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Reveal and Review - RetailBox Secret Box 24 - L'Anza ColorCare Range

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday !

RetailBox launched another of their awesome SecretBoxes about two weeks ago - and I was lucky enough to get a box - these babies sold out very quickly and with good reason . The RetailBox Secret Boxes are worth their weight in gold. The boxes include salon quality haircare products - at a really good price - and Box 24 was no different. 

The box retailed for R299 - but included 3 full sized L'Anza ColorCare products valued at a whopping R1050 ! That's a great bargain for a great range. I have been using the products for about two weeks now too , and so far I'm really impressed - I am including a mini review on each product down below.

A little background on my hair - I have coloured hair , that tends to get greasy at the roots very quickly. 

L'Anza ColorCare Shampoo 300 ml - R330

"L'Anza Healing Colour Care Shampoo will ensure your hair colour is extended 107% longer. It's mild formula is gentle on the hair and delicately lifts impurities , leaving it silky soft and shiny. Protect your hair and make sure your colour stays the way you want it with this L'Anza Healing Colour Care Shampoo. This great product has triple UV colour protection and will leave your hair with added colour brilliance. The product has a pH factor of 5.5 . Free of Sulfates , Parabens and Sodium Chloride "

I love the shampoo - it does a great job of cleaning my hair without stripping colour - which is a huge bonus. I sometimes feel shampoos made for colour treated hair doesn't always get your hair clean - and then my hair gets super greasy quickly. The shampoo does lather - some sulfate free shampoo's doesn't. And it leaves your hair with a great fresh floral smell.

L'Anza ColorCare Conditioner 250 ml - R330

"L'Anza Healing Colour Care Conditioner contains smoothing emollients that actually reduce external stress, enabling colour pigments to remain contained within your hair fibre. This amazing conditioner is enriched with the flower shield complex and triple UV protectors that will ensure your colour looks rich , vibrant and lasts up to 107% longer. This product has a pH factor of 5.5 ."

So .. Truth be told - I have never found a conditioner that works 100% with me. I like this one - but I don't love it. My hair gets weird with conditioner - and this one is sadly no different. Personally I only conditioner my hair once a week - if that much , but I did give this to my mom to try and she loved it. I found the conditioner a little bit too rich - especially with the L'Anza Magic Bullet. (Which I prefer to use ) 

L'Anza ColorCare Magic Bullet 200 ml - R390

"Leave in conditioner spray that offers colour protection and dangling . Lightweight mist so it won't weight down your hair. Flower Shield Complex and sunscreens protect colour treated hair. Good for all hair types with Thermal Protection up to 250' C."

I can sum up my thoughts about this product in one word - MAGICAL . I seriously can't imagine doing my hair without this magical spray . It does an amazing job at dangling my hair , leaves it with a nice scent , makes it look healthy and shiny - and it's an awesome heat protector. I mostly blow-dry my hair daily - and this has made my morning routine so much easier - I don't have to carefully comb my hair out before blow drying - I spray about 4 sprays - massage in and then comb through . I even want to say I'm sure this has reduced the time I spend blow drying my hair. When this bottle gets close to empty - I will be running to my computer to order another bottle from RetailBox - I love it that much . 

Overall - this was a pretty impressive box this round - RetailBox outdid itself again. 

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Have you tried this brand before ? Thoughts on using salon quality hair products ? A fan or do you prefer drugstore products ?

* Products were supplied by PR to review *


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  2. I don't know this brand, but this box sounds interesting!
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    1. Yes I haven't heard of the brand before too , but such a lovely range indeed.

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  7. Woah! What a great deal! My hair color tends to fade really quickly so thank you for introducing this to me! :)

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    1. Yes it is a pretty awesome deal isn't it ?

  8. This box contains amazing things to coloured hair, especially that spray has to be divine, dear, honestly I haven't heard about this brand yet, but sounds interesting ;)

  9. Looks like great products!
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