Monday, 18 January 2016

My Secret to Soft Hydrated Hands

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ?

If you follow me on Instagram , you would have seen I bought the Sorbet Moisture Infusing Socks a while back - TAKE A LOOK HERE  . A few days after posting that photo and after the lovely Martie from LivingLightley mentioned that she loved the socks and gloves, I decided to go back to Clicks and get the gloves - and I'm so glad I did ( They were on special too - bonus ! ) 

Sorbet is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands ... I haven't found a product from them I don't love. 

I'm already a big fan of all the Sorbet Hand Creams - my favourite being the Age Control one ( pink ) and the Hydrating one ( Orange ) , so I had big hopes for the gloves. The gloves has a layer of gel inside, making sure your hand cream doesn't go to waste and every last drop get soaked up by your skin. I have to be real - the first time you put these gloves on they feel super creepy and gross , especially with the cream on - but after a few minutes that gross feeling goes away . 

So onto how I use them . If I have a special event or want to do it as a treat on the weekend , I slather on hand cream and leave on the gloves for an hour or two and watch T.V or Youtube videos. But mostly I will make sure to use these gloves once or twice a week , and just before bed use the hand cream , put on the gloves and go to sleep and wake up with gorgeous soft moisturised hands. 

Just a little word of warning - even though I LOVE these gloves , I wouldn't recommend wearing them on super hot nights as the gloves are quite thick and warm. These are perfect for cooler nights . 

Now onto my favourite 3 hand creams I like to use from Sorbet : 

Balancing Hand Cream ( Blue )
"Nurture your hands with essential fatty acid rich Starflower Oil , a revitalising infusion of Rosemary , mineral rich Pearl extract and anti oxidant Vitamin E. Stimulate and promote beautiful hands ."

Hydrating Hand and Nail Cream ( Orange ) 
"Deeply nourish dry hands and nails with Shea Butter and the herbal infusion of Calendula oil. Tangerine brings a boost of Vitamin C. Soothe and nourish skin. Feed your hands ."

Firming Hand Cream ( Pink )
"Powerful , antioxidant-rich Pomegranate is known to promote more youthful hands, while the Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E from Cranberry Oil help to nourish your skin. Helps to moisturise and soften "

The Sorbet Hand Creams retail for R30 at Clicks stores as well as Sorbet Salons . I paid about R45 for the Moisture Infusing Gloves (on sale ) .

What is your secret to soft hydrated hands ?


  1. I think that i must get those gloves! I hope that the Clicks i go to sell them, thanks for including the selling price. Can you perhaps tell me do we need to wash our gloves at some stage ( i think so, but just want to make sure) and if so, must it be hand wash or can we wash it in the washing machine? Thank you for sharing these, Lynette!

    1. Yes, you can wash them carefully by hands. I messed up with the socks and threw them in the washing machine , the gel layer inside did tear up a few places ... But I have hand washed these.

  2. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  3. So interesting ;)


    Mónica Sors



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  5. Cute pink gloves :)
    Maria V.

  6. Love your post, great content!

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  7. Great tips, I think that I have to buy myself a pair of such a gloves too :)

  8. I love love Sorbet hand creams too. I also like the ones from the Body Shop, they're really moisturising as well :)

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  10. this is a very interesting, different method. i love how much you take care of your hand's beauty. but don't these gloves make the hands sweat or don't they annoy you at night?

    1. On a hot summer night - yes this is a no go. I don't mind sleeping with them on though , I'm weird like that and can sleep with socks on even when it's extremely hot in summer.

  11. Hello Lynette, i went to Clicks and couldn't find it, but i did find out on their web-page that you must use it bi-weekly and it's re-usable for 3 months! The normal price are R79.95 so i'm glad that you could have purchased at a discount.