Monday, 12 June 2017

New On My Beauty Desk

Hi guys . Happy Monday . How was YOUR weekend ??

Today I'm sharing some more new beauty goodies I picked up in the last two / three weeks that I will be trying out. I won't be giving a full review today - so if something catches your eye in this post and you would like a full review please let me know. 

Some products I have tried out a few times , but some I just opened.  So onto the products I will be sharing today

innisfree Sheet Masks in Black Berry , Shea Butter & Tea Tree
As you know I LOVE sheet masks - so I'm always open to try new brands. These ones are from a Korean brand. I bought mine from EyeSeeHueMakeUp and they retail for about R25 each. Which is pretty affordable. I like using sheetmasks about 2/3 times a week for a boost and a treat in my skincare routine. They have a few different varieties on the site - so I might pick up a few more before my July holiday. 

Skin Strategy Rejuvenating Face Mask
Did I mention I love sheet masks ?I love buying the Skin Strategy range in bulk at Dischem but decided to try out a different one from the Soothing and Calming one I usually pick up. This includes a two step routine - first sheet mask - after the time wipe off the serum and apply the Ceramides with Biogold cream. I have used this mask once already - I totally forgot to wipe off the serum afterwards - and because of the fruit acids it did sting a little the next day. That was totally user error on my part. This mask is cut longer to cover the neck - but it makes it a bit awkward as you HAVE to lie down them. I can't say I love these masks - but hopefully with a little trial and error I will make them work next time. 

Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder for All Skin Tones
Le sigh. You know how you sometimes run out of your favourite powder and then insist to buy seven others to see what else there is - just to realise how much you love that product in the first place ? This powder is absolute perfection for me - it helps set my make-up but doesn't dry out my skin or look cakey or powdery. I remember why I love this product so much - and I won't stray from this holy grail product ever again.
Dove Invisible Dry & Original Deodorants
I was sent these by Rubybox to test out and review on the blog . I haven't tried them yet - but I feel excited to try them. I wear darker clothes quite often - and I love the current one I use as it doesn't leave white marks on my clothes at all. I'm excited and nervous to try these and will report back on the range and the new improved formula soon.
Revlon Blushes in Orchid Charm , Nude Kiss & Berry Kiss Cream Blush
I was scent these blushes for my Winter Essentials posts I will be doing - so I will be playing with these cream blushes and powder blush and see how they preform. So warm I'm loving the cream sticks - they make blending blush so super easy and quick. My favourite colour (which is a surprise to me ) is the nude toned blush called Nude Kiss. 
Essence Liquid Lipstick in Almost Real
I have reviewed the range HERE but this was included as a magazine freebie and this is a new colour for me. (It's also featured as the #SampleSunday post of Sunday if you missed it ). I picked up the colour Colour Party too - but since it was one of the colours I reviewed in the first post I won't be mentioning it again. again - These are SUPER hydrating - although they don't last long they are pretty affordable. 

These are some of the new items I picked up - anything you would love a review on ? I will have a separate Clicks haul soon too - so keep an eye out for that .


  1. all products sounds amazing my dear :D I'm curious to try the face mask :D

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    1. Thanks for reading :) Yes I love sheet masks so curious to see it it works out.

  2. Big YAY for the Innisfree masks. I love that the price is affordable in SA too. I really want to try the Skin Strategy masks. I need to do a major haul at Dischem. 😁💖

    1. Thanks for reading Desle. Yes they are pretty amazing - I will need to send you some to try.

  3. Love it so much!


  4. nice post
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  5. All those cosmetics are perfect for summer
    kss dear
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  6. Love!

  7. Interesting products, as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.

  8. Those Essence liquid lipsticks are great for their price and the colour of the Revlon blush is gorgeous!

    Khadija x

    1. Yes I love the Essence Liquid lippies.

  9. Great things, I really like each of them, my favourite one is blush from revlon, it has terrific color :)
    Have a lovely evening, Lynette :)

  10. This is really nice!


  11. I'm interested to know how you get on with the deodorants. Theres nothing worse than marks on your clothes. x

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I agree - my review will be on hopefully by this weekend.

  12. great Post. Thank you for the Review.