Monday, 24 February 2014

Neon Purple & Gold Skittlette

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great weekend ! Sorry for the no post on Friday .. I'm feeling a little under the weather the last few days. 

So onto the nails ... I loved THIS  mani so much , that I wanted to try it in a different colour too ( I rocked a blue version on Instagram HERE too ) . 

While that one was silver and pink .. This one is purple and gold. I love the colour combination together, and seriously the Tip Top Neon's makes awesome skittlette mani choices. 

So enough rambling from me.. onto the photos - 

For this mani I used :
Pinky- China Glaze I'm Not Lion
Ring - Tip Top Black Forest with a gold square stud
Middle , Index and Thumb - Tip Top Grape Dance

I love the purple and gold together...  Such a stunning combination together . 

How was your weekend ? 


  1. Lynn this look amazing together !!!

  2. REALLY pretty ! *CIN DY*

  3. Love the purple and the blogs. Sandy

  4. Have to agree... this is sooo gorgeous !!! LOVE it !

  5. this is one of the most amazing purples i have ever seen. it looks so glossy and to provide a perfect finish. i can't wait to try on all of the tip tops you have sent me! big hugs

  6. Such a gorgeous manicure! The shades you picked look lovely together!


  7. fantastic nails :)

  8. I love the gold and purple too. Great combo. I love this.