Monday, 30 April 2012

Tip Top Cuticle Oil ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend ! Today I'm not going to show a new colour, this weather this past week has been hectic on my poor hands, they are super dry and I even broke a nail. :(

Over this weekend , I went out to buy myself a new Tip Top cuticle oil ( Clicks was having a special on them.. 20% off ! And I needed some as the other cuticle oils wasn't even helping my poor cuticles !! Eeeck !! ) This is really the liquid gold of all the cuticle oils out there .. Its worth EVERY SINGLE CENT ! It's very oily, usually I only applied this before bedtime, but my cuticles are SO dry , I am typing with it on, and my cuticles absorbs it within seconds. Scary.. Just goes to show how dry they really are. I'm on day 3 of cuticle oil, and while I'm starting to see a small difference, I know in a few days they'll be as good as new. :) That's how great Tip Top cuticle oil works.

Honestly, everyone should have this cuticle oil in their house / handbag / bathroom .. It might be a little pricier than some other makes, but really, this is the best cuticle oil out there. Especially with winter coming .

The best cuticle oil in the world ! ♥


  1. I also took advanatage of the discount. fabulous stuff. ;)

  2. Yes it's really a bargain and worth stocking up on. I bought 3 over the long weekend..