Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tip Top : Cream Puff

Hi guys ! Wednesday already, this week is really flying by. :) I have to add, if I knew how hard the Tip Top Dark Denim Blue was to take off, I would have kept wearing that colour ! It took forever to take off , even my thumb still has a little blue-ish colour too it. :(

Anyhow ... today I have another awesome polish to show you guys, another Tip Top polish. This one is called Cream Puff, and is a cream coloured polish . 
I needed four coats of Tip Top Cream Puff to be opaque . But it was worth all the coats, the colour is superb ! My accent finger is a black kitty ( hopefully not as annoying as our neighbour's black cat ! )

Isn't this colour just fantastic ? ?I think this one might even move to  my favourite pile of polishes :) Cream Puff is one of the colours in the pastel range, I think I just need Cotton Beige then the collection will be complete :)

Tip Top polishes retail at Clicks for R39,95 ♥

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