Friday, 27 October 2017

Rimmel StayMatte Liquid Lipsticks

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How has YOUR week been so far ?

On Monday I was lucky enough to receive some new liquid matte lippies from Rimmel to test out and review for Rubybox. I was really excited to try out the range . These lippies are said to have a 12hour wear time , be kiss-proof , transfer proof and water resistant.

The range had quite a wide selection of shades - so there will be a perfect colour for every skin-tone and every lip colour you might need. There are 15 colours in the range - and I have 12 of the colours to share with you today and offer arm and lip swatches. The three colours in the collection that I don't have is a dark navy blue , a grey and a black. 

So before we jump into all the swatches - let's have a quick chat about the formula first. These lipsticks have a mousse like formula with a slight sweet scent that fades quickly. I mentioning this as I know some of you guys might be worried about the scent. The colours apply super smooth and easy without a lipliner ( there was one that didn't swatch quite as easily on the lips - but I will chat more about the colour when I show you guys the lip swatches ) The colours are indeed kiss-proof and water-proof . I don't completely agree with a 12 hour wear time - but it does last a good nine hours with drinking coffee, eating breakfast and lunch and a few snacks inbetween and still look amazing. The colour also fades away gracefully. But the best part of these lippies - they won't dry out your lips at all. I don't often wear matte long-lasting lipsticks as the tend to dry out my lips too much - but the formula on these lippies make them pretty comfortable to wear and won't leave your lips dry at all. I will me doing some mini videos on my social media channels to show you how kiss-proof and waterproof these lippies are in the next few days.

So let's jump into the swatches :

The colours from left to right : 
Latte To Go
Rose & Shine
Pink Blink
Pink Bliss

The colours from left to right :
Plum the Show
Coral Sass
Fire Starter

And onto the lip swatches :

Colours from left to right :
These are the more nude shades. As a huge fan of nude lip colours I'm pretty impressed with the wide range they have here.
1. Pink Bliss
2. Blush
3.Pink Blink
4. Rose & Shine
5. Be My Baby
6. Latte to Go 

Colours from left to right :
The brighter shades are pretty awesome too. My favourites here are Coral Sass and Heartbeat. Midnight was a little bit harder to work with since it's such a dark colour - so a word of warning if you pick that colour.
1. Mocha
2.Fire Starter
3. Coral Sass
4. Midnight
5. Plum the Show
6. Heartbeat.

These lippies will retail for R119,95 at Clicks and Dischem - Although I spotted them on the Foshini Beauty website too.

What is YOUR favourite everyday lipcolour ?

These lippies were sent for review by Rubybox. Opinions are all my own.


  1. Great colors, I love them all!
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  4. Great colors but the lipsticks look so heavy. Hopefully they didn't feel that way!

    1. Thanks for reading , luckily they didn't feel heavy.

  5. I love all the shades from the first swatch photo. And it sounds like a really good product. Doesn't matter if it doesn't last up to 12 hrs, I think no one does, but I like the sounds that it's comfy on the lips :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

    1. Yes, I also doubt any lippie will really last 12 hours. Thanks for reading :)

  6. Ooh I love the first set of shades. Those colours suit me so well. They all look great on your lips. 💗💗💗

  7. Great post, I like it :)

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  8. I must to try them! love them

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  10. They look beautiful!
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  11. gorgeous lipsticks
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