Saturday, 6 December 2014

Lapelle Issue 7

See what is in the latest issue of Lapelle Magazine, there are also many prizes to be won.
One of the articles in the magazine is this one


1. Sleeping with make-up on
Apart from the chemicals and potential allergens in some make-up brands, not washing it off before bed
has devastating effects, such as clogging pores, disrupting natural repair and shedding (renewal), and
drying out skin, leading to accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin and even oxidative stress.
Trust us: wash your face, every night.

2. Drinking – and eating – too little water
Without water, skin dehydrates, gets damaged and ages quickly. Every cell in your body needs water to
metabolise normally, which is why the eight glasses a day rule is one to live by. But there also seems to
be some eating more water-rich foods purported better water absorption.

3. Squeezing pimples
Trying to pop a pimple can do more harm than good: you could push dirt and bacteria deeper into the
pores, and you may inflame and damage the subcutaneous follicle and skin tissue leading to more
inflammation, bleeding and even scarring. Often, this only leads to more breakouts.

4. Skipping meals – the wrong way
Whether you’re just too busy or trying to lose weight, note that experts say skipping meals messes with
your metabolism. There is some evidence suggesting controlled restrictive eating on alternate days
holds overall health benefits. But note that your skin needs those
essential nutrients and vitamins from food, so skip with caution.

5. Your phone and dirty sunglasses
Anything that comes in contact with your face can leave dangerous bacteria and environmental
pollutants behind. And of course you hold your phone right on your cheek, and your glasses rest on the
delicate spots just under your eyes and on the bridge of your nose. So, please, carry some antibacterial
wipes and keep these items clean.

6. Hair products on your skin
It’s no secret that products such as dye and hair spray contain dangerous chemicals. That’s why you
shouldn’t ingest them. But the alcohols and lacquers in hair products, including skin penetrators such as
propylene glycol, may dry out your skin and wreak havoc over time. Cover the skin on your face and
neck with a clean towel when you apply or spray.

7. Excessive chlorine
Mind the pool water: chlorine tends to react with the water in your body to form damaging acids (free
radicals), even when absorbed through skin – hence the dry, patchy skin after loads of swimming. Have
a soapy shower after your swim and follow up with your antioxidant-rich moisturiser every time.

8. Over-plucking your eyebrows
Naturally, ripping a hair out of the follicle damages the skin a little. But it’s the repeated pinching and
pulling on such delicate skin that could harm collagen and elastin fibres. For proper
brow plucking, do it after a warm bath or shower, hold the surrounding
skin tight with your fingers and gently pull (don’t pluck) in the direction the hair naturally grows.

9. Passive smoking
Yes, even if you don’t smoke, those smoking around you are contributing to your skin ageing. Cigarette
smoke is known for causing poor blood-flow in skin, as well as stimulating the production of MMP
enzymes that destroy elastin and collagen.

10. Dirty make-up brushes
These are a breeding ground for bacteria. They collect dead skin cells, oils, dirt and old make-up residue,
and then you reapply it to your face every day. Try to brush yours after each use on a damp cloth and let
it dry properly before storing. Then, wash them with a product for this purpose or anti-bacterial solution
at least twice a month.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Some of them you wouldn't even think about.

  2. Damn, I go swimming 3 times a week...

  3. great tips i should really remind myself about.