Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Summer Skin & Fashion Tips with Dermalogica

Hi guys. Hope you are having a great week so far.  Happy Wednesday !

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a very informative Dermalogica SummerSkin&Fashion event at Rosebank Mall, where Sonette Donker & Gert Johan Coetzee shared some great suncare & fashion tips with us - and today I will be sharing some of those tips with you guys, along with MY favourite Dermalogica Suncare products. 

As you know I am a big fan of sun protection - no one wants to look older in the long run than they really are. And yes , you still need sun protection - even in winter !

Some interesting Sun Fun Facts :

  • Sunburn cooks the proteins in your skin , collagen and elastin. This is similar to putting your arm on a frying pan !
  • A person's risk of melanoma doubles if he or she has five or more sunburns in their life
  • We need 10 - 15 min a day of sunlight which will allow us with the sufficient Vitamin D production - older people need a bit more .
  • UV exposure can cause dehydration.
Some Smart Skin Tips to help prevent Skin Cancer :
  • The best way to prevent skin cancer & sun damage is to protect your skin from direct sun. UV radiation can go through clothes / windows & clouds. Use big floppy sun hats, lots of sunscreen & sunnies to protect yourself.
  • Stay out of midday sun (from mid morning to late afternoon )
  • Moms , always make sure your kiddies wears sunscreen. I can't stress this enough as a mom. 

Some Summer trend tips from the ever stylish Gert Johan Coetzee -

  1. Tropical prints 
  2. Beach Cover Ups
  3. All white Swimwear
  4. Floral Maxi skirts
  5. Nude shoes / nails - just make sure it's one shade darker than your skintone !
  6. Metallic Highlights
  7. Frills & Feminine

My personal favourite Dermalogica Sunscreens - 
1.Dermalogica  Protection Sport SPF 50 
This is a new Sunscreen from Dermalogica that launched October 2014 . I only had this about a week, but I love using this on Alex and myself , as it's a Face & Body sunscreen - making this ideal for people always on the go. 
2.Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shied SPF 30
This is another favourite of mine. When I use a normal day cream without sun protection , I always make sure I use this sunscreen. It doesn't clog pores, and it doesn't make you shiny like most sunscreens tend to do.
3.Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50
This moisturiser is PERFECT for South African summers ! This leaves your skin with a soft matte finish while keeping it hydrated. And a SPF50 ! That's the biggest bonus !
4.Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint
Again , this is another sunscreen perfect for sensitive skin. This also works fantastically as a moisturiser and sunscreen in one, especially for days that you tend to be in a hurry - or go for minimal make-up.  

Do you use sunscreen daily ? 


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  2. Awww I love Dermalogica stuff... The best skincare ever. I use sunscreen daily, I think I might need the body & face one for December on the beach,

    1. They have some awesome products don't they ?

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the tips. I don't use sunscreen (I know I need to get one ASAP !!! ) so will have to be on the look out. I love seeing Gert Johan Coetzee stuff on spree... Seriously ... He is a genius !

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  8. Wow, I had no idea about UV cooking the proteins! Knowing that now makes me feel quite unsettled, seriously. :-O

    1. It's scary isnt it ? I think a lot of people don't take sunscreen seriously.. And never realize what damage they are causing to their skin.