colour is such an amazing lavender shade that will look perfect on darker or lighter skin tones - I feel this is such a flattering universal shade for almost everyone. And since it's an Essence polish - another bonus is it being SUPER DUPER affordable . Which is always a plus point. 
Avon 7-1 Nail Colour Lilac Love
You can read my full review on this range HERE . This is such a soft lilac colour and the polish has so many amazing benefits when wearing - what's not to love ? I love how this polish makes my nails feel stronger too - which is always a bonus. 
JTONE Pretty Paint #MintyFresh
When I used this colour last week in the #52weeknailchallenge for the Spring Theme HERE I had so many DM's about how gorgeous this colour is. And it truly is the perfect formula mint polish . I love how the JTONE - even though super affordable lasts a decent amount of time on the nails . If you need convincing about this colour just click on the link to my Instagram picture to see the colour in action. 
Picture Polish Minty
Yes - I really love Picture Polish and it's so sad it's not sold in South Africa anymore. This is another gorgeous minty colour with tiny white and red glitters in - it really looks like a mint . The formula is a little trickier with this one though - especially since it it a thicker formula with the glitters. But it is worth the little bit more effort of painting your nails for the gorgeous colour . 

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Apparently there are two colour versions of this shade (the older ones are more minty green - the newer formula is more pastel baby blue like the one I have here ) . Essie formula is a hit or miss with me . Some colours are AMAZING - some are duds. This is one of the amazing formula ones . The colour payoff is amazing and the colour is the most gorgeous pastel blue . It really is such a gorgeous shade that will look pretty and flattering on almost any skin tone. 

What's your favourite Spring nail polish colour ? Which shade here do you like the most ??

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

City Girl Beauty Rome & California lippies

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . How has your week been ?? 

A little while back while City Girl Beauty had a sale on their Matte Liquid lippies for National Lipstick day - buy one get another one free. I've been super keen to try Jess - a fellow South African blogger - line and knew I had to order and try them. 

I got Rome - a gorgeous pinky nude for myself and Paris (a peachy toned lippie for my mom - so I won't be swatching that one ) and Jess was kind enough to include another shade for me to try - California - a bright orange toned red. 

The applicator is a little doe foot applicator - personally I find this one a little bit harder to use since it is so thin. The lippy smells amazing - like vanilla cupcakes but it's not overpowering once on the lips. The formula is quite mousy so you need a little shake before applying but these lippies has such an amazing staying power - they last amazingly well even after millions of cups of coffee and cupcakes. 

The lippies dry down matte within a minute and will stay budge proof for basically most of your day - which is amazing if you are looking for a long lasting liquid lipstick. Again - this is a super matte formula so it's a little drying but nothing a little lip balm before hand can't sort out. 

The range currently has 6 amazing colours - something to suit every mood and person . Although I'm excited to see her come out with a few more colours in the range soon. 

Swatched here I have Rome (a gorgeous pinky toned nude shade perfect for everyday wear ) - Top shade. And California ( a orange toned red that will be perfect to rock around Christmas time this year - the bottom shade. 

These lippies has such a gorgeous classic look to them which I love . They are also super budget friendly and Proudly South African - and pretty awesome .

Which colour lipstick do you wear day to day ? Do you prefer bold red lips for nude muted tones ?

Monday, 3 September 2018

Glamore Cosmetics Coffee & Cream Eyeshadow Palette

 Hi guys ! Happy Monday ! How was your weekend ? I have a super busy week ahead of me- Alex went through to the next round of Public Speaking later today and he has Eisteddfod this week which I will be running on coffee this week. 

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Glamore Cosmetics - they have the best costumer service and always willing to assist you with any question you have. A week or two ago they got some new goodies on the site and the Coffee and Cream Palette that was out of stock got restocked and I knew I had to pick it up. Glamore has some of the best eyeshadow - I reviewed another palette in the range ( The Insanely Romantic Eyeshadow Palette) HERE and it's still one of my favourites - but the nudes and browns was calling my name and I added it to my cart as quickly as I saw they were in stock again .

And *swoon* these eyeshadow impresses . They are buttery and blends like a dream ... the colours are stunning and so pigmented - I was blown away when I was swatching it and playing . I prefer to wear browns and nude toned eyeshadow during my work week , as I feel a good neutral is always a winner. This palette hits all those spots - and with a good eyeshadow primer they last the whole day.  I love that there is a good range of of mattes and shimmer shades so you don't need to use another palette for a matte crease shade - this is truly an all in one look palette. The packaging is also sturdy enough to travel with - which is always a bonus when you don't have to worry about your favourite eyeshadow palette breaking when travelling. 

If you like a good neutral palette in your collection - this is hands down a winner .

What's your go to favourite look to wear to work ?? 

Monday, 27 August 2018

My Current Netflix Favourites

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? My weekend was crazy busy - I have a jam packed two weeks ahead of me and I wanted to play catch up on some chores I have been putting off - cause let's be real who likes folding laundry ??

Today I'm sharing some of my current favourite Netflix shows.  Now if you know me you know I hardly EVER watch TV .... so when I discovered Netflix I try to do my Mini Pamper Time while chilling out with a good coffee , face mask / painting my nails and doing my nails. I like to catch a movie too on my free morning when I know Alex is at school and I can truly enjoy some me-time.

Now I know everyone has extremely different tastes in movies and T.V shows ... so please leave me some suggestions of your favourite Netflix shows to watch too - I'm always looking for new shows to watch and enjoy .

To All The Boys I Loved Before
If you don't believe in love this movie will change your mind. Lara Jean wrote 5 love letters and hid them in her room ... until one day they get mailed to the said five crushes and turns her quiet high school existence upside down. This movie is such a rom com - but it's a must watch movie. I re watched this movie twice already ... swoon. I highly recommend this movie. 

You Get Me
This is more of a suspenseful / horror movie but it was extremely good. The main character Tyler has a one night stand with Holly while out of town - thinking he will never see her again and he can go on as normal with his girlfriend - until she moves into his school and has a dangerous obsession with him. Another good movie if you love suspense shows.

The Babysitter
This is a straight up horror movie. Cole stays up late on night just to discover his babysitter is part of a Satanic cult and now that they know he knows will do anything to keep him quiet. A very gruesome movie but I do enjoy some horror movies . 

This is such an amazing keeping you on your toes two series show - that keeps you second guessing until the last minute when the killer is revealed. It starts in a small town in Lakewood where killing suddenly start eary similar to killings 20 years earlier. The show has a amazing plot (and ton of plot twists ) . And who doesn't love a good slasher movie every now and then ? It also makes you wonder how Sydney couldn't figure out sooner who the killer really was . 

Man oh man I loved this show.  This is based on the Dallas shows many many years earlier . Falon and her brother , father and step mother land into non stop drama and trouble ... filled with a mental unstable woman trying to kill them .... business partners trying to ruin them ... evil moms ... and manipulation at it's best. And who doesn't love watching a family drama if it doesn't involve your own family . 

This might be a bit of a controversial choice - but this show really is pretty good. The Devil decided he needs a vacation from Hell and lands in L.A where he helps a detective solve crimes. He starts to show more human tendencies as she becomes his weakness. While the show might seem evil - it's a good crime series with a unique twist.

What are some of your favourite T.V shows currently ? 

Monday, 20 August 2018

My #DoveHairGameChanger Haircare Experience ft The Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ??

Today I'm sharing some new haircare products I have been trying that Rubybox sent me a few weeks ago -The Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to try out and review . I'm always excited to find new haircare - and even more excited to try out a very affordable range too. 

I have pretty normal hair but it tends to go a little frizzy and dry pretty quickly  . I also tend to wash my hair mostly daily as I prefer clean fresh hair everyday - which sometimes dries your hair out quicker . I do use dry shampoo every so often instead of a wash if I'm really lazy .

After using it for a good three weeks now and I have noticed my hair is a lot smoother and totally frizz free since using the range. My hair also feels a lot stronger and shinier than usual - which I love - thanks to the magic of Keratin .  I do find the shampoo does give me a little build up (so once a week I use a clarifying shampoo with the conditioner. ) My hair feels silky smooth and hydrated - especially a good thing in this yucky dry winter weather. 

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner is formulated with Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives which help repair damage deep inside hair.

Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo
Dove has created a unique formulation to visibly repair and progressively nourish damaged hair with continuous use. Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo, formulated with Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives, helps your hair to recover from damage in two different ways. The formula repairs signs of surface damage, making your hair look and feel smoother and making it stronger against breakage. It also penetrates the strands to provide hair nourishment deep inside, making your hair look healthier, wash after wash. Suitable for daily use.
Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner - Helps to nourish hair and visibly repair damage and so hair looks healthy and strong.
Looking for the best conditioner for damaged hair? From styling to changes in the weather, our hair goes through a lot every day – but with the right products you can have nourished hair, inside and out. Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner visibly repairs damage, strengthening against breakage. Even the most damaged hair can look healthy day after day. Dove conditioner is formulated to nourish and help restore the hair inside as well. Formulated with Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives, Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner repairs the signs of damage to the hair surface and, with continued used, penetrates the hair strands to progressively nourish, making hair stronger against breakage, beautiful and visibly healthier with every wash. Suitable for daily use.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the range - and since it's so easy accessible too I can see myself picking this up again after my bottles are done.

Have you tried this range before ?

I was sent these products to try out and do a review for Rubybox - all opinions are my own

Monday, 13 August 2018

July Monthly Favourites

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ?? 

I'm a little late this month to share my monthly favourites but rather late than forgetting another month to share what I love right ?

July is usually our anual family week getaway - so my favourites will include some travel friendly options this month as I am showing a few mini's here . These are all products that I loved and couldn't stop reaching for in the month of July. 

Hean Eyebrow Pomade - Ash Brown
I have mentioned my love for the Benifit version quite a few times in monthly favourites but I was lucky enough to try out this lovely brow pomade from Hean cosmetics that I was really pretty excited to try it. And with good reason - as I mentioned before this is such an amazing brand. The brow pomade lasts forever on your brows - the colour (ash brown) suits me perfectly and it's pretty easy to work with. Not to creamy and not to stiff - the perfect mixture that you need in a brow product.  Locally Hean products are available from Glamore Cosmetics and Gael and Emma makes it such a pleasure to shop from them as they are always so willing to assist you with any questions. 

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
I did do a full review HERE a week or two back but this is seriously one of the best body lotions you can ever use. It hydrates dry skin instantly and keeps it moisturised and soothed . I love how it doesn't have a scent as I have been sick most of July and strong scents isn't the best option then. I can see myself repurchasing this lotion once I finish this bottle. My skin (especially my knees are so much softer and smoother that I can't wait to rock ripped jeans again now ) . 

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Primer
I have mentioned it in my June's New On My BeautyDeskI have a few eyeshadow palettes that even with my previous eyeshadow primer won't last a whole workday on me - and I wanted a great primer especially for those shadows. This does exactly that. It makes your eyeshadow look last FOREVER !! Even after a very very very late night my eyeshadow still looks perfect . I keep this one especially for those palettes now or when I know I'm having an extra long day.
Revlon Kiss Balm Tropical Coconut SPF20
I really love the Revlon Kiss Balm lip-balms to pop into my bad during the day - the colour ones provide a little bit of colour on the lips and they smell amazing. And I LOVE that these balms contains SPF20 as I really do believe in protecting my skin and lips during the year. The Tropical Coconut is colourless - so this is the perfect throw on anytime balm you can ever have. And it smells like being on a tropical island .... YUM !!
Benefit They're Real! Mascara in Black
Red Square had the Girl o' Clock Rock set on 50% off just a week or two before I went on holiday and I decided this was the perfect time to try some of their bestsellers in one go without committing to any full size products. These are super teeny tiny versions - but they were perfect to pop into my make-up bag for a few days away. Wow ! I am amazed how much I love this mascara. It's waterproof , lasts all day and looks amazing. The wand separates your lashes and makes you look wide awake (even when you are not ) . I love this mascara so much that even though it's pretty pricey for a mascara - I already treated my self to a backup mini one. I'm sure in Summer I will reach for this one over and over and over again. 

Benefit Lollitint and PosieTint
As I mentioned I got the Girl o'Clock set on special at RedSquare and popped all 12 mini products into my bag to try. I didn't pack any back up blush while traveling as I was dead set to give these a fair try after reading so many mixed reviews. The set contained three colours - and while I love all three these two are my favourites. They blend in easily with your fingers to give you a flushed look that really lasts the whole day . This works as a perfect lipstain too but I prefer them for blushes. Both colours are so stunning and even the Lollitint (purple lavender one ) looks so natural. I feel these will be amazing for summer as they will last forever in the summer heat.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer   :To be honest I hardly ever use bronzer so I knew even though this was a Cult Classic I wouldn't like it. Boy oh boy was I surprised. This is such a gorgeous toned bronzer to warm up the skin and blends in really easily which blew me away . It lasts a pretty decent time on your skin too. This also works amazing as a eyeshadow - so it's the perfect multi purpose product. Can I see myself buying the full size ? Probably not as I feel I won't really be that into bronzer all year round. But for now .. this product fits into my routine and it's pretty magical to warm up my make-up look. 
My magical moments for July included spending some time away with the kiddo (which was much needed ) . We went to Hartebeespoortdam for a few days and spend the time at a gorgeous place right next to the mountains and dam. We truly had the best time going for morning and evening walks and enjoying nature. And of course Alex loved the trampoline and looking for monkeys , ducks and fishies. 

What was some of your July favourites ??

Monday, 6 August 2018

My Current Morning Skincare Routine

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ???

Today I am sharing my current skincare routine with you . Some of these products only recently came into my life - some are firm favourites but I'm sharing what I use today and why I love these products.

For reference my skin is usually normal / combo in summer , but in winter my skin is a mess. I suffer from extremely dry dehydrated skin that gets dry patches super easily especially since it's cold and flu season and I have been sick quite a lot in the last few weeks.

Justine Oil Control Face Wash 
I already did a full review on the whole Justine Oil Control range HERE - but this face wash has stayed a firm favourite in my routine. I'm already on my second bottle and have a back up ready. As I mentioned yes my skin is currently a lot drier and dehydrated - but this face wash doesn't irritate my skin and keeps any blemishes at bay yet gives me an effective deep cleanse morning and evening. 
Sorbet Hydro Skin Silicone Face Cleanser
I did a full review on this nifty little gadget from Sorbet HERE - and I do use this morning and evening with my Justine Oil Control Face wash. It's also a little mini face mask when I wake up - which always helps. 

Nivea 1minute Urban Detox Moisture Mask  
This is a new step into my routine which I really really love . The new Nivea masks work in just 1 minute (who doesn't love a product that works almost instantly ) to intensively moisturise your skin with Green Tea & Hylarunic Acid - it's a quick easy step that I feel makes a difference. My skin feels more hydrated and it gives me an extra boost especially with me being so sick lately. I haven't been using it that long so I will do a full review on both the masks in the range really soon. 
Human & Kind Face Cloth
These are the best softest face cloths you will ever need. Once I put on the Nivea mask and waited the one minute - I gently remove the rest with this face cloth. These come in a two pack and honestly it's the best . They are also machine washable and last forever. 

Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray 
This has featured in numerous favourites posts since last March when I discovered this product - and it's been a firm favourite since. I did I full review if you are interested to read more about it HERE. This is a holy grail product in my beauty routine that I won't replacing with anything else. Though I used the small container for the photo ( This is the one I have in my travel bag) - In reality I have the big daddy can in my bathroom that I use morning and nigh time and during the day . This brings some added moisture to my skin as well as well as calmness to red cheeks . I sometimes even use this as a setting spray if my skin is extremely dry .

AA  Cosmetics Skin Boost Serum with 8% Vit C & Acerola Extract
Gael from Glamore Cosmetics was kind enough to send me the Vitamin C range to try out from AA Cosmetics range to try out. (The day cream is fantastic too - I use it too and mine is almost completely finished). I love this serum. I can honestly say I have noticed how much less tired and dull my skin started looking - I love that this will help with pigmentation too. While it's a pricier serum this is one I will be repurchasing soon . My skin perks up and I can notice the difference on days I don't use the serum. This is a little magical sprinkle of Vitamin C in a bottle. 
Eucerin Anti Redness Concealing Day Cream
This is only a recent add on - with me being so extremely busy at work I was lacking on taking proper care of myself (I'm sure everyone putting on heaters didn't help either )that resulted in my skin becoming extremely dry and dehydrated . I decided to try some Eucerin products (I use one of the range creams at night now too ) to treat some issues I were having. With my dehydration I started getting extremely red dry skin around midday that became extremely tight . This moisturiser has a slight green tint to help combat redness - and I fell in love instantly. I love that this has a sunscreen in - without leaving me oily or greasy during the day. While the green tint might look a little scary at first - it doesn't leave a green layer on your skin - so you won't be walking around looking like the Hulk all day. I didn't have extreme redness but I feel this did help me a lot to get my skin back where it needed to be. 

AA Caring Lip Oil in Wild Berry
This is another recent discovery that I can't live without from Glamore Cosmetics. Gael was always raving on Instagram about how amazing this lip oil is - and while I love the Hean Lip Elixir I knew I had to try this gem out too. This lip oil contains avocado , argan , achiote and sweet almond oil to hydrate and smooth dry chapped lips. I use this as I am doing my skincare routine in the morning - and since it leaves a little bit of a lip stain on too - most mornings I don't even bother using a lipstick or gloss. The colour is gorgeous too and I love how this is a stunning colour and a gorgeous hydrating lip treatment all in one. Again - I can't rave enough about the amazing lip products Glamore cosmetics stocks. I mention it a million times but I have so many skin sensitivity issues food wise that always irritate my lips and I love how I know the products they sell will never disappoint me. 

Not pictured - but included in my routine is the two times I press snooze and the cup of coffee I need to bribe myself with to get out of bed in the morning .

Have you tried any of these products before ?? Are you a morning person or a night owl ?