Friday, 31 May 2013

My First Give-Away Winner !!

First off, thanks so much for each and every one of you who entered my give-away ! I loved reading all your favourite mani colours, and the colours you would like to see on the blog ....

I entered everyone's emails as the came in into an excell document ... (So every single one was assigned to a random number ) and asked a friend to pick a random number between the number ranges I had...

And drumroll please....


Congrats Michelle. :) Please send me an email with your delivery adress . ♥

Once again thanks for all you entered. I'll def have more of these give-aways in the future , so keep your eyes peeled.

Have an awesome weekend everyone !

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

China Glaze : Keep Calm Paint On ♥

Hi guys ! How is your week going so far ? Mine has been busy, and not the best one so far, but hoping for the best. ♥

Today I'm going to show you China Glaze Keep Calm Paint On. First off, this was another polish I wanted for like forever. (And I don't like mint green or any green polishes for that matter , I blame Elena from Ecklipsed By Color for starting this obsession ). And who just doesn't love the name too ? Any polish with such a cute name is a winner !

This polish is from the Avent Garden Collection . China Glaze Keep Calm , Paint On is described as a sea foam green . This is a pale sea foam green with the most gorgeous micro shimmer. The formula was a little thin on this polish, but still very easy to work with and even opaque in two coats. ♥ A sure winner !

Let me share the photos of this beauty with you -
I seriously can't get over how gorgeous this colour is !! I need some more mint polishes in my life now. ♥

Remember to enter my give-away, it closes on Friday, so if you haven't entered yet.. Here's the link to the post with all the details ♥ My First Give-Away ♥

Monday, 27 May 2013

OPI Pink Flamenco Skittelette

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend ! I really can't believe how fast this weekend went past, had so much to do and like always too little time.

Today I'm showing you the mani I had on for Mothers day, a fun and simple skittelette mani. For this mani I used OPI Pink Flamenco, Tip Top French Manicure White, Essence Black Stamping Polish, China Glaze Matte Magic, and Avon Gold Flecked. The stamping was done with Konad Stamping plate M65 ♥

Enough babbling about the mani, let me share the photos -

As you can see, three of the nails are 2 coats of OPI Pink Flamenco. The Ring finger I painted with two coats of Tip Top French Manicure White, and then stamped with Essence Black Stampy Polish. The pinky is two coats of OPI Pink Flamenco , and one coat Avon Gold Flecked glitter, and to top it off, I used China Glaze matte Magic on the pinky too. ♥ Simple yet gorgeous, I really loved this mani so much.

How was YOUR weekend ? Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead. ♥

Friday, 24 May 2013

China Glaze : Bump & Grind

Hi guys ! It's finally Friday, whoohoo !!! Anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend ? I've got quite a busy weekend ahead, but planning to finish my book with a nice mug of hot chocolate too . ♥

Today I'm showing you yet another fun texture polish. This time it's another one from China Glaze - Bump & Grind .

Bump & Grind is a bold pink texture polish. I just love this shade of pink ♥ Again, the formula was fantastic, I used two coats, but could have easily gotten away with one. ( I wanted to test how two coats looked versus 1 coat )

In the photos below I used 2 coats of China Glaze Bump & Grind -
I have to say I'm really in LOVE with the formula of this polish, these are easily one coaters, but a second coat just enhances the beauty of these polishes. These polishes wear like iron too, so it's a win win situation, gorgeous nail colour that lasts ♥

My give-away closes next week, so remember to enter if you haven't yet ! Here's the link again - My First Give-Away ♥

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tip Top Wild Thing Glitter : Platinum Pizazz & Electric Pineapple

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a great week so far ! Can't believe it's Wednesday already , this week seem to have flown by !

As promised, I'm showing you some more awesome textured polishes today. For today's post I'm showing you two of the Tip Top Wild Thing Glitter colours.

These also have the double sided ends. I have to be honest here, I don't like the glitter just plain, I prefer a base colour underneath ( visible nail line irritates me ) .

Here's the steps of how I applied these-
  • I applied two coats of my Tip Top Nail Chic as base colour
  • When the colour was dry, I took a piece of white paper and put it down to catch all the glitter that might fall off.
  • Then I applied 1 coat of the CLEAR end , followed by n light sprinkle of the coloured bar glitter end.
  • Gently press down on the glitter
  • When dry lightly dust any loose glitter of your fingers.
Let me share the swatches of Tip Top Wild Thing Glitter Platinum Pizazz with you -
(I used two coats of Tip Top Amour plate as base colour )


 And the swatch of Tip Top Wild Thing Glitter Electric Pineapple -
( I used two coats of Tip Top  Sun kissed as base colour )

Although I won't recommend wearing this as a full mani, it does make a fun accent nail, and that's how I will be wearing them . ( I have two more gorgeous colours in the Wild Thing Glitter range to show you too !) ♥ But that said, I did give them a wear test, they did last 2 days before I took them off .

As with the Confetti Glitters and Sprinkle Beads, these Wild Thing Glitters come in 6 gorgeous shades ♥  All the texture ranges retail at Clicks for between R69,95 and R79,95 ♥ As I mentioned before, this is such a fun addition to the range to spice up your nails for a function or a fun weekend or date ♥

Hope you all have a fun Wednesday ! Friday I will be showing another texture polish .

 * These products  was send to me for review ,  but this is my honest opinion on the products send *

Monday, 20 May 2013

China Glaze - Unrefined ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend ! Mine was nice and relaxing, spend some quality time with my little guy, and enjoyed the cooler weather again. ♥

I'm excited to show you some more textured polishes this week ....

Today I'm showing you a polish I have really been waiting for FOREVER ! Since I first heard of the China Glaze Textures I've been counting down the days until I could get them , and last week when I heard they were finally available , I got myself 2 ! Today I'm sharing my FAVOURITE one on this collection - China Glaze Unrefined .

Unrefined is a Barbie Pink blue-toned pink . I just LOOOOVVVVEEEE these textures ! Seriously cool. ♥ The go on evenly, and only needed ONE coat !! Seriously impressed with the formula, and thinking about picking up some more colours . These also dries fast (another bonus since you don't use top coat with them )

Here is the photos of ONE coat of China Glaze Unrefined -

This is seriously a GORGEOUS polish ! ♥ Super girly colour with a fun texture . ♥ And I'm on day 5 of wearing this beauty and no chips yet.

Remember to enter my give-away if you haven't done so already ... My First Give-Away - thanks to those who already entered ! ♥

Hope everyone has an awesome Monday ! ♥

Friday, 17 May 2013

Teal Nails For Food Allergy Week ♥

Hi guys !! Thank goodness it's Friday !! This week started off really bad for me with the no power, but turned out okay non the less.

A while back The Little Canvas posted this Allergy Awareness Banner on Twitter, and I instantly knew I would support this cause. My mom suffers from severe nut allergies . I suffer from wheat intolerance as well as a sensitivity to certain fruits . So this cause is close to home for me, and one that needs more awareness.

The Teal colour I chose was Avon Speed Dry Fast Time Teal. ♥ This colour lives up to the claim of drying in 30 Seconds . It's such a beautiful colour, just a little disappointed that the vibrant colour didn't quite translate on the photos.

I used two coats of Avon Fast Time Teal in the photos below -
If you would like more info on food allergies , here is a very helpful link -

If you did a teal mani in support of Food Allergy week, please leave me the link below too. ♥

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend ! Next week I will show you some more textured nail polishes too. ♥