Monday, 30 July 2012

Spongebob mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun weekend ! And hopefully a stress free week !

Today I'm posting my 50th blog post, never thought when I started I'd continue so long, as sometimes I'm so busy , but so proud of my little blog so far. To celebrate, I bought myself a lipstick charm for my charm bracelet this weekend , as well as a cocktail one. Attached is a pic of them on my bracelet . Isn't it so cute ??

Anyhow, back to my sponge bob mani I did for the Tip Top competition .. Let's just say cartoon characters just isn't my strong point, but either way, it was fun to try ...

The Tip Top colours I used :
Fairy Dust, Cha Cha Cha, Decked Out , Peach Crisp, Boston Lights, Black Forest, Astronaut, meringue Surprise, Cherry’s in the snow, Lemon Fuel, Sherbet Ange;, Twilight, French Manicure White, as well as Yellow Nail Booster Base .

The characters I did was (from L-R) Mr Krabbs, Patrick, Sponge bob , Gary the snail and Plankton .

Hope you enjoy this fun mani ♥ And here's to another 50 blogposts.. :) (Hopefully a lot more )

Remember you can get all the Tip Top colours from Clicks for R39,95 ♥


  1. Congratulations on your 50th blog post, i love that you consistently post three times a week:)

  2. : ) Congrats and here is to the next 50!

  3. haha omg your nails killed me :D