Friday, 28 December 2012

My entry for Chit Chat Nails Skittlette Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas so far, and that Santa brought you lots of special goodies ♥

Today I'm sharing my entry for the contest Marta from Chit Chat Nails ran a while back. You had to design an awesome skittlette mani . She got 44 entries in total , and though I didn't win, I had so much fun with this design ! Check out the other designs too Chit Chat Skittlette Mani's .

I really adored this mani, was so sweet and innocent. I used Tip Top Oh La La, Avon Fuchsia Feel and Tip Top Grape to meet you. The dots are Avon Matte Black, and the ribbon a water decal with a random rhinestone I used.

Did Santa bring you anything really awesome this year ??


  1. WOW ! Really gorgeous ! I LOVE this design !

  2. love it so much , how come you didn't win ? this Mani can't get any better i swear ,


    1. Thanks my friend ! The other entries were BEYOND gorgeous !! Really I stood no chance, but it was still a super fun challenge ♥