Monday, 10 August 2015

Pink & Grey Flocking Power Skittlette

Hi guys ! Happy Tuesday . Sorry about the lack of posts the last two weeks, was super busy and didn't even have some free time for blogging. But luckily things are calm again... Yippee ! Did you have a relaxing Woman's Day on Sunday ??

A few weeks ago I got some awesome Nail-Art-Fluff from  and was super excited to incorporate it into a mani. 

I LOVE their flocking powders. It's super fluffy ... (I do own another brand of flocking powder... But this one is so much easier to work with... brushes off your skin so much easier and lasts longer ... And is really pretty and fluffy even after washing your hands) They work pretty easy too.. Apply your polish , and gently take a little flocking powder with a tweezers and gently pat it on. 

I might have a teeny tiny obsession with piCture pOlish Grace too, I can't seem to stop using the colour...  So why not mix them up for a fun pink and grey skittlette ?

So onto my nails ....

For the mani I used :
Pink - piCture pOlish Grace 
Grey - Essence Grey-t to be Here 
Pink Nail Fluff
Grey Pearly Studs

Remember to check out their online store here  KKCenterHK . They have tons of awesome goodies.

I got my piCture pOlish from We  ♥ Nail Art , the exclusive dealer in South Africa . They also sells Mo You stamping plates, as well as gorgeous piCture pOlish polishes. 

Do you like the pink and grey combo ??


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  2. This manicure is so pretty :) I love getting new nail art goodies to play with too. I really want to start doing my nails again. It's beena while,lol. xxx

    1. Yes you need to start planning more mani's. And WE need to do a collab soon Desle. xx

  3. Such a pretty mani :) love the pink and grey combo.

  4. I like these shades together, looks pretty. xx


  5. I love the nail art! I really want to try nail fluff!

  6. love that combo!

  7. I also love that combo,Lynette, it always good amazing!

  8. Wow, this is so cute!

  9. Great color!

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  11. I love your blog, it's amazing!
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  12. I like the name of the polish "grace"! I've seen those brands before and i must say they have some great colours!
    Leah Beauty

  13. No words! This is so gorgeous to me! The pearls absolutely make it!

  14. No words! This is so gorgeous to me! The pearls absolutely make it!

  15. No words! This is so gorgeous to me! The pearls absolutely make it!