Friday, 1 September 2017

Hean Lip Elixir & Sugar Scrub Review

Hi guys . Happy Friday . How has your week been ?

In my August New On My Beauty Desk post , I mentioned I got the Hean Luxury Lip Elixir and Sugar Lip Peeling from Glamore Cosmetics .As I mentioned in that post - after coming home from holiday I had the most horrible reaction to a food allergy. That results in me having huge sore swollen puffy lips. I ate a little bit different being away from home - so I know I was totally to blame for the allergy. 

My lips started peeling lightly - so I turned to my Lush lip scrub which I used to love. Sadly that was way to harsh and resulted in my lips looking worse and hurting a lot more. 

Glamore Cosmetics was running an awesome Woman's Day sale , and I decided to finally bite the bullet and try some products that I have been eyeing in there store. The promotion also had a lippy free - and while I knew my lips was way to sore to even think about lip products , I desperately wanted to try it so it made ordering the ideal time. But enough rambling about my sore lips - onto the actual review on the products that saved my lips and made then look 100% normal again .

Hean Luxury Lip Elixir
The Lip Elixir is hypoallergenic and cruelty free - and this was one of the main reasons I decided to try the combo out. This is a thick emollient balm that you can apply on your lips - preferably after using the Sugar Lip Peeling scrub. This helps prevent your lips from chapping and drying out - which is my biggest problem.  The Lip Elixir contains lipids from Lanolin for smoothing , Seeds from Meadow Foam Oil for moisturizing and Shea butter for regenerating properties. This is by far the best lip treatment I have ever used - nothing has made my lips so soft and supple like this Elixir. It took away the itching lips , and helped them heal within a week of just using the combo.

Hean Sugar Lip Peeling
This is an awesome lip scrub that you can use daily for smooth chap free lips. It has a rich hydrating formula that will carefully condition the lips and restore them to health. The ingredients - Seeds from Meadow Foam Oil for moisturizing , macadamia nut oil for greasing , vitamin E for nutritive and it's enriched with gold sugar particles. This is truly a soft gentle easy to use scrub that will remove dead skin without hurting or stinging your lips.  You gently massage this into your lips and leave on for a minute or two. Then I gently remove it with a soft washcloth and some warm water and follow with the Lip Elixir . This is another product that I can't rave enough about - the product is gentle yet effective . 

Overall - I can't praise this product enough - it was truly a lifesaver. If you struggle with dry chapped lips - this product will be a game changer. 

Glamore cosmetics stocks a wide range of skincare products as well as other make-up goodies that's all cruelty free and hypoallergenic.

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