Monday, 25 July 2016

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? 

A little while back I picked up tons of new nail polishes to try and review on the blog - and since my mom is searching for the best wear time nail polish - I was excited to pick this baby up to give a try . Clicks had a special on the combo pack - R189 for the colour polish and top coat - and since they usually retail for around R120 each , I decided to give this kit a try . They don't have such a huge range of colours in the combo kits - mine had a hot pink , a red and this gorgeous nude colour - and of course being me I had to try the nude out. And nude colours are perfect for me for work / going out as I feel it's neutral and you can never go wrong with a good neutral.

It's recommended you wear the polish without a base coat - I always wear a base coat but decided I wanted to try it out as is for the wear test . On clean dry nails you apply two coats of the colour (The colour wasn't quite opaque with just two coats - so I used a third) and then apply the top coat. Word of advice - Give the polish a few minutes before applying the top coat as the top coat is quite thick - and you have to apply a little pressure to get a thin even coat - I didn't do this the first time and slapped it on like I normally do Seche Vite - and it resulted in some bubbles and little cracks  in my polish. 

The polish really wears exceptionally well. I wore this gorgeous colour for about a good 6 days before I got any chipping. I was pretty impressed with how the formula held up . I am pretty rough on my nails and wash my hands a billion times a day - so for me that's pretty impressive.

The only downside for me personally except the top coat was removal. This really takes a little bit of work to remove. A good acetone based remover is recommended and a good 15minutes free. For me that's a little bit of a meh - but not enough to stop wearing this polish . 

The colour Birthday Suit is everything I love in a nude polish . The colour is so me and I really love these types of nudes.

So onto the swatches :

Have you tried any of the polishes in the range ? Was your weekend a fun one ?


  1. Very lovely! I like this so much,

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  2. This nude color looks beautiful on your nails. Wishing you a lovely start into a new week, hun.

  3. A gorgeous color! Looks amazing on you!

  4. Sounds great!


  5. Looks amazing!

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  6. Totally agree with you, dear, nude colors are so versatile and suit to every situation, this one looks great :)

  7. Wonderful post, love it! :)
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  8. i love this nude color! So chic <3
    Have a great day dear!
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  10. Love your post!!
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  11. This is a lovely clour! I have been eyeing the Sally Hansen gel range for a while now but haven't tried anything yet.
    Christina ♥