Monday, 22 January 2018

What's in My Work Make-Up Bag ??

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ??

Since everyone is now back at work I thought I'd share what's inside the little make-up bag I take to work . I really don't take much as I apply my make-up early in the morning before taking Alex to school and going to work . I really carry the bare minimum as I trust the products I use on a daily basis to keep me looking great with little touch ups or a quick freshen up.

So let's jump into my bag -

Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation in Shell 
 bought this on the Milani website when they were running a combo deal (which is still available HERE ) . I love how this is such an easy convenient product as it includes a mirror and a pretty decent powder puff to apply at the bottom. I use a Gosh Travel brush I got as a gift with purchase a few years back to lightly dust on some powder on areas that might have gotten a little bit greasy during the day before I pick up Alex at school in my lunch break. I love how this powder doesn't seem to get cakey but gives a flawless finish . 

Leopard Print Mirror and Essence Cosmetic Bag
The little Mirror I picked up at Dischem for R12 - which was such a bargain and they have quite a few design choices available. I mentioned the Essence Make-Up bag in a post in 2016 HERE and it still looks perfect and can hold the few goodies I like to have with me at work. 
I have three lipstick choices in my bag at all times. I don't apply a liquid lipstick often , and I'm usually at work super early with a coffee in hand - so I will pick which product I use at work on most days. Non of these last extremely long - but they are all extremely hydrating which is great as my lips tend to dry from the millions of fans at work. The three colours in my bag is Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine in Mauve Over (which I reviewed HERE , Hean UltiMatte lip gloss in Milky Rose - which is such a flattering Rosy colour and extremely hydrating ( I got mine from GlamoreCosmetics ) and Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Dulce Caramelo. This is such a gorgeous nude colour with an almost metallic finish which I love - the lipstick is such a flattering colour. 

Small Nivea antiperspirant Invisible Black & White in Fresh Mint and Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser in Merry Berry Kiss
These two might seem like odd choices but I prefer to be smelling fresh and clean at work. Although I don't touch up on antiperspirant during work - with the last two weeks being so extremely hot in Johannesburg I do like to quickly freshen up before popping out. Nothing worse then someone smelling bad hey ? I'm obsessed with hand sanitisers - so I always use this a few times during the day - I prefer to only use hand creams once I get home after work and when popping in to drop Alex off after school. My aunt went on a trip to America over December and bought me back a bag full of these hand sanitisers - so I'm really happy to use them . 

These are my products I have with me at work at all times - what's your can't live without products at work ? Mine does include a big mug of coffee too . Yum !


  1. Love that leopard print case. It's so glam yet cute. The Milani powder looks lovely too. I need to check out that website. My bag is always such a mess, LOL. I need to take these organization tips from you, Lynette. ☺️💖💖💖

    1. Yes the mirror is pretty cute hey ? And super affordable. :)

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    I really love this kind of personal posts :D you have nice products :D

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  3. I really need to get my hands on that Milani powder foundation!

    1. It's really an awesome powder foundation .

  4. Oh very interesting products
    I love it the lip products

  5. Love the leopard print mirror, so cute!

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  6. I love your leopard mirror, I myself also bring a pocket mirror wherever I go.
    Great things to bring at work

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  7. LOL I do carry 2-3 lipsticks on my bag as well :) Anyway, nice stuff!

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  8. Great post, I like it :)

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