Monday, 26 March 2018

Avon Mark Epic Lipsticks Review & Swatches on 8 Colours

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ? Mine was pretty chill ... I spend time with family as it's my birthday tomorrow (I'm turning 32 ... eeck ! ) so quality family time is always a bonus . I'm also super excited to spend time with the family over the Easter holiday . 

Avon has come out with a new Mark Epic Lipsticks - that promises extremely pigmented lipsticks . I got eight of the mini sample sizes to swatch for you guys . I tried to go a little bit out of the box here for you guys - so I know not all the colours suit me personally - but hey ... I wanted to try something fun and different for you guys. 

The lipstick is pretty moisturising and lasts a pretty decent time . The darker colours does leave a little bit of a stain - which is a bonus too - when the lipstick wears off the stain does stay . In total there are 26 head turning colours and they have awesome specials on these lipsticks in March and April. The lipsticks has a built in primer into the formula and a unique tapered tip (which I can't comment on as I bought the mini teeny tiny samples in the previous months book to try and review for you guys)

So let's jump into the colours - some were a little more pigmented than others. 

The colours from left to right :

A gorgeous purple shade 
Grey Matters
A light grey shade
Sugar Rush
A milky pink shade
Get Bronzed
A metallic bronzey shade

Get Bronzed : While I'm a very light nude fan , I decided to go outside the box and try this gorgeous bronzey shade. I'm sure this will be such a gorgeous shade on someone a little more tanned - but it's such a stunning shade .
Sugar Rush : It's no secret that this is such a Lynette shade. I wanted one I would be willing to wear to try out the formula and this colour didn't dissapoint. I would buy the full size of this colour as the colour is AMAZING !
Grey Matters : A light grey lipstick. I'm very into the grey hair / make-up looks so I was most excited to try this one. Formula wasn't as pigmented as the others - but it's such an unique colour .
Spellbound : Sigh... I wish I could look good in purple lipsticks. I love the look of purple / lilac lips . While it doesn't suit me - this is such a gorgeous pigmented colour (which for such a gorgeous purple is amazing.. no patchiness ... mind blown ) 

The colours shade from left to right :   

Blue Suede
A dark navy blue
Heart Breaker
A blue toned red
Mermaid Tale
A mermaid-green
Wave Runner
A light baby blue

Wave runner : This is a baby blue shade. Again same as with Grey Matter - I didn't find this shade as opaque as the others. 
Mermaid Tale : I really loved this shade on me - although I'm sure it looked horrible on my skintone. The colour is so bright and pigmented and mermaid- y. 
Heart Breaker : I don't wear reds at all .. but wow I'm blown away by how gorgeous this shade it. If you looking for a stunning red (which makes your teeth look whiter and brighter ) this is a winner. 
Blue Suede : Blue Suede is a dark navy blue that leans a little bit to the purple side. For such a dark colour this shade didn't have any issues being patchy - the formula went on ? smooth and the colour is super pigmented. 

Overall - if you looking for bold fun lip colours - this range is truly a winner. I found a few surprise ones I do like ... and I can see myself getting some more of the pinker everyday shades to add to my collection .

Which colour would you like to try ? Are you into bold lip colours or a nude lip colour fan?


  1. thanks my friend :)

    all colors are amazing :D

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  2. All the colors suits your lip, it all depends on your level of confidence when rocking bold colors

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  3. Great collection, amazing colors!
    Kisses, Paola.

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  5. Wow, love all the different colors.

    Bernie, xx
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  6. Happy early birthday! I personally love the purple shade. I feel like i tend to get away with "crazier" colors because I have "crazy" hair. lol I love that the purple is not patchy. My favorite purple lipstick is from Make Up Forever and it is patchy as hell.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes purple lipsticks tend to be extremely patchy though.

  7. Lovely lipstick colors.
    I always love Avon.

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  8. Wow, I love this post. Your photos are so amazing!
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  9. Beautiful colors
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  10. Lovely colors. I personally prefer pink color lipstick. Nice collection. Amazing post.

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  12. i love Mark. line, excellent lipsticks
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  13. Loving the sugar rush shade. So prefect for spring!

  14. Love all the colors!!

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  16. I love the colour range, there's some very unique colours in this collection, especially Grey Matters!

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    1. Yes grey Matters is super unique and gorgeous

  17. Lovely colors