Sunday, 26 April 2015

Save money by reading OnSaleBru!

OnSaleBru is a new Blog that lets you get most out of your hard earned Rands. We write about promotions, deals, offers and other price reduced items - so you won't miss out.
Unlike groupon or similar, our offers have zero attachments - we do not act as a proxy between the shops, rather we work as a megaphone so even the last person will know how to save money.

They have a wide range of categories you can pick from to see... Everything from Fashion and Healthy & Beauty to Baby & Books. 

Just pick the category your interested in ... And it will show you the latest deals on any products in the range... That way you can get the best deal and safe money too ... And who doesn't like to save a little ? 

Have a look at their site if your in the market to buy anything, who knows maybe there's a special somewhere ?