Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Day Challenge : Hearts

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a nice week so far. Mine has been busy, and filled with looking for a fun nail art design for tomorrow. :)

Today I'm showing you my hearts mani for the Valentines Day challenge. I had so many ideas running around in my head, but I wanted a little something fun and girly. ♥

For this mani I used the following :
Thumb : Avon Fuchsia Feel and stamped with Salon Express plate 21 and Black Stamper polish
Index finger - Avon Fuchsia Feel with two heart accents gems
Middle finger : Avon Fuchsia Feel, Tip Top Night Life Glitter and stamped with Salon Express Plate 21 and Essence Black Stamper Polish
Ring finger : Avon Fuchsia Feel with two heart accents
Pinky - Avon Fuchsia Feel with Tip Top Night Life Glitter

I'm actually a little sad that tomorrow will be the last day of the Valentines day challenge, was really fun so far !

Remember to check out the other two amazing ladies in this challenge. Their work always amazes me ♥
Erin - LovelyLacqueredLife
Elena - EcklipsedbyColor

I don't usually post on Thursday, but tomorrow being the last day of this challenge, and it being Valentines Day, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows special post ♥


  1. O my goodness it's GORGEOUS Lynette ! I love the stamping you did, looks amaze-balls ! Lol Cindy

  2. I have to agree this is very nice ! Love the colours you chose, as well as the hearts.

  3. Yeah baby , that's what am talking about , love that Mani it is sexy in a girlish way , i like it .


  4. I love Fuchsia Feel on you! Stellar! I am simply adoring the heart rhinestones as well... You are amazing, chica!!

    1. Thanks Elena, yes I LOVE Fuchsia feel on too ! Always looks fantastic ! ♥ Thanks chica, your work is pretty amazing too ♥