Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Autumn Inspired Mani

Hi guys ! Can you believe its Wednesday already ? This week has flown by super fast. 

Since Autumn has officially started in South Africa now, I think it was only fitting to make a fun autumn inspired mani , since it's my favourite season. I used the zip lock bag nail art method as I showed HERE to make some autumn coloured inspired colour blocks, and used a leaf scrapbook stamp to stamp out some cute little leaves. 

The colours I used were all Tip Top colours. My base colour was Tip Top Nail Addict Coffee Bean, and the leaves were the following colours :
  • Top Nail Addict Deadly Salmon
  • Tip Top Nail Addict Smitten
  • Tip Top Super Trooper
  • Tip Top Gold Digger
  • Tip Top Traffic Lights
  • Tip Top Hot Fudge
  • Tip Top Adrenalin Junkie
So onto the mani -
I really love the little leaves on my nails. :) I love wearing some more darker colours in autumn and winter on my nails , so looking forward to showing you guys tons of fun new polishes for the season soon. 

Remember to check in tomorrow for another special mani, I will be sharing what's on my nails for my birthday. Yeah ! 

How has your week been so far ??


  1. i love this look, i have seen it and failed to replicate it on tutorials before, and i was wondering how you could acheive so perfect, cute and small leaves, before i read about stamping.. i think you did an amazing job on the colors choice and matching here, and that Tip Top golden color is simply fantastic.

  2. This is stunning Lynn !! OMG so pretty !!

  3. Very very cute :)

  4. Stunning .... that's al I have to say !

  5. Shoo these leaves are so pretty!

  6. To my FAV BLOGGER - happi birthday

  7. you have a really nice blog
    new follower
      I'm waiting for you

  8. I always seems to forget that seasons are reversed in other places in the world. Here it's supposed to be spring but it's still freezing.

    I love your nails. The colors are very festive.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes it's hard to keep track that around the world it's reversed seasons . But it's still nice and warm here for the most part, so not quite autumn yet. xxx

  9. your nails look soo pretty!
    This manicure is perfect for autumn ;)

    Xx julia

  10. Holy smokeroly this is cute!!!! Love this!!