Friday, 12 May 2017

New On My Beauty Desk

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How was your week ? Any exciting plans to spoil your Mom on Mothers day ?

Today I'm sharing a few new beauty goodies I picked up in the last two weeks that I will be trying out. I won't give a full review today - if something catches your eyes and you would like a full review - please let me know. 

Some products I have tried out a few times , but some I haven't even opened yet - so as I mentioned I won't be doing a full review on anything today. 

Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C & Platinum Lift Sheet Masks
I have tried MANY other sheet masks from this brand - but this will be the first time I will be trying these two variants. I'm looking into using more brightening and firming sheet masks lately - and I'm sure I will love these as I love most of the others in the range.
LA Girl Pro Coverage HD High Definition Long Wearing Illuminating Foundation in White
As it's pretty obvious - this shade won't match me ever - even if I turned into Snow White . This is a WHITE foundation , and I picked it up because my Body Shop Lighting Drops was finished and I wanted to try something new . I have mixed it into a few of my Summer foundations - and let me say - I'm blown away. I am seriously tempted to pick up my correct shade too - since mixing this into some foundations I already love those foundations improved 100%. The colour matches better and I feel the foundation lasts so much longer with this mixed in. This will most likely last me forever - but I might pick up another colour before I go away on vacation a little later this year so I can look perfect and glowy .

Lush Dirty Solid Perfume
I really like the Vanillary Solid perfume- and I love how easy it is to pop into your bag and take along to work or vacation. The Lush website described this scent as a spear minty scent - and I had to pick it up instantly. I don't like super girly fragrances - my allergies really can't stand them . I got this earlier this week so only wore it once. It does smell more masculine in my honest opinion - not like a desperate guy wearing too much cologne but I do find it smells like a really gorgeous guy. The scent does fade and smells more minty during the day - so I'm still on the fence if I love it or not. 

Avon True Colour Blush Beads
I have to say , it looked so gorgeous when I ordered it. When I got mine I was a little disappointed to see mine has more peachy beads than pink ones. There's peachy , pinky and highlight beads in the container and I do find this gives such a natural gorgeous flush with a soft natural glow. I love this and can see myself reaching for this a lot in the future. (I've been wearing it mostly daily for the last two weeks )

LA Girl Pro Powder Translucent
Okay , to be completely honest - I didn't want to spend a little more on the Yardley Translucent Loose powder which I love. This powder I do like but I don't love. It's a lot more drying than the Yardley one - but it does an amazing job of setting under my eyes and keeping me super matte during the day.

Lush Rainbow Fun
So I mostly picked this up for my son Alex and me - I love using Lush Bathbomb and like cutting them up to use in the bath , so I picked this up to share with Alex. It's a bath putty that can be used as a shampoo , body wash and bubble bath . Alex wants to build funky characters with the colours - and I will add them to my bath cocktails. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil for Face
I picked this up because I was impressed to read it contains Retinol. I'm using this mostly at night with a sunscreen moisturiser during the day as Retinol makes the skin more sensitive . This absorbs quickly - and has the traditional Cocoa Butter scent. I feel I need to try it out for a little longer before I can give my opinion - but I'm using it every night at this stage to still try out. 

These are some of the new items I picked up - anything you would love a review on ? All are pretty affordable (Under R180 ) so won't break the budget. 


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  7. love love love these kind of posts and now i need to get my hands on that lush! also, i envy the la girl translucent powder, i never had one but i'm a bit scared cause i have dry skin, would you make a review on it to see if it's worth the hype? xx