Monday, 31 July 2017

July #SampleSunday rundown

Hi guys. Happy Monday. How was your weekend ??

Today I will be sharing the rundown of July's Sample Sunday series.  If you don't know already - I started a series on my social media channels last year where I share my thoughts on a sample I have in my collection every Sunday.  It's always fun for me to "test" a product and give my first impressions on it. So without too much chit chat let's jump into the products -  

Today's #SampleSunday is the Benefit Ka Brow . It's no secret that this is one of my favourite brow products. The gel is user friendly and the full size has a compact brush included in the product. The color is easy to build and the product lasts the whole day.

Today's #samplesunday is Lush Sexy Peel soap. This soap has a fresh scent of Lemon, grapefruit and lime to wash away sleepyness and wake up the senses. I really enjoy Lush soaps - it's always such pretty soaps that brighten your day and mood by the scent and how cute it always looks. I don't buy the soaps in HUGE slices - I always buy a small piece. 

Today's #SampleSunday is the Avon Instinct for Her Perfume. This is a sensual perfume with base notes of sparkling greens, exotic camellia and sandalwood. This is such a sexy and beautiful fragrance- perfect for date night

Today's #SampleSunday is one of my most loved products - Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. This is one of the best cuticle butters on the market - helping dry sore cuticles look pretty and moisturized in no time. This is a little bit greasier - so it's best to use at night before bed. The lemon 🍋 scent is amazing too.

Today's #SampleSunday is the Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue. This is a lightweight water based gel to help combat shine and excess surface oil for a gorgeous matte finish. 

I really enjoyed testing out this month's products  - do you like getting samples to test out too ?

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Any exciting plans for the week ? My week is going to be super duper busy - but here's to hoping it will all go smoothly. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

3 Matte Lippies Perfect for Winter

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How has your week been ? Mine has been pretty busy at work - and next week will be pretty busy too. 

Today I am sharing some new lippies I'm loving for winter from Avon - The Avon Perfectly Matte lipsticks. I have reviewed a few different shades in my #SampleSunday series so I was excited to try some more deeper winter appropriate colours I was sent.

The formula on these lippies aren't drying at all - they are pretty comfortable for a matte lipstick. Which is great - since most matte lipsticks tend to make your lips super dry and dehydrated. 

The colour doesn't last the whole day - I would say a good 4/5 hours and does last through coffee or tea breaks. The best part is the colour can be re-applied without looking cakey and cracking.

The three colours I was sent in order of the swatches : Avon Perfectly Matte Wild Cherry , Avon Perfectly Matte Superb Wine and Avon Perfectly Matte in Red Supreme. The berry and red tones is perfect for the last part of winter - when you feel like a vampy lip. It does leave a light stain on your lips too - which is a bonus if you can't re-apply .

 When I like to make my lippy last a bit longer I tend to line and fill in my lips with a lip liner . The Avon Glimmer stick lip liners are fantastic to make the colour last a bit longer. The formula is creamy but still firm - which means you can get a nice pricise outline but it will still fill in your lips easily. These are firm yet creamy enough for a nice smooth application without tugging on your lips. These lip liners are pigmented with a slightly waxy formula .

I got the shade True Red - which is a pink based red. Again - these lip liners are pretty long lasting - so you can even wear them on their own for a great red lip look. True Red compliments all the darker berry tones I showed above . Avon does have quite a few in the range - so even if you are more of a nude or pink lippy person you can find a great pencil to go with your lippy. 

What's your favorite lippy colour for Winter ?

* Products were sent for review but opinions are all my own*

Monday, 24 July 2017

{Review} 2 Avon / Justine Cream to Powder Foundations & Justine Silken Pressed Powder Review

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ?? I got Saturday off - and really enjoyed just sleeping late and chilling that one extra day. 

A little while back Avon send me a few goodies to try out and review on the blog. I will slowly start sharing them from today and share what I thought about the products. 

It's no secret that I love Avon products - so I was really excited to try them out. Today's post will concentrate on mostly the 2 Cream to Powder Foundations as well as the Justine Silken Pressed Powder. 

I have dry - dehydrated skin at this stage but it does get a little bit oilier during the day in my T-zone. Just so you have an idea about my skin type. 

Justine Smooth Velvet Cream to Powder Foundation SPF 15
This was the first foundation I tested out. The Cream to Powder does come with a little round sponge in the bottom ( I prefer to use my own beauty sponge instead) and has a pretty decent mirror - making touch ups on the go super duper easy. This foundation blends into the skin pretty decently and the coverage is a decent medium . I do however notice on days where I don't use a facial oil before hand - this dries out my skin a little bit (since it is a pretty matte finish ). This will be perfect for someone with a little more normal / combination skin - as this will work so much better for you. Another bonus - this one contains some SPF - I always wear SPF daily and like it when foundations include it. 

Avon True Colour Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation 
Hands down this is my favourite foundation of the two. Again - this is another cream to powder foundation. The mirror is pretty nice and again it comes with a little foundation sponge. This formula just blends into my skin making it look smooth and flawless. I love the light to medium coverage and how - easy and bendable this formula is. I don't need to use a facial oil beforehand - and it gives such a nice satin finish. I do set it lightly with some powder - but it does dry down pretty nicely on it's own too. Overall - while I don't LOVE cream to powder foundations - I LOVE this formula and will be reaching for this one over and over again. 

Justine Silken Pressed Powder
First off - I prefer to mostly use loose powder - but this powder has blown me away. It looks and feels super luxurious - making this the perfect powder for your handbag or work bag for touch ups. The mirror is HUGE - which I do like.  This is a ultra fine powder infused with white Sapphire and silk to create a soft , flawless looking coverage for a natural soft focus effect . I love using this powder in combination with the Avon Cream to Powder foundations - or my Avon BB cream as it creates such a soft flawless effect .

Have you tried any of these products yet ?  How was your weekend ?

* All three products were send for review - opinions are all my own *

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 Review and How to

Hi guys - Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far ?

Today I'm sharing a fun little Lego person I created on  - a website that specialises in Personalised Lego Gifts that you can create or choose from the already made sets. This is such an  unique idea - especially for those hard to shop people or when you are looking for something truly unique to gift someone. These make cute birthday / graduation / thinking of you or even corporate gifts. 

When I was contacted by the company - I knew I would ask my son (Alex who's 7 ) to help with reviewing the whole process. He's a avid Lego collector and loves all things Lego related. You can easily create a fantasy mini figure or re-create yourself - which I think is such an awesome idea. They also have a cute little Lego stands for your mini figure that you can personalise with your own message - making the gifting opportunities endless. You can work from creating a male or female figure - picking out every step from hair , face , clothes and fun accessories - they have a whole separate category to even add a mini pet for yourself - how cute ! The possibilities are really endless . And this is also the best part - taking time and scrolling through all the options you have. The check out process is pretty easy and the website user friendly. 

When you done with the fun part of creating your little mini figure - you get your little mini figure safely packed in the cute yellow box - perfect for storing your figure . This also looks pretty smart if you plan to gift the figure . They also include a mini yellow gift bag - these extras really makes this the perfect gift option. The really pay attention to detail here . The mini figure comes fully assembled - but you can mix and match the accessories you chose as you please.  If you want - you can also just order accessories - no need to create a figure if you don't feel like it. Which is cool too - since I mentioned my son LOVES Lego so we are always looking for unique pieces. 

And here is our end result - a perfect little mini figure. Alex chose everything from the green hair , face , shirt and pants. They have millions of options - but he chose to represent himself as a kid (hence why the legs are shorter ) . You can pick out your accessories too - in which case he picked out some things he really loves - like the paintbrush and artist palette. We did pick out a few extra accessories - as well as his fantasy pet (a snake ! ) 
Here are some of the accessories he picked out - a Lego steak , a Lego guitar , a paintbrush and artist palette. There's some fun Lego food as well as cute girly accessories too - I'm in the process of ordering myself a little figure too - which I will show on the blog soon too. The options are endless - tools , food , kitchen wear , mini Lego babies , doctor accessories , weapons - you can create your little figure to be anything YOU can dream. 
And here is the little pet we chose - a pet snake. And a little steak to feed the snake. The whole process was super fun , easy and all and all I can see myself ordering some for gifts for friends and family (especially those hard to shop for people - why not create a little figure for them ? ) They do offer international shipping too - so if you don't live in South Africa you can most certainly get the figure delivered to your door too. International orders are sent via Airmail - and shipping is pretty reasonable. National orders get free delivery for orders over R300 - otherwise R60 shipping which isn't bad at all. 

You can follow them on social media too:
Site -

The also run great give-aways and promotions from time to time and showcase new stock - so definitely worth a follow . 

Have a great week guys !
* I was given freedom to create a little mini figure to review. All thoughts on them are my own*

Monday, 17 July 2017

Some new Eau Thermale Avène Goodies I'm Trying

Hi guys . Happy Monday. How was your weekend ? It's FREEZING cold in Johannesburg this morning - I know I will need a few cups of coffee and tea to warm up today . ( For my international readers - it's currently the middle of winter here in South Africa)

A little while back I decided to try some more goodies from the Avène Eau Thermale range while stocking up on the Spring Water Spray while I was ordering from Clicks online. It's no secret that I LOVE the Spring Water spray - so I won't review that here again. If you like to read my thoughts on it - you can click HERE.

The Cold Cream range looked extremely tempting to try out - and pretty affordable so I decided to give it a go. I have used Cold Creams before and I love the texture and how they work on my skin - so was really keen to try it out. I got three products from the Cold Cream range - The Cold Cream cream , the Cold Cream Hand Cream and the Cold Cream Lip cream. 

So onto the products :

Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream
This is a thicker type of hydrating cream - and boy does this help to hydrate and smooth extremely dry skin. I love using this at night time as  my skin needs an extra boost of hydration - and I wake up with smooth and hydrated skin - my skin looks glowing and not tight and dry. As I mentioned this is a thicker type of cream - and a little really goes a long way. I think this might be a little bit too rich to use during the day - so I haven't tried it out in the morning yet . The cream is also pretty affordable so it won't break the bank to try out. 
Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream Hand Cream
I have to be honest - after I got my parcel I was pretty meh that I decided to try out the hand cream . I like soft moisturised hands - but some hand creams leaves an oily residue or your hands a little sticky. I'm way to busy to sit around and give hand creams time to soak it . So I was a little apprehensive to try out this one. I decided to pop it into my holiday bag - and WOW ! This hand cream hydrates your skin instantly - leaving you with beautiful soft hands and absorbs SUPER quickly into your hands. I love how the texture on my hands I seem to get in winter have disappeared and my hands feels so smooth and hydrated. But I do feel this cream has a bit of a weird scent. It doesn't linger long but I feel it's worth a mentioned. I will most certainly re-purchase this hand cream once I am done with the tube. 

Eau Thermale Avène Lip Cream
Now I have mentioned before on the blog - I have extremely dry sensitive lips all year round. The get red and irritated super quickly - so I hoped this lip balm would be a good one without breaking the bank . I did love the Nuxe one - but it's gotten pricey and I felt it was too much of a luxury for a lip balm. This lip balm works wonders - it instantly hydrates sore dry lips and help them be happy kissable lips again. I feel here a little goes a long way - and I mostly use it at night before bed and in the morning before make-up when my lips feels dry. This doesn't feel waxy - it does feel a little bit stickier but that doesn't bother me. All downside though - the first few uses the lip balm is extremely hard to use - it's a squeezy tub and you have to struggle a bit to get some out . After a few uses it's a lot easier but I can see this being tricky for some people at first. 

Overall I'm extremely impressed with these products so far and I'm glad I gave some more products in the range a try . They were also pretty affordable - which is a bonus. 

Have you tried anything from the brand ? 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mini Lush Haul

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . How has your week been ? My week has been crazy busy so far - I'm really hoping the rest of the week is a little less hectic.

As I mentioned in last week post - I was on holiday in Durban - and one of the things I looked forward to most (except chilling on the beach ) was popping into Lush . The staff at the Gateway store is super friendly and helpful - so it's always such a nice experience. 

Today I will be sharing my haul with you guys :

Lush Sun Solid Perfume
I'm really a huge fan of the Lush solid perfumes - as I feel it's so travel friendly (and work friendly as it's super easy to pop into your handbag / work bag) and makes touch ups on the go so easy. This is my third scent I'm trying and this smells incredible - this is such a gorgeous citrus scent that makes you think of summer and holidays . I can see this becoming a favourite of mine - the scent is so up my alley and I love citrussy smells. 

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask
As I hardly ever pop into a Lush store (I order mostly online ) - I always treat myself to a Fresh Face Mask. My friend Tanya works in the Lush Gateway store and she mentioned this is her favourite mask to use . It smells incredible - I have used this already but I will do a full review on it once I finished the container. 
Lush Fizzbanger
It's no secret that I only order like two or three variants of Bathbombs from Lush - Blackberry , Avobath and Butterball . I have tried a one or two of the other ones but I mostly stick to those. As I mentioned - Tanya works in the Gateway store and she always posts her favourite bathbomb photos on her Instragram - so I decided I need to move out of my comfort zone and try something else too. This smells incredible - a super sweet toffee apple scent mixed with a little cinnamon . I'm excited to try this one soon. 
Lush Intergalactic
First off - this is one of the prettiest bathbombs ever. This smells like a peppermint explosion and you get the prettiest colour of water - I have used halve of this bathbomb already and WOW ! The bathwater was such a gorgeous shade of blue with the most gorgeous shimmery glitters. I can see this becoming a firm favourite for me really soon. 

Over and Over again : This is a combo like bathbomb - it contains a bath oil in the orange layer and a normal bathbomb in the yellow layer. I'm excited to try this one as it smells super citrussy . I have a feeling this one might also end up to be a new favourite. 

Lush Ickle Baby Bot
Alex loves Lush too . I always pick him out a Ickle Baby Bot bathbomb - and this came in handy after a long day at the beach when he was feeling super tired to help him relax and unwind before bedtime. It has an amazing blend of Lavender and Sandalwood oils that's both sleep inducing scents. 

SIDE NOTE :I always halve my bathbombs so I get two uses out of them instead of one (and bubble bars usually in three or 4 parts depending on the size ) . 

What's YOUR favourite Lush product you love picking up ??

Friday, 7 July 2017

New On My Beauty Desk

Hi guys . Happy Friday - I'm still currently on holiday in Durban  - but I will be back in full swing next week with regular scheduled posts. How was your week ? I'm soaking up some sun and enjoying time on the beach before I head back home to icy Johannesburg. 

Today I will be sharing another What's New On My Beauty Desk post. I will be giving a little mini update in two weeks on some more of the products I've been testing lately and sharing my thoughts on them .

Essence My Must Have Eyeshadows I mentioned my love for the eyeshadows HERE - and I know many people don't really like these eyeshadows - but I picked up 4 new shades ( the purple one I have mentioned earlier - so it's not that new new but since I got a new palette for them I am including it ) . The four colours I picked this round is 09 Chilli Vanilli (vanilla colour ) , 14 Purple Clouds , 03 Miss Foxy Roxy and 07 /mauvie- Time ! I already hit pan while on holiday on Essence All I Need single eyeshadow. So far these are pigmented and last on my eyes all day. I know there are a few colours that are misses in this collection but so far I'm pretty impressed with these 4 too. 

Justine Smooth Velvet Cream to Powder Foundation SPF 15 (Shade Ivory )
I have tried this foundation once before leaving on vacation - and I really loved the velvet finish . I will test it out a little more once I'm back and give a full review on the foundation - but after one wear I was pretty impressed. 

Avon True Colour Flawless Cream To Powder Foundation (Shade Nude )
It's no secret that I mostly love all Avon products - I haven't tried this foundation yet - but I will in the next few days and give a full review on this too. I never use the sponges included in the compact - as I prefer my beauty sponge or make-up buffer brush for make-up application. 
Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette in Ashy Radiance
Okay , so I don't have a lot of Catrice products - but when I saw this recently when I was getting a few goodies from the Red Square store - I knew I wanted to try it. The contour shade is a nice cool toned colour on me - and the highlight shade is perfect for everyday wear. I don't like blinding highlights - so this set for me is perfect . 
Justine Luxe Silken Pressed Powder (Light Silk )
This powder looks and feels really luxuries . I can't wait to start using this soon. The Gold compact looks really elegant - making you feel fancy doing a touch up on the go. The mirror in the compact is also a pretty decent size.
Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow Primer 
This is suppose to be a cream eyeshadow colour and a primer. I have been eyeing this for quite a bit and decided to try it out since I love the Essence I love Stage eyeshadow primer. So far it's really creamy and easy to blend and makes your eyeshadow stay the day . I do still prefer the Essence I love Stage one a little bit more - but I will report back in the update and mention if I still feel that way .
Revlon Age Defying Firming and Lifting Make-Up (Shade Bare Buff )
Because it's not like I have enough foundations right ? I love Revlon foundations - and I have used this formula and done a review way back in the day - and I decided to pick this up in the Red Square sale. 
Revlon Nail Polish in 009 Copper glaze Platinum and 054 Sheer Snowflake
I will share swatches of these soon in my favourite Winter nail colours post later this month - but these are both gorgeous winter themed shades . 

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Shades Wild Cherry , Superb Wine and Red Supreme
These are all gorgeous winter shades . I will be swatching and dedicating a post to these beauties soon too. But if you follow me on Social Media I have tried a different colour in my SampleSunday series and loved it. 

So that's for all the bobs and bits - I have some new skincare on my beauty desk too that I bought at the Clicks sale - as well as an awesome Lush haul I will share on the blog soon too. 

How was YOUR week ? Any exciting plans for the weekend ??

*Some of the products mentioned here was sent as PR. Opinions are my own. *