Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Mini Lather Me Up Haul

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday .

A little earlier in the month - while browsing Instagram - I spotted LatherMeUp - and I was excited to try out the products and test them out for myself . (My honest reason was spotting that Owl Coffee Massage bar - because I love owls and Coffee ) . If you follow me on social media - you might have spotted that I already use and love the Lush Coffee Massage bar - so I was very excited to order some goodies to try.

She currently has 4 massage bars in her range and I picked up two of them . I suffer from an extremely sore neck from time to time - and stress and a busy lifestyle does make it worse sadly. So I love using massage bars to ease the tension a bit.

Gliding Bean Massage Bar (R45 )
This was my number one reason for ordering. Because Owls ... And Coffee. I haven't used this one yet as I can't bring myself to ruin the little owl- but it smells incredible yummy.
Honey Bear Massage Bar (R40)
This massage bar is shaped into a cute little bear , and has a faint scent of honey - nothing too overpowering . I have used this one and it's incredible. After a long day I rub the little bear all over my body for a moisture boost as well as relieving stress .

She does a wide range of products , but the next products I wanted to try out was two of her craft soaps.
Under The Sea (R30)
This soap smells incredible - just like yummy blueberries. I love how the soap looks like a piece of the ocean.  I got this one one for my son Alex (as he loves anything beach related ) and he LOVES the scent of this soap . It's really hydrating on his skin too - which is good since some soaps tend to dry out his skin.
Passionate Susie ( R30 )
I got this one for me - as I don't love floral soaps and it's hard to find a great soap that's not overpowering with floral tones. I love the passion fruit scent - this scent is great for feeling more awake in the cold mornings and smelling incredible too.

All the products in the range looks incredible - and I can't wait to order again.
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How has YOUR week been so far ?


  1. Thanks a lot :D

    ohn, this is so cool :D I really love massage and beauty bars :D

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  2. Omg these are so cute!!

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  5. They all look super cute, I can imagine how incredibly they all smell.
    Dusana :-)

  6. Great post, I like it :)

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  7. This is so cute and seems like such an affordable range!