Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My Picks from the Essence Range Updates

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday - how has your week been so far ? Mine has been pretty good so far .

Essence did a whole new range update in April - new lipglosses , eyeshadows , mascaras - single eyeshadows , nail polishes , nail treatments , palettes - you name it they have it. While it was extremely tempting to grab everything to try out - I tried to be modest with my picks and only got a few of the new products to try out. Now keep in mind I will most likely be picking up some more goodies in the next few months and review them here too. 

Essence Growth Boosting Drops - R39,95
As I mentioned in my April Favourites post - these Growth boosting drops came into my life at the right time. My nails are extremely dry and weak after a hectic strong dose of cortisone to get better in March - and my nails ended up looking horrible. So far this impressed me and I use it daily by massaging into my cuticles and nails . This is a thin serum-y type balm It's also pretty affordable too .

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in Smile , Sparkle , Shine - R44,95 I love all Essence lipglosses - and they make amazing light coloured pigmented lipglosses. This one is no exception. This is a gorgeous prismatic milky pink colour - it has a gorgeous blue toned shift that makes your teeth look whiter and your lips fuller. This colour is just amazing. The lipglosses are really moisturising - so not only will hey make your lips look gorgeous - they will keep them soft , hydrated and kissable too. 

Essence My Must Haves Palette
Essence also bought out to make it yourself palettes (the 4 pan size one like I have and a 8 pan one too) . As I only decided I would pick four eyeshadow colours this round - I decided to go with the 4 pan palette. It does click close properly - and is quite sturdy. The eyeshadows / blushes / lip products / powders / highlighters / bronzer does click in and out pretty easily - so you can swop around your collection as much as you like.

Empty 4-colour palette around R34,95
Empty 8-colour palette around R44,95
Each of the 32 individual colours around R34,95

Essence My Must Have Longlasting Eyeshadows
They have a HUGE range of colours - these are just the four colours I picked. These were also featured in my April favourites and for good reason - the shadows are pigmented and buttery and on my eyes (with an eyeshadow primer) last the whole day. I picked 4 colours - two brown colours and 2 pinky colours. I will share swatches of all four of the ones I got.

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in Bright On -R44,95 
Again - Essence lipglosses are always a winner. This is a gorgeous nude lipgloss (no surprise there) that's part of the Prismatic range - these also has a colour swift . Again this lipgloss is really hydrating and pigmented - so if your looking for a comfortable glossy pout I would highly recommend them. The range also includes bright colours as well as normal colours too - but the prisma range has really caught my eye the most.

Essence Colour Correcting Concealer - Pastel Pink Wake Up Effect - R54,95

I have to admit - in store when I was checking out the display I swatched these with a bit of a meh ... let's just see how they look attitude - but boy or boy this colour really surprised me. When I use this underneath my eyes I look bright and awake - and got a few compliments about how bright and airy I look. I use this underneath my eyes and then set with a translucent powder - and it really does brighten up your complexion. I would really recommend this if you are looking for a concealer to brighten up your complexion - I doubt these will cover dark under eye circles . 

Have you guys picked up anything from the new range updates ? Which product do you think you might be most interested in ?


  1. Love ALL Essence.

  2. You're really convincing me lately to get to an essence stand and try more of their range, it all sounds so good!

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    1. They are such great quality and very affordable - so you don't feel bad for buying some goodies to try out.

  3. Such a really nice post!


  4. I really like your selection, that shine shine shine lipsgloss has amazing, nude color, I'm really curious how it would be look like on the lips. What's more, good to know that it's really pigmented.
    Have a lovely evening, Lynette :)

    1. Thanks for reading. I want to pick up some more Essence Shine Shine lipglosses and dedicate a whole swatching post to them . :)

  5. nteresting blog! I invite you to myself will be very nice to me if you visit me and leave comments! ;)

  6. i feel like essence has really improved their brand in many ways, i was blown last time i went shopping after a while and saw their new shelf..but i'm hoping they don't increase their prices too much..